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  1. Oh and by the way I was able to fix the cables I pushed them all the way in and then crimped them where they go into the carburetors. Where they go into the junction block I put JB plastic weld on the metal and the plastic part of the cable and shoved them in and let it dry overnight. they seem strong as hell and now it idles right. Sometimes a little redneck Ingenuity will overcome piss-poor Manufacturing.

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  2. I bought a motion Pro cable brand new for the for the wife's Pantera. At junction where it goes to 2 cables the plastic part of the right cable pulls out of the block. The metal end comes out with it and the cable stays in the junction block but when you steer the bars it raises the idle because it makes the throttle pull. Fucking aftermarket junk never again. I knew I should have bought a Arctic Cat cable!

  3. 23 hours ago, ACE said:

    How’s the teeth doing 

    Exactly, you got nuthin'

    15 hours ago, Polaris 550 said:

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  4. On 1/6/2019 at 7:14 PM, f7ben said:

    2017 Gade 850 ADR. 2k miles. Mint shape , $1500 worth of accessories and a triton elite single place trailer. 8900$

    Good price. My brother just bought a 2018 Switchback 800 Pro S with a 1.25 Ripsaw. brand new leftover 0 miles $10450

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  5.  I need a rear gas shock for my wife's 2002 Pantera 550. EBay has one for about 89 fucking dollars. what is it made out of gold? it's a SPI, are you fuckong kidding me? for a gas shock??? $89? The stock part # is 1604-460.     

       Is there an option here to put a rebuildable shock in the rear?

     do any of you guys have a shock laying around for a reasonable price, that might work?