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  1. Zambroski

    Kid is a hero

    @xtralettucetomatoe580's POG Leg ass would get that knot joke. Maybe. Faggot!
  2. Zambroski

    Kid is a hero

    That's why I like him. Ever see him tie a knot in a cherry stem? It's impressive. A full square with two half hitches!
  3. It might be worth it tho.... Just sayin'.
  4. Whatever makes you feel better. already do this. Now, go buff your tic tac sized nails on the end of your little barbie fingers.
  5. Zambroski

    Meme thread

    There. GOODER!
  6. Stop trying to make this shit up. My stories don't change because I don't lie. This is why you get tripped up so much on your own stories.
  7. Ok then. Go get'em tiger!!!!
  8. It's weird, dude...seriously.
  9. I let lose some details of a little "confrontation" I had one night at a local brewery. It was around the Kavenaugh hearings and somebody running their mouth a bit too loud. The brief story apparently scared the shit out of RevBetaBarbieHands so he keeps bringing it up in a way to make it not he feels better...I guess.
  10. I still don't see why they keep singling you out. Almost as if you were in bed with them at one time and decided that lifestyle wasn't for you. Now, they hate you for it. Is this true? Figuratively? Literally? If you slept with Tools...don't speak with me anymore.
  11. You are scared. You are a scared, bigoted, lying racist! Nothing has changed. You are just too stupid to keep up.
  12. Oh...his "heroizms" reached new highs under the libril charge!!! Of course, his hatred for Trump helped him just a smidge too. "Smidge".... The left would still be making fun of the way he moved his arms if he liked Trump at all. Fact.
  13. I don't know how you still manage to floor me with your idiotic lies. I think it's because you actually believe your shit.
  14. believe it. Because it's true...and you know it. But you can't admit it because, that's your bloody scalp particles under my fingernails...and the silence you hear when you walk into a room now. Pathetic liberal cowards. Liars to the end! Hoooray!
  15. Nothing to see...really. It's a beautiful religion and just a spectacular ideology chalked full of everything librulz love....and bleeding heart contrarian retards too!
  16. Its coming for him too. I can't wait. I may even let him roll out that body bag first. Another big mouthed liberal internet warrior gonna weep like a fucking girl. Or run like hell....leaving his family there for me to explain things.
  17. No. Can you imagine me pulling your hair until I bent you around backwards on your knees because you felt you could “control the situation” after your significant other lost her mind? I mean....look at you now! You’re now the guy that had another man violently pull your hair and make you scream in front of your wife/gf and apparently a group of your own buddies that clammed the fuck up and turned their heads away when it went down. The worst part is. You’d have been better off if I did with my right fist what i was planning to do.....bloody you fucking face until I got tired. Instead, just shame and humiliation as I laughed and threw your face to the floor. HOLY SHIT!!!!! KILL YOURSELF!!!
  18. Zambroski

    Kid is a hero

    That’s why I like Benny. He gets how this works. Well, most of the time...he slips up from time to time and looks like a retard. BTW, I think you hurt him the most on that clutching fiasco. I think it’s because he always thought he was your superior on sleds. Lets lay off the boy for a bit. He’s wounded. Aaahahhahahhba aahahhahhahhahhahabbahahab aaaahahhahahahbahahbababab!!!!!!!
  19. Zambroski

    Yellow vest movement in Canada.

    You just quoted me. Did you not read it first? This is why dumb...and weak. Being mad about it is just part of who you are.
  20. Zambroski

    Kid is a hero

    I laugh at myself all the time. That’s what makes me so awesome!!!! And I hope like hell I have others laughing both at and with me here....that’s the plan. It’s not my fault others romp around with targets on their backs, big lips flapping in the front....and butt and vaginal hurt down below. It’s just my job to make them feel bad and dumb about it.
  21. So, no. Your answer is “No, I’ve never put my hands on another man other than to sample his member.” Got it! And btw, I have a lot of funny “fight stories”. Also, that was your representative who got his hair pulled. Oops. Remember that next time you are wanting to be a hero to some loud mouthed pig in your little party.
  22. Zambroski

    Vlad Doesn't Fuck Around

    Leave my dad alone!!!!! Why you always wanna bring family into it? Fine! Look, you’re having a family reunion!!!
  23. Zambroski

    Yellow vest movement in Canada.

    What’s funny is, your little mind came up with those two choices. Here, allow me to repeat myself as I’ve slapped you with this before: You got bitch slapped by a boy fucking mooozelum loser and not a single country on this earth came to your rescue in spite of your leaders cries for help.
  24. Zambroski

    Kid is a hero

    Well, be all: