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  1. Poor People....

    Poor Tool Kit. Poor librulz.
  2. Poor People....

    No such thing. This clearly shows your ignorance. And yur a racist!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Public access call in shows

    There’s a real good chance I’ll go the rest of my life and NOT find anybody funnier than the Tosh man!!! Zambroni loves to laugh!!!!!
  4. Just shot root beer out of my fucking schnoze! I may have shit a little too.
  5. Wait...are you saying I am debating with the guy mentioned earlier this week about his shit blowing up ten years ago and still upset about that brand (Poo wasn't it?) And now he doesn't own any sled? WHAYT? Fuck me. I gotta expand this spreadsheet of "AKA Names" to have some detailed info also. May save me time.
  6. Forum software update

    Same amount of paragraphs...just less sentences.
  7. Forum software update

  8. Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones

    I stand behind everything. EVERYTHING! I'm not even sure what you mean on this it was so stupid. Again..."High Horse". And again, GMAFB.
  9. Forum software update

    AND GOD DAMN THE TIIMING!!! I had a long, drawn out response done up for "Sheep Shit" desigined to upset him (more) that got lost in the mix. Had to do up a shorter version.
  10. Please forward this to Mueller. Pretty sure you've got this all pegged. Well done!
  11. Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones

    Worth coming back for! AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This wasn't worth it but I'll reply anyway. You and I are two different personality types. "My opinion" doesn't and won't mean anything to you because you don't like my type. I'm good with that. Let's not pretend it's anymore than that. Or, you can if you want. Make yourself feel good and just!
  12. BOOM! Here we go!!!!!! (well, not Hawks fans..bwahahahhahah aahahahhhahahhahah ahahahahhahahahhahah) GO WILD!!!! But first...a shout out to University of MN-Duluth, who got upended in the final show of the Nat'l Championship last year but came back this year to win another National title! ATTA BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i'm not even sure it this is a "THIS IS IT!!!" moment or not. Hell, I don't even know why you posted it. And since you didn't eleborate a probably don't either. BUT HEY!!!!! BA-ZING!!! AMIRITE? International Trump Derangment Syndrome. IT'S REAL!!!!
  14. Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones

    How did I not defend my postiion here? I think the term is well deserved from what I've seen. You can believe it's because of something else if you want. Now, I'm gonna exit because I really don't give a fuck about any of this "victims unite" bullshit. Carry on!
  15. Bold: We agree! The rest? Sounds like typical butt-hurt from an "average trail rider".
  16. Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones

    Again, high horse. I think your opinions are bullshit...and kinda weepy sad. "Emotional Joel"....and now I know how that term was coined. Well, I've known for sime time. People can chose to believe what we say here, deny it, debate it, scream about it, or just fuck off. It's a discussion forum. Clearly you want everyones opinion to be yours and you don't see the problem with this. To each their own.
  17. Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones

    Since you can't comprehend due to overflowing emotions: "Spoken publicly". That opens up the right for people to oppose their views and postiions freely. "Death threats". Is Alex Jones making death threats? Poast that part then.
  18. Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones

    I make up my opinion? Oh. k then. Your opinions are FACT...mine are "made up". Great. You sure seem like a bleeding heart here. Your high horse is also just plain funny as fuck to me. Give me a fucking break. Then they can file suit for harrassment against said individual/organization. This doesn't appear to be that. I think they enjoy being victims. And they are victims...and it's tragic. But some really seem to find themselves "in their own" with it all. I don't have to approve...and wont. Again...who gives a flying fuck what this whacko says about them...he appreciates this media blitz tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. So there is no segment in the motorsports market that finds a racing pedigree a "plus" and buys accordingly. Got it. So then, in theory, help me clear this up with a quick mulitple choice. If Cat starts to lose consistantly on the tracks/courses, their sled sales will: A.) Remain the same B.) Drop C.) Go up D.)I don't know what the fuck I am talking about.
  20. Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones

    Librulz that won't admit it. I don't blame them though. Seems many here carry the same "we're all victims" attitude. SSFB and XLT are the only ones I see that at least stay consistant on somewhat of a viewpoint that is of any interest to me. Still....bleeding hearts tho. I'm fine with that to a certain degree...until they try to make me one. Turn off his program then. He's a fucking nut-job. Why do they care so much about what people say about them? Seems they enjoy the extra grief and frustration. $20 bucks says they are glued to Maddow every evening. It makes sense to me. That's what I see here...a lot.
  21. Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones

    The shooter did that, huh? Was he filming and producing from behind the grave? These parents turned into activists..and that's fine and just. But they don't get to cry "he hurts my feelings" when their feelings are hurt. "He is disgracing my dead childs legacy.." GMAFB.
  22. Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones

    How so? Are they on camera against their wills? Save me the IMA LIBERTARIAN bleeding heart bit.