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  1. smokin george

    Side by Side

    Decided on the Can Am 1000R after looking at a few machines today
  2. smokin george

    Side by Side

    Thanks Dale! We"ve been thinking sxs as we get older lol. Might go with a 1000cc depending on the price lol. Our friends just bought 2 900 Rzr"s. Guess they wanted one each
  3. smokin george

    Side by Side

    We drove a friends Polaris RZR 570 last Sat to see if we would like a sxs. It wouldn't be my 1st choice in a machine but it was ok. We compared the #"s btwn the 900 RZR and the Can Am 800 and looks like the 800 might be it. We"re going to look at a Can Am today. I put that 570 thru the paces over some rough shit and the power steering was a bonus
  4. smokin george

    Toronto gun violence

    The asshole is too busy trying to put in bicycle lanes, run the TTC and the city.
  5. smokin george

    Side by Side

    Thanks Dale
  6. smokin george

    Side by Side

    We're waiting till it gets passed by council in lindsay
  7. smokin george

    Spring/Summer 2018

    We went out in the boat yesterday and had a great time. Cameron was a little choppy early on but got better as the wind died down. There's a couple nice cottages on the river for sale and doubt they'll be on the market very long
  8. smokin george

    New topic

    Don't bug me room works good lol
  9. smokin george

    New topic

    This was on the annual float down the river. Last year I used my float tube (Dooda Dave in the light blue PFD) .we had the cooler full of beer in the middle lol. There's quite a few floats tied together and a pontoon towing us and it's about a four hour tour. Everybody has a watergun, a cooler full of bevvies and it's a pretty good party afterwards
  10. smokin george

    New topic

    We find things to do in the summer lol
  11. smokin george

    Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    I'm all for .10/litre reduction. Start charging fucking cyclists a yearly fee for a license plate. Why should they get lanes and special treatment when there's no them
  12. smokin george

    Vacation Resort

    What a bunch of fuckheads
  13. smokin george

    Vacation Resort

    I think there's a couple on Sand lake up by Kearney
  14. smokin george

    May the storm be with you

    Maybe 8 days
  15. smokin george

    May the storm be with you

    Ours came back on as well and a good thing. The standby genny uses 10% a day . Two 420"s were filled Sat morning and now are down to approx 55%.