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  1. Kumbya to both of you lol
  2. Sorry Craig but you gave a general area and posted pics of the house
  3. I bought a Warn winch thru amazon a couple years ago. $229 delivered compared to over $500+ here. The wife ordered LED"S bulbs from a Chinese site .A 10pk for just under $100 delivered vs $17+each at home depot. We have 30 potlights that we switched out at a nice savings. The entire house is LED"S now and Hydro costs went down as well
  4. We run the Toyo AT"s and been a good tire sofar. No hum on the hwy
  5. A buddy had 25K miles on his 700 and that was a few years back and was saying it's never been apart and is going to ride it to see how far it'll go. He was still on it last season but didn't talk to him to find out if he's done anything to it
  6. Try some grilled Romaine
  7. That's what we use and have had it forever.
  8. We've been grilling on an old cast iron hibachi.
  9. The wife and I plan on doing some fishing in the tin boat and plenty of cruising in the runabout this summer. We have plenty of lakes nearby to check out. We get together with friends and do the annual float down the river and really looking forward to that. I was looking at the AC Wildcat 700 sxs and might get rid of the atvs but that's dependant on the local bylaws getting changed
  10. Nitro fuel for my rc stuff is $40/gal but the fun is priceless
  11. Not worried about gas mileage. Hemi Ram, 18.5ft runabout 4.3 that fuels up at marinas and everything I own runs on gas. It's about not worrying about stopping to fill every 100 miles
  12. I know one guy that has a 600Ace that he won in a poker run. He was saying unbelievable gas mileage. The forest has 600Ace rentals
  13. Any fukking sled is a pretty broad statement. I wonder what an anemic 600 Ace would get to the tank and although it's 60hp it's still a sled
  14. My old Yammies and 03 Rev 600HO were getting about 100 miles to the tank. My 2011 MXZ Sport 600's were getting double that and now the Gades are up there as well. I could care less what they think