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  1. Despite Rupert passing in December.we are still trying to give back!! Every year Rupert and I raise funds to give back to the organization that saved his life and enriched mine. I know money is tight and I don't want anyone to feel any pressure to donate. We are accepting positive thoughts and comments as well!!! As many know, Rupert was hit by a car Christmas eve 2009. I found him while on duty Christmas morning. He was in the median of the 401 and had been there so long his body heat melted the ice and snow leaving him in a puddle of water. Despite several broken bones in his left rear leg and a blown out right rear knee he did not whimper, bark or bite when I picked him up. I could hear his bones grinding... but he was tough!! and stubborn...soooo very stubborn. A plea for his owner went out... he was only about a year old and obviously some ones pet. Turned out he was owned by a violent drug dealer who used to beat on him (drug dealer burned to death in deal gone bad 6mnths later). The plea brought in enough donations to fix Rupert's injuries and with the donation of an amazing rehab vet, Dr Cherie White he learned to walk again!! He can now chase down rabbits and squirrels!!! Please add your own stories to this thread as well!!! I've attached the donation site.. You guys have helped me raise the most money each year since I've started. I can't thank you enough for that!!!!! This year it's virtual!! They will be using a map with the image of Rupert to track their progress... They've also created an award for the top fundraiser and named it the Annual Rupert Award!!! This has been such a humbling and downs... damn doggies!!! I'm glad I've been able to drag you guys along kicking and screaming!!!! I know 2020 has been one fkd up year so I'm not expecting much. Awareness and well wishes go a long way as well!!!! Donate here---> The story of Rupert   “Rupert was struck by a car early Christmas morning 2009 on a bleak stretch of the 401 highway just west of Kingston. The stalwart Lab was found in a ditch where he'd dragged himself after suffering severe injuries to both hind legs, including a shattered femur and badly torn ligaments. OPP officer, Sean McCaffrey was directed to the dog by a passerby. "After being flagged down, I followed the small trail of blood to the dog who, having lain there long enough to melt the snow and ice beneath him, was shivering in a pool of frigid water," said McCaffrey. "Rupert did not whine or growl when I approached him. He shivered and wagged his tail and gobbled some food and allowed me to cover him with my coat and hold him to warm him."  Rupert was transported to the Kingston Regional Pet Hospital. The next morning, Boxing Day, brought a sad turn to the dog's story. It seemed that Rupert's injuries might be too severe to be successfully operable. The afternoon of the 26th saw an improved prognosis for Rupert, with recovery possible although amputation of one leg likely. Rupert's comfort was a priority throughout the evaluation period and he was kept pain-free and at ease. Rupert's case was then brought to the attention of Dr. Parker and the Ottawa orthopedic surgeon agreed to assess Rupert at Alta Vista. Not only did Dr. Parker think he could help the dog, he believed that both legs could be saved.  So the young dog made the trip from Kingston to Ottawa late on the 29th and spent the morning of the 30th being assessed. Following the exam, Dr. Parker began surgery to pin and plate the broken femur and repair the torn ligaments in the other leg. "I spoke with Dr. Parker, a veterinarian orthopedic surgeon at Alta Vista Animal Hospital in Ottawa. He has fully assessed Rupert and he feels the prognosis for Rupert is quite good," said Janice Saunders, president of the Kingston Humane Society, in a release dated December 30th. "The current plan is to repair Rupert's fractured left hip. Damage to the cruciate ligament in the right hind leg was also detected and Dr. Parker is repairing this injury during [the] surgery as well." The following morning Rupert underwent a final surgery to adjust the plate and pins and then spent the next five days resting and recovering from the successful but arduous surgery. When Rupert was first brought to the emergency clinic in Kingston he was a stray with no identifiable owner. The Kingston Humane Society sent out a plea to locate Rupert's owner, unsure of the dog's future and seeking a reunion. The community responded immediately offering concern and financial support for the dog.”