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  1. Is there a race on tomorrow?. I haven't been able to keep up on it.
  2. Scary movies. Black Christmas the original. It scared the living shit out of me and I love scary movies. Cujo was another one.
  3. I the jury. ...Charles Bronson. Memphis belle Bat 21 Fire station called Gloria. ..incredible nam movie Sniper
  4. I don't post as much as others do, I read most of the threads though.
  5. I see that every day. It's almost every other driveway. I can understand protecting your kids but it looks more like utter laziness.
  6. Geez you're one year older then I am. But damn you make me feel old with some of these toys.
  7. That ain't good.
  8. What was your username over there?. I don't recall this one over there.
  9. I have a horrible time getting some sleep. It would be a dream come true if I could sleep for two hours straight. I'm a light sleeper. Any noise and i wake up. Having to get up for a piss several times doesn't help either.
  10. Paul Tracy did that with one lap left on a restart.
  11. I thought you were going to post up a picture of it sucking up to a cat.
  12. I just prised one at the local Yamaha dealer. 500 bucks. That doesn't include a petcock or gas cap. If you need a new tank try eBay and get an aftermarket one for half that price.