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  1. Winter 2018

    Nothing but stones sticking thru.
  2. Winter 2018

    Rail trail was groomed n of Fenelon. Only saw it in the dark as I was passing by. Not sure how far up they went
  3. Winter 2018

    Lot of idiots on 705
  4. Winter 2018

    Looks like he went out a little early
  5. Winter 2018

    Thanks Dale.
  6. Winter 2018

    Very nice
  7. Winter 2018

    Only had 4 rooms left
  8. Winter 2018

    Quebec free wknd. Jan 19-22nd. Mont Laurier
  9. Sled cab...

    It should come with a woodstove as well lol
  10. Winter 2018

    We booked our rooms in Quebec . Should be a good trip
  11. Winter 2018

    That the seat delete standup version
  12. Winter 2018

  13. Winter 2018

    The people from the Wiarton area must be traumatized that their beloved rodent has kicked the bucket. Here everybody is talking about climate change,squirrels and lousy sledding seasons and those poor bastards won't be able to tell when spring is coming. Global warming has screwed everything up and living proof is the geese don't fly south. I think we're screwed
  14. A real money waster in Orillia

    Fkn idiots
  15. OFSC Trail Pass

    For the price of 2 permits we can go to the Hali Forest four times . Throw in the free wknd either here or Que and there's the season.