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  1. Zambroski

    Anyone ever?

    I had no fucking idea anything like this ever existed.
  2. Seriously. I’d like to see the animated versions of “Panic” vs. “Extreme panic”.
  3. I’d certainly say most don’t need anything remotely as adjustable as the top end shock packages used to offer.
  4. You are a liar and a fraud. Always have been. Shoo fly.
  5. This is one of the best things all manus can do for their “RACE REPLICA” packages. Most of the buyers don’t care about the shocks anyway...just the “look at me” graphics. Saw a husband and wife team on a pair of matching XRS sleds years ago. I bet between them they didn’t have a single shock that was set even remotely correctly for them.
  7. Wut? Not you can’t even remember your own manufactured lies you made for somebody else? What a clown.
  8. Don’t flatter yourself. I’m just going off the absolute hilariousness of your lies being posted here.
  9. I did name it. I’m just not helping you...because you are so stupid....and chubby.
  10. I forget, is he denying what he does based on the information on his website today, admitting it or, admitting part of it with certain caveats? Does it depend on what he eats?
  11. All the truth. You are the only one that can’t keep up because you massive inferiority complex causes you to buy GICs and think you’ve got the world by the short hairs. Oh, it was almost $500k
  12. Zambroski

    Who are the fascists??

    Bomb them!!!
  13. Zambroski

    Who are the fascists??

    Then fuck those boy fucking hurricanes and tornadoes!!!!!
  14. Your stories being projected as other’s lies don’t work. It’s just more story time from the forums favorite kicked can.
  15. Zambroski

    Who are the fascists??

    But hurricanes and tornadoes aren’t at war with anybody not practicing their ideology. Wait...are they?
  16. Zambroski

    97% you say

    In his thinner days? MUCH THINNER!!!
  17. BarbieHands jumps in with both tiny feet and goes full Retard TDS. ...for no apparent reason. Wtf?
  18. Zambroski

    Big Thanks to Good Guy F7Ben!

    Good on you Benny! You know, for a half-witted white guy, that wears 28/42 jeans,’re alright!!!
  19. Zambroski

    97% you say

    Worse than a blood bath. My fucking god.
  20. Yeah, new front end is supposed to be some kinda hot shit for sure. I’m gonna find out.’s my experience it’s mainly just the Poo guys that be all hatin’. They are an ornery bunch for sure. Silly children!
  21. Zambroski

    Summer people suck

    73 years old in a 20 foot runabout just not paying attention. “Dangerous weapon”. My god.
  22. Zambroski

    Forget The Snake Method ckf!

    Holy shit!
  23. It was a whole lot more than “taller spindles”. Just that alone changed the entire front end angle. I want to ride one. from my understanding, it made what was already the best front end in the biz even better. Not sure why they did it....when they can work on the skid instead.