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  1. smokin george

    Did he really do it?

    The one thing that is interesting is OJ isn't the only celebrity that's a dumb fuck with money. There have been countless allegations of rape and murders for years involving these high profile dumb fucks and the majority are blacks.
  2. We were up in a private area riding and stopped at one of the warmup cabins. There was a rental sled all crumbled up in the wall of the cabin. The lady had to be airlifted out with some serious injuries. We saw them in the parking lot about 5-6 hours earlier and the guy was unloading his sled and they rented a sled for her. The broad was fkn hammered so they must've been half lit when they got there or couldn't handle the booze
  3. Late Sat evening,no helmet and trees usually ends up not being good
  4. smokin george

    Did he really do it?

    I think his son was involved as well
  5. smokin george

    Retarded Kijiji Ad's

    I think he should stay out of the white powder
  6. Could've been worse with a blown belt and the fire dept.
  7. smokin george

    Fuck The Royal Family...But This Is Good

    They are a strange fkn bunch and once the old hag dies we"ll be seeing the funeral forever on the news. The Queen had Epstein killed lol
  8. smokin george

    Housing market

    When we were selling the house in the city the sign went on the lawn on the Wed. The realtors (2 friends) told the perspective buyers agents it was a one day only viewing on the Sat. They came in,saw,put their offers in and the last offer outbid them all. They came prepared to buy, no conditions,no home inspection and a quick closing date.
  9. Plenty of windshield for me and I can shut the warmers off once the bars have warmed up. The goofiest thing is the heated seats . They have it so you can have both or only the rear . It should be the front seat or both.
  10. smokin george

    Housing market

    I know you snooze you lose. Somebody bought 2 adjoining lots (4+ acres) and they're selling the one for $79K. The one next door has a drilled well already in place,driveway in and partially cleared. We don't know if he's passed away and nobody has seen him either.
  11. We got unscathed by the little rain we got last night and it's been snowing since this morning. Plenty of sleds have been going by already
  12. smokin george

    Housing market

    The prices in our area have been going up pretty steady. We bought our house 5 1/2 years ago and it's more than doubled. I kick myself in the ass for not buying a lot around the corner when it came up for sale at $62K. It sold a year later for $90K. We have an empty lot next to us but haven't seen the owner since we moved in and we're waiting for 4-sale sign to go up
  13. I was out 3 days this week and the trails up here are good. Shitload of sleds out there today. We"ll see if and what the rain does
  14. smokin george

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    I agree! Fk the pariahs and let the cocksuckers spend their money. Canada should stop handing over the $40-50 million a year that the fkrs get
  15. smokin george

    Fuck The Royal Family...But This Is Good

    Fuck the royals! Canada gives the pariahs $40-50 million a year. They should start paying their own way the fkn leeches