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  1. I was thinking about that yesterday. I rarely see a cat version of the yamacats. All vipers and sidewinders. I could see Yamaha buying Cat out.
  2. Comey gets ready

    He's had plenty of time to make up a new story.
  3. Damn I was waiting for the ball to come around and brain him.
  4. Maybe they should go live somewhere else. Just not Canada.
  5. WTF California???

    Why isn't fed agent's arresting her.
  6. How much time in the clink did you get?.
  7. jimmy kimmel, oops

    Someone should've checked the tag on the outfit he was wearing that night. I wonder where it was made.
  8. Don Jr

    Those Alaskan shows are pretty fake. I watched a episode where a guy shoots a wolf. He walks over to retrieve it and it's stiff as a board. I've never seen a animal stiffen up that fast.
  9. Remember the good times...

    To late. Obama left chicken bones all over the floor and watermelon and gravy stains all over the furniture.
  10. Good he's a worthless piece of shit.
  11. Facebook then either here or vitalmx. Whichever one I was on last the night before. Then Instagram then kijiji.
  12. Meme thread

    If someone like that came at me, I'd just hoark in its face.
  13. Woman needed stitches

    I waited for 12 hours to get looked at when I broke my kneecap. The doctors were on strike at the time.
  14. No he wouldn't. Way to many immigrants and libtards already living here. The conservatives don't have anyone worthwhile to apose him.