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  1. Poncho

    IGrip screw in track studs

    I run them in my XCR, they are OK. If you are running them for icy corners and stopping they are OK but not as good as traditional studs.
  2. Poncho


  3. Poncho


    He does the same one every year. Good all the same
  4. Poncho

    Sled Show

    thanks 02, great stuff.....Funny, Harry is blind, but faster and more reliable on a sled then the Puzzler....Cool
  5. Poncho

    Sled Show

    Those wild 02 Sled stories.......
  6. Poncho

    Sled Show

    and you didn't have the appropriate trail pass to operate an IT Golf cart around aircraft....
  7. Poncho

    Sled Show

    Not you, so is the sport.....but it will live
  8. Poncho

    New Mayor of Toronto

    He will win, with Faith in third. Hazmat was done before she started.....
  9. Poncho

    New Mayor of Toronto

    They announced Tory yet. What about Patrick?
  10. Poncho


    Absolutely the best result........the Leafs are still garbage. You watch the big Leaf boys play.....they are affraid of being hit.......watching this game. Leafs are weak.......
  11. Poncho


    What do you guys think? i don’t think they are any better than last year....well slightly......second round, maybe. They will make the playoffs again...but they are not a Cup team....as all the stupid TO fans think they are.....opinions.
  12. Poncho

    Sled Show

    I won that last time.....it’s gone now.. Lol
  13. Poncho

    Sled Show

    No, I haven’t seen him socially or at work for a couple of years.
  14. Poncho

    Sled Show

    I went with some buddies. Good sized crowd and plenty of product on display. I picked up some carbides.
  15. Poncho

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Because you need one