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  1. small-bore

    Official Indy 500 Thread

    I wish that video went longer. It would be funny watching that chick flip out.
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking. Forget about sticking a needle in him, fry him for 20 minutes.
  3. I wonder witch libtard that is.
  4. What kind of a parent brings a child to a protest. Also that soldier is a coward.
  5. small-bore

    Jesse Ventura for POTUS

    Monsoon has been dead for years. I agree on the announcing duo. He was my favorite wrestler way back when he was fighting with cheako Santana. I can't stand him now. He's a complete loon.
  6. small-bore

    Tim Hortons

    It depends on the location. It must be the water. I'm at sobys and they have a timmies here. The coffee is undrinkable. At a location close to home it's excellent coffee. I agree with Dave though.
  7. small-bore

    Kayne goes all out republican.

    It would be funny if the crips decided to fuck him up instead.
  8. small-bore

    What would you have done?

    I cannot stomach eating off of a dish that a dog has eaten off of. I would just give the dog the rest of it and found something else to eat.
  9. small-bore

    Official 2018 Formula 1 Thread

    Thanks. I have bell expressvu at home. They have cable at the gym. I've watched it at the gym before but lately it's not being shown.
  10. small-bore

    Official 2018 Formula 1 Thread

    Ok two questions, who won and what channel is it on in Canada?. It says it's on tsn. I turn on tsn and stinkin soccer is on.
  11. Try fucking with the swans st Ontario place.
  12. small-bore

    Time to ban white cargo vans.

    Unfortunately I do. I just laugh at them.