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  1. xcr700

    I have a site complaint

    What lights . Saw them last year . Nuthun this year.
  2. xcr700

    Wut up niggas

    Yeah. It really sucks. I think I'm getting over our rottie a bit ,but still tear up looking at photos around her shrine . The absolute worst is watching video of her . That really fucks me up I dont think it matters if it's a cat or dog. Boils down to what they meant to you I guess
  3. xcr700

    Wut up niggas

    I couldn't do it. The wife was on the ground holding her when she passed ...I just couldn't stomach it. I cried closed her eyelids as best as I could ,and once I did that I nearly died myself
  4. xcr700

    Wut up niggas

    Holly crap is that cat ever cute lol
  5. xcr700

    Wut up niggas

    That's sad knowing the end is near. Its a rough day ,especially if you think he still has some good days left. I hate playing God like that. The wife was thinking we may have put our dog down a tad early, but her quality of life was going south fast .
  6. xcr700

    Wut up niggas

    .. I guess the litter bugs his feet ?
  7. xcr700

    Wut up niggas

    Our older cat actually washes his paws off when comes out lol. We have a little bowl next to his box. Hes usually pretty good at washing his feet . Weird cat lol
  8. xcr700

    Wut up niggas

    Wow. Awesome story , with a sad ending tho . Part of me really wants our older cat to get along with him, and I'm hoping nobody claims him ,unless he came from a good home . Right now were trying to get him to use the litter box...and I literally mean box lol. We were unprepared for an extra cat last night so I cut up an old box so he could have a temporary litter box. I'm trying to show him how to dig in the sand but hes more interested in playing.
  9. xcr700

    Wut up niggas

    You need to meet mine