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  1. School shooting in MD

    Yep lots of bad parents and bullying
  2. Lol. It's none of that I just refuse to be a victim. Some people seem to be okay living with the chance of being killed without shooting back. Not me
  3. No I think it's worse. Somebody is driving along texting and they know they could kill somebody and they fucking do it anyway. If you CAN'T understand THAT....
  4. You are Beyond full of shit. whenever real men get together they show off their toys and their guns now we can show them online.
  5. my Dad always says, "America is only as good as its parents." he is right and when todays kids come to voting age, America is doomed.
  6. no its you who are too stupid. 20 years ago we didn't have any school shootings. before that, when I was in school, most of us guys had a rifle or shotgun hanging in the back window of our truck. we got in fights all the time, argued and never shot the school up. we settled it with our hands. these kids people are raising today seem to need revenge for everything. they ain't normal.
  7. FSCE Shop Talk

    Deal or no Deal?
  8. In a nutshell

    Got to give you credit Neal you're half-right
  9. In a nutshell

    Yep test ride today