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  1. Poncho

    Danforth Terrorist

    Can only hope......but inmates can vote in Canada
  2. Poncho

    Danforth Terrorist

    Today they ruled on the Canadian Tire terrorist......4 counts charged plus a bunch of related extremist charges.
  3. Poncho

    Danforth Terrorist

    And now the Canadian Tire terrorist.........
  4. Poncho

    Danforth Terrorist

    The leftards will not be able to keep this secret much longer. Wait for it.....Truetard will be back pedaling again.
  5. Poncho

    NEW TRAIL ROUTE Cloyne Ontario E101

    Just off FB: "Update to the Cloyne issue: as always happens, the day I put the reminder up things change. The groomer went through Cloyne yesterday and signage for the new route is going up today. From the Shell, down the sidewalks to just past Nowell's and over the hill back to the regular trails. Please obey the posted signage".
  6. Poncho

    NEW TRAIL ROUTE Cloyne Ontario E101

    OK, good so there is a work around.....
  7. Poncho

    NEW TRAIL ROUTE Cloyne Ontario E101

    Will they stake Weslemkoon soon?
  8. Poncho

    NEW TRAIL ROUTE Cloyne Ontario E101

    The Cloyne Hotel is closed too. In a pinch, if there is enough snow, when you come off the south end of the Mazinaw Lake you could run the side of the road down to the Shell station in Cloyne. However, I read into this that you can't get south of Cloyne by trail anyway...but gas is there if you are on fumes....
  9. Poncho

    Heated gloves

    The dude from Manitoba knows shit.......-25 last weekend...fingers froze even with the FXR Recons and deflectors and handlebar heat. Recons are great if you heat the back of your hand. Nothing in the palm or fingers....don’t buy them, Winterpeg dude was so wrong...I guess it’s just me...mits next
  10. Poncho


    They will, but like I said in October........this ain’t the year....again
  11. Poncho


    So now what......lol
  12. Poncho

    Polaris 850

    We were at the Vintage show in Eganville around noon and at the Sands by 2. Three in our group.
  13. Poncho

    Polaris 850

    Yep, figured the PM Joes ears would have slowed him down...😀
  14. Poncho

    Polaris 850

    Joe Clarke PM.....or sled driver?
  15. Poncho

    Polaris 850

    This one......