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  1. First mom gets breast cancer and beats it. Then it kills my dog. Now mom in law gets taken to hospital for passing out. They thought it was a heart related issue...turns out it's only cancer that's spread almost everywhere
  2. xcr700

    Cancer can eat a dick

    Thanks Jimmy. Means a lot
  3. xcr700

    Cancer can eat a dick

    That sucks. But at least shes got options ? Hopefully she makes a full recovery! Mom in law ,her cancer is terminal, not stage 2 . So I'm not exactly sure what that means. Sounds like it's not curable but can be treated to prolong life?
  4. xcr700

    Cancer can eat a dick

    The wife said it spread all over ,but that was a hysterical phone call and I couldn't understand a fuckin thing. Sounds like there is a spot on her lung and it spread into lymphnodes, and possibly elsewhere. We will know more in a few hours I think
  5. xcr700

    Cancer can eat a dick

    Thanks guys . I'm hoping for the best
  6. xcr700

    Cancer can eat a dick

    Thanks. Ducks shot but sounds like its curable? As long as she agrees to treatment I hope so. She's a great old bird Yup. Its unreal Thanks Woodrow. Going to leave for the hospital in a few hours and spend the day with her
  7. xcr700

    Cancer can eat a dick

    Yup. Stupid shit Thanks man Found out when I got home an hour ago ,its stage 2 ,early ,so theres hope I guess Yeah ,I just saw Dave's thread . Wtf is going on today
  8. Sorry to hear Dave. Hope all goes well
  9. xcr700

    Cancer can eat a dick

    Yup. Extra gay Thanks. I hope so too. But they haven't said how far along it is ,so idk.. Damn. That would suck shit. Sorry to hear about her Indeed Thanks man. Left work 2 hours early today to come home to try and comfort the wife . Ain't working Thanks rod .
  10. Cool Canadian show. Best part is Ron Jeremy stars in it
  11. xcr700

    I’ll Show You No Mercy

    Maybe she'll get shived in the cunt
  12. xcr700

    Double Damn!!!!111

    I gots one of those right now
  13. xcr700

    What's for dinner???

    Made some jerk and salt &pepper wings with garlic bread . No ceasar salad cause I dont need the herpes or whatever the fuck is wrong with romain
  14. xcr700

    Double Damn!!!!111

    Really? Judging from your poasts I figured you were perma high
  15. I cant find pics of of coyotes raping midgets ,so I can't help you.....and yes ,i think that's funny
  16. Fucking dogs have better clothes than I do . Wtf dayve