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  1. 2019 Polaris reveal

    So true...good one ...lol
  2. Winter 2018

    Saw a few 4 wheelers this weekend that had cut up some great trails. Looks like there are couple more weekends at my place, conditions have not been better.
  3. Winter 2018

    I know that trail....did you manage to open it up?
  4. Coyotes

    There are bunch screaming out front of the cottage now. I like the sound in valley, nice echo...if my dog Poncho was still around she would go crazy....barking like she would take on the world.
  5. 2019 Polaris reveal

    This is too easy....lol
  6. Winter 2018

    OK, I knew you would be the only one following me, and you are, so I thought I’d give you the latest. Relax son, how is the ride around the water softener?
  7. 2019 Polaris reveal

    Wow....sure...don’t forget to take your meds......unless the mouse stole them...lol
  8. 2019 Polaris reveal

    Butthurt noted.....Look, it’s been one year since we broke up.....lol...man get over it.... You have got move on son, give Red a call, he has a Polaris, and from your pics, Polaris guys are the only dudes you ride with....lol...
  9. Winter 2018

    Arrived, good snow. Grooming done from my place (Hwy 41) south to Mazinaw trails
  10. Winter 2018

    That was going to be my first choice....then I changed the lake. So Weslemkoon is still good then. I thing tomorrow we will cross the Koon and pick up the Bancroft trail. Cheers
  11. 2019 Polaris reveal

  12. 2019 Polaris reveal

    I have one there now...Nepal to be exact...different circumstance...
  13. 2019 Polaris reveal

    I'd meet you at the show but I'm in Nashville for the Leaf game on the 22nd and then off to the Eagles on the 23rd.....Should be a good trip.
  14. 2019 Polaris reveal

    Based on the Kanata show no....
  15. 2019 Polaris reveal

    a little bit leading though....but who would ever troll on FS