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  1. No luck with the tins either. I must be buying the ones with nothing in them
  2. I put 4 ice cubes in each of my drinks last night and it depleted the icebox in the freezer. It was warm out last night and the ice was melting fast.damn global warming
  3. I've been lucky the past few sales on kijiji. 4 sleds and 2 sled trailers without the idiots.
  4. The wife and I drove into Fenelon to pick up some stuff and stopped at the lock for a bit. There's some nice big cruisers going thru and others that are parked there. Wife said that would nice to have when we retire. I said we couldn't afford the fuel on the government welfare that we"'ll get lol
  5. I have a 19ft and only fits my two Gades kitty cornered. As far as 3 in there it might be possible (121"s) but never tried. I would give TJ"s Hook n Go on Hwy48 in Baldwin a call. Decent to deal with as are the folks at Excalibur (brampton) .
  6. We use the Off lanterns on the porch and rear deck when the awnings out. They're the best we have found for mosquitos and as far as black flies I don't think anything works on the fkrs and usually they're gone early evening. We have a bat house that I haven't put up yet. It has to be a certain height and face the right direction so it says on the instructions
  7. I'm not a bad guy! I was young and a little adventurous back then and thinking back now boy that was fun and the shit we did you'd piss yourself laughing
  8. There was a Greek marinade in a package that you added a bit of vinegar to that was damn good but haven't seen it in the stores for some time. I can make it from scratch but it was so simple
  9. Looks like some expensive stuff
  10. Wow. A thing of beauty and wonder if it comes with binoculars so you can see the mirror lol
  11. We were on strike at the quarry and I went to get some coffees at a nearby restaurant. Cop was doing radar at a church and on the way back I thought I'd step on the gas going by. He come after me and turned on the flashing lights and siren so I cranked up the stereo and flipped the day/night mirror. The chase was on lol .He gets out of his car and asked for the particulars and I said you have the wrong guy just ask the 150 guys here they will tell you I've been here all day.. how he never thru me in the car is beyond me and I thought I got away with it. I paid for it as I found out.
  12. I had a good run on tickets years ago back in 80-81. A ticket a day ($18) for two weeks. He waited for me every day and pulled me over. I guess he got even for what happened prior to that which you wouldn't believe lol
  13. We went into town for dinner after doing yard work all day. The wife and a couple friends had the prime rib and I had a rack of ribs. The place had good food and you can get there by car,boat or float plane.
  14. I installed a new stereo/ speakers in the runabout and now cleaning it up to get in the water