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  1. It’s the ugliest Cat ever built
  2. Poncho

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    And essentially they are broke like Ontario and starving for money. Any source of generating cash is gold.....i hope it doesn’t get that ridiculous but if anything, in Ontario, get those dope smokers. I can’t drive anywhere anymore without smelling dope in every vehicle I go by. Every kid at the gym is sitting in their car smoking a joint before and after they workout. WTF
  3. Poncho

    Sled ride

    I stand corrected, I've been told we got over 1 foot of snow. Really needed it!
  4. Poncho

    Sled ride

    I think we received at least 8” total
  5. Poncho

    Sled ride

    There was a couple hours of freezing rain, very light then it turned to snow at around 11:00 Saturday and continued until noon Sunday
  6. Poncho

    Sled ride

    Surprising how many are on my lake as well. I thought it was a little early for lake running. No lakes in my area are staked yet.
  7. Poncho

    Neil Peart died

    6 times that. And yes you are a completely stoned leftard fuck head.
  8. Poncho

    Sled ride

    Finally out for a ride. Griffith to Eganville then Barry’s Bay, we did that Friday. Short ride on Saturday, heavy snow and no groomed trails. We ran down to Plevna. Great day
  9. Poncho

    Neil Peart died

    Most people you know are stoned, including you..,.the only drum you have ever beaten is your little lefttard dick......
  10. Poncho

    Neil Peart died

    Hated the Hip. Very boring music. Rush was the world leader of progressive rock world wide
  11. Poncho

    Neil Peart died

    And for the record they played at my high school, I was there.
  12. Poncho

    Neil Peart died

    I can’t believe this didn’t get more press or attention.. the Hip got more and they were nothing but an Ontario bar band. Rush was world class, no hit on Gord, but really.....pretty weak Canadian response, but no surprise. Most new Canadians have no idea who Rush is or was. Sad country
  13. Put a lime in it and it will kill most diseases
  14. And we wonder why America is so fucked up.......