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  1. small-bore

    **** Official 2019 NFL Thread ****

    Are the Bill's going to fold again?.
  2. Wow has the wind ever picked up in the last minuit.
  3. small-bore

    **** Official 2019 NFL Thread ****

    It look's like the patriots are finally waking up.
  4. small-bore

    Lakes are fucked again

    What kind of fish are in that lake. I've never heard of a tulibee.
  5. small-bore

    College Bowl Thread

    Boy is LSU ever stomping Oklahoma.
  6. small-bore

    College Bowl Thread

    We don't get that game here.
  7. small-bore

    College Bowl Thread

    Watched the game's last night and now watching the Notre Dame game. I'm looking forward to the Clemson game tonight.
  8. It turned out my L4 was pushed back and folded over behind the L3 pinching the nerve in my back. It's been three years and I still can't lay down at night without pain in my back.
  9. It took me three months to get my back done.
  10. small-bore

    Christmas meal thread!!!

    The problem with such a big Turkey is I'm starving to death waiting for it to cook.
  11. small-bore

    Christmas meal thread!!!

    We have a 26 pound Turkey in the oven. It was bending the rack lol.
  12. small-bore


    I plowed with a loader. I was trying to go between two curbs at a school I was plowing. I hit the curb and it stopped the loader dead. I was just crawling and it gave me a wicked whiplash. I felt like I had a nosebleed.
  13. small-bore


    No but I saw a plow hit a railroad rail track lol. I was wondering why he was going so slow. When he hit it the whole truck loaded with salt did a bunny hop sideways lol.