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  1. What restaurants are the best that can be riden to by sled ? I say ... Sandbar in Traverse Bay Rosies in Inwood Petro restaurant (don't know the name) ,in St.Laurent Nighthawk cafe in west hawk
  2. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Troody is douchy
  3. AC snowbike rumours

    I can't imagine one on hardpack lol. fuck me
  4. AC snowbike rumours

    I would love to try one out
  5. AC snowbike rumours

    Buy that old fellow a beer. damn but we were talking about trail riding a bike? they seem to be more at home off trail,like what buddies dad is using it for ?
  6. AC snowbike rumours

    Would be fun but probably way too much work to ride
  7. Yeah. No shit he must pack it down like crazy
  8. That would be the better and more accurate question
  9. You have anawesome looking section there
  10. How the hell does the dog grip that wall
  11. I'd be scared to hit that shitter
  12. Getting ready for the season

    I haven't even loed at mine yet lol. Although I went through most of it after I parked it in spring
  13. Hand signals??

    I agree . Keep the hands on the bars. You're also giving false information to oncoming traffic I'd you signal that you're the last in your group ,but there's another fast approaching fron behind . One of the older guys in our group gets pissy if no one else uses signals. He just doesn't get it
  14. I feel tough over here. No consequences
  15. I average around 1000mi per season. This year will be a lot lower. Working 6 days per week now
  16. I know it's hard,but don't be gay
  17. Poo guy here, had one cat,and it was awesome, but going to stick with poo.
  18. I have a short ditch ride,maybe a few miles ,or take the abandoned rail bed either north or south a few miles . Trails are nearby. The main reason we moved from the city
  19. Turtle mountain, spruce woods and gimli/inwood areas ,in Manitoba
  20. Fogging

    Just curious how many people fog their sleds vs starting it up once a month. .. Personally, I haven't fogged in ages,always start mine
  21. Who is sick and tired of american politics?

    We had a gay mayor ,and he wasn't too bad. Better than Susan Thompson. .bitch ...Imo gay really has nothing to do with it. It's the idiot himself or herself. And I I totally agree with the the American choices .....fuck..why bother voting