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  1. Nitro fuel for my rc stuff is $40/gal but the fun is priceless
  2. Not worried about gas mileage. Hemi Ram, 18.5ft runabout 4.3 that fuels up at marinas and everything I own runs on gas. It's about not worrying about stopping to fill every 100 miles
  3. I know one guy that has a 600Ace that he won in a poker run. He was saying unbelievable gas mileage. The forest has 600Ace rentals
  4. Any fukking sled is a pretty broad statement. I wonder what an anemic 600 Ace would get to the tank and although it's 60hp it's still a sled
  5. My old Yammies and 03 Rev 600HO were getting about 100 miles to the tank. My 2011 MXZ Sport 600's were getting double that and now the Gades are up there as well. I could care less what they think
  6. They drink a different kool-aid.
  7. We've done 250 and 280kms without putting gas in along the way. 2015 Renegade 600's (carb). We have our fuel caddies on the back and have yet to put the gas in on any trip and every couple rides I use them up to refresh the gas. These sleds will do 200 MILES to the tank
  8. We live in the middle of nowhere lol btwn Fenelon and Kinmount. The guy was asking $265K and I put an offer in for $238K which he rejected and ended paying $249K. Two and a half acres, bungalow with stamped concrete ( main part of house/ garage) and teak in the bdrm. We've upgraded the kitchen/ main bthrm and now just finishing the ensuite. We also installed a standby genny and upgraded the radiant floor with a boiler. I'm sure we spent a chunk of change in the time we've been here but once said and done we can retire and enjoy the rest of our time. I feel sorry for anybody trying to get started in the GTA with the ridiculous prices
  9. We went up to the Hali Forest yesterday for what might be our last ride this season. The place was packed, weather was good and the trails were in good shape. Some of the smaller trails had the odd bare spot but overall ok. For the amount of sleds there we hardly saw many the route we took. It was a good day with good friends and looking forward to next season
  10. Sleds are loaded and ready for one last ride.
  11. We still have 2ft of snow on our lawn and the trails have fuck all around us. Time for some warm weather and spring cleaning of the runabout and get the tinny ready for some fishing. It'll be nice to be able to get to the firepit as well and sit around with a few beers
  12. Sleds will be going in the trailer and looks like it'll be one more ride if they get more snow an hour north of us. Otherwise bring on the heat
  13. I had an 85 GT as well. I was having problems with the carb and couldn't believe what they wanted for one so I bought the Holley rebuild kit. Wife was pissed I was rebuilding it on the kitchen table
  14. I had a few quick cars way back. 67 Camaro SS, 66 Nova (SB), Vega (SB) and a 69 Barracuda (FB) 340. My brother had a 55 Chevy (454) and on our street and area we had all the muscle cars. I look at what they're asking for these cars and I'd have to sell the wife and house to buy one lol
  15. I shouldn't laugh but they give you a crash course before setting you on your way. A few years back a couple visiting from overseas went into the rhubarb and got hurt pretty good. They showed the husband the crash course and later that day he let his wife drive and I guess she lost it