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  1. xcr700

    Wut up niggas

    I'm not backreading in my own thread, but we kept the little bastard stray lol. Already had her shots done ,getting spayed this Wednesday. Our resident fatso cat and the new youngster are getting along awesome. The play and chase each other all over the place . The wife says our dog Brie ,who passed in August, sent her to us. Its eerie how many similar traits this cat has compared to Brie. Fucking hilarious...new cat will run from the porch maybe touch the ground twice, and land on unsuspecting cat ,then bounce off him and he chases her or tries his damndest to trip her up
  2. xcr700


  3. xcr700

    Wut up niggas

    Sorry to hear my friend. It's not easy
  4. Yeah. I was there about 15 years ago too. Then we moved to the sticks and didnt need to escape the city anymore lol. Never saw the beaver balls lolol
  5. Yup. Lynn and Marrie . Great people. Shes suffering from lyme disease. We started in the lower campground with no service a few times then gave up and went full service on the beach...then started staying in the cabins lol. Down the road is 5mile beach. We used to stay there but it's a crazy rough road, excellent for atvs ,not so much for travel trailers lolol
  6. xcr700

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Yeah. They're actually all great pics, but that stone house sure stood out to me lol.
  7. xcr700

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    That's a cool pic with that stone house .
  8. Aren't you the guy who did a lipstand on his bars after hitting some swamp
  9. You should move here. Lots swamp . House ,fence and garage shift yearly
  10. Honestly you should head there. Need a good 4x4 to get there, then atv to Victoria beach or 5 mile . Crazy remote. Or ATV to dryberry for moose hunting. Ask for Lynn or marrie if you call . Atv paradise. Experimental lakes and shit
  11. Highwind lake bear camp. Log cabins (3) on the lake . Fucking remote. Fucking awesome. Fucking beyond excellent atv/ sled area
  12. You're too fat for a boot . It would sink instantly . Oh wait.....that's me🤔
  13. yeah.. l could give 3 less fucks in regards to boots . We just love the lake and sounds of loons and waves lapping at the shore. Spent countless weeks at a bear camp in Ontarios bush just for that. Love that shit