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  1. Why? Just noticed this...

    Its a FAST M10
  2. Why does my Thundercat have an M10 suspension in it? Wouldn't the original 13 and a half inch suspension be better than a M10? Or would this be considered an upgrade?
  3. Is it normal?

    It has a D&D power breather on it
  4. Is it normal?

    With case reeds? Besides wouldn't throttle response suck if the Reeds were leaking?
  5. Is it normal?

    Thank you Buss, thats what I wanted to know
  6. Is it normal?

    Listen, i aint the guy i was, but i see you guys are the same. I have helped plenty of people with car advice, without giving anyone a drop of shit or made em feel dumb. I always did it with respect and if you don't or can't respect that and give me an ounce of courtesy I'll find another place that will. FS is the only site i want to visit but there are other places.
  7. Is it normal?

    I just went through and cleaned all the carbs on the Thundercat they're all back on. I started up and it runs good, excellent in fact. The only thing that concerns me is that when I rev the engine I am getting a pretty good amount of fuel Vapor coming out of the carbs. Please note when I was doing this the airbox was not installed. I know I probably should have looked at the Jets for numbers but I did not. I don't know what mains are in it. I don't know if it's ever been rejetted, it may still have the Jets in it that were put in at the factory. Any ideas? Is it normal to see fuel misting out of the carbs when you rev it? it does not do it at an idle.
  8. Yep I sure did and she can't wait to ride. she read that post and laughed her ass off lol
  9. Big enough to punk you out Stewie... Could have had any sleds we wanted. We wanted these. Yep
  10. Bullshit you asshole, i own a RCBS ROCKCHUCKER AND KNOW EXACTLY WHAT COLOR CASE HARDENING IS. You fucking twit. Damascus is a twisted steel shotgun barrel and only safe to shoot shot thru. Dont be a retard YOU FUCKSTICK.
  11. I know the sleds we bought are older and will not have the best ride quality but the trails we will be riding them on it's not going to matter.
  12. Not a tear in the seat or a scratch on it.