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  1. At least he didn't shoot her like Ray Carruth did to his pregnant GF. rot in jail stupid idiot
  2. Self Driving Cars Good or Bad?

    I guess no more need for car insurance lol
  3. My area is looking good.

    Weatherman doesn't play with a full deck
  4. Meme thread

    If I lived near that school I'd go in there wearing a balaclava and toss a backpack yelling Allah Akbar
  5. Oh crap.....FIRE!!!!!!

    Smoke em if ya got em
  6. The bottom track is a very fast track. That's one of my favourites and had the track record in 3 diff classes
  7. Drinking and driving slotcars would be funny lol
  8. There's a hobby shop 1 1/2 away with 3 tracks in it. I contacted them and asked him if he was hosting any races. Said he had about 15 local guys that hang around there and was going to start up some races. He said he doesn't spray glue the track and they run urethane tire. I have no idea what they are as we only ran foam tires. Should be interesting when I check it out. I might open up my own place if I can get decent rent on about 5K sq ft and put in 2 tracks and a dragstrip. I ran a racing series years ago that was very successful that paid out decent money and we were running btwn 2 locations with the same track. We rented the tracks and gave them btwn 3-4K for the day and the greedy track owners assoc wanted us to race all the locations. Fkn greedy assholes are all gone now
  9. I raced them for years on the commercial tracks here in Ont. I won a ton of races and championships along the way. A buddy nicknamed me Smokin George from the slotcar racing.
  10. A lot of conspiracy theories and the dead aren't talking.
  11. Where did you buy it Steve