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  1. smokin george

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    No candy coating.
  2. smokin george

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    The drama queen and selfie appointed king doesn't give a shit about Canadians. The fkr should"ve died with his brother in the avalanche and his whore mother should"ve swallowed
  3. smokin george

    Min pin.

    They can be nasty with other dogs,usually pretty yappy etc.
  4. smokin george

    Is this a snowmobile forum

    Sled tracks on the trail north of Dundalk on Friday
  5. smokin george

    Is this a snowmobile forum

    No! Go away and arctic cat sucks,Yamahas are heavy and Polaris is made in America
  6. smokin george

    FSCE Shop Talk

    I said to her I'll put the sxs outside. No! It stays in the garage lol
  7. smokin george

    FSCE Shop Talk

    I've only got a 1 1/2 car garage. Once the wife gets rid of her fkn elliptical that hasn't been used the sxs and both sleds will fit in there. Cars park outside
  8. Morning! I slept in this morning till 6:15 lol. I'm cleaning up my garage and picking up the tools lying around after doing the brakes on my car. The fronts still had about half the pads left( done over a year ago) and the rears were getting a little thin with 292K kms on them. I spent almost $300 for the 4 rotors/pads and with my labour saved a few bucks from going to some shop
  9. smokin george

    Another low snow winter

    We have a rail trail behind our house and when the conditions are good we leave from home. We trailer a couple times a season
  10. smokin george

    Ah, Winter

    Most of it melted with the fkn rain. We have to start all over again
  11. smokin george

    Another low snow winter

    We had 3-4" a couple of times then it all melted. We got about 15" over the weekend and what looked like a good start has basically dwindled due to the rain we got. We"re supposed to get more in the long range (14 day) lol. We've always gone riding on Boxing Day except for one where there was zero snow in the past 20yrs and about the same for a New Years eve ride where it just pissed down rain.
  12. smokin george

    Federal Liberal Party alleviating poverty

    The closet fag has to help out his bum buddies. He should've been skiing with his gay brother
  13. smokin george

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    We have about 15" up here. We went to an open house at the dealer today. The 900 turbo Gade sure is a nice looking sled
  14. I picked up a load of tubing at a steel mill yesterday. Today I went to another steel mill to pick up and delivered that tubing and afterwards picked up a load of flatstock st a processing plant to deliver to a factory for future processing