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  1. Pretty clear they don't want him addressing the American people at all. Why? My guess; the Dems know they are losing this political shut down fuckery and don't want specifics being put out there. I haven't heard anything that makes me think different. I've watched CNN and MSNBC comments on it and it all sounds like "Slingernese". Fail.
  2. LOL! That’s the Dem side...or it’s the “security issue”. Both bullshit. There’s no better reason to give this address than now. Dems don’t want Trump pissing in their cup after it’s clear they’ve been asking for exactly that.
  3. No she doesn’ fucking retard!! Mission accomplished!
  4. You were the first hill-jacking retard to say "wall". Read this thread. Look Honey, this "I'm gonna smoke a bunch of pot and act DAF" for a few days is all fine and dandy. Just remember, plenty once thought that acting like a liberal twat would be funny too. The rabbit hole is deeper than it looks. Don't eat the cheese.
  5. Zambroski

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    Can he be a HS girl instead? I'd like to see him differently when I log on.
  6. Moto's a fun ducky. Yeah....not all private schools are the same. Most take a percentage of minority and low income kids in tuition free. I'd have to read more up on them...but I don't want to. This is about the hats and a biased media. Not about Private Catholic schools. I don't fucking care.
  7. at the thought of Trump NOT ad libbing from a script.....and the look on that fucking dolt, Pelosi's face as the camera slowly zooms into her Schumer cringes far back in his chair and goes to his safe place.
  8. Just be quiet and take your title. Everyone respects and honors his words and epic proclamations here.
  9. LOL Yeah...he's got a good punching face for sure. But the hats should have had nothing to do with it. Like I stated yesterday, The Dems have made the hat their own nightmare and now, they are triggered when others aren't scared of it too. Why does your nightmare have to scare me? It doesn't. That's probably about right in the pic. I went to public schools and universities for a reason. My daughter will too. Education isn't exclusively achieved from tests from books.
  10. Oh, I'm with you. Reach across and willingness to negotiate. But, they've already said "NO WAY!' So...where does it go on TV? Nowhere good for the Dems. I'd be real surprised if they'd even go on tv with him again unless they could get him to agree to a script. Hopefully he wouldn't. Like I said, this is a loser for the Dems. Problem, they don't know how to even retreat, much less win. If they fight him tooth and nail giving the's telling to everyone..and they go on "Auto-lose".
  11. I've never heard of the "Black Israelites" before this. "Kids in Catholic school area also usually assholes." I can't deny or confirm this.....but I find it hard to agree because I find your reasoning slanted due to your ideology. Kids are kids. Punk kids are punk kids. Do you deny we are even discussing this event due to anything other than Trump hatred by the liberal media?
  12. I don't think the Dems would bite. They know they are losing this. Problem is, they've been losing for so long, they've forgotten how to win. Their party is pushing them more left into a suicide spin. They can't control it anymore. Watching Schumer trying to deliver his lies was painful. You can look at him and know that HE doesn't even believe this shit anymore.
  13. That’s what I mean. What’s the problem? His words will be reworked and regurgitated to the masses of librulz to make him look as bad as possible. Seems like it’s another great opportunity out for them. How many “misdirections” are a bad thing?
  14. But a bunch of religious kids wearing hats should make people lose their minds! This is about blatant hypocrisy, YET AGAIN, being pointed out about the liberal media, and the followers of the cult trying to throw shade and run interfereance for them.
  15. I agree, throw something out there. Let them twist in the wind. I’m not seeing a Dem win here in any manner. Trump, almost shockingly sometimes, is three or four steps ahead of them on this issue. .
  16. Then die!!!! ....or just accept being called names by half-wits on social media.
  17. It sounds like alternative plans are being made to give it off WH grounds? Perfectly acceptable. Dems appear to be losing their minds over this idea. Again, why are they trying to quell this so hard? I go back to my first post.
  18. It sounds like Trump accepted Pelosi’s first procedural invitation to speak (before she capitulated for her unruly base of brats), she now has to “disinvite him”? Never been done before. A huge backfire fail if this happens.
  19. Jesus Dooski, just give in already! They’ve got you surrounded! Give in and stop refusing to swallow the daily narratives and partisan driven “facts” that the MSM is trying to shove down your throat. You may breathe easier when you do. Most cattle are pretty calm.
  20. Zambroski

    Meme thread

    Lol. “Hey man...I was just kidding...let me buy you a beer.” AWESOME!!! Fact. But are they really “females”?
  21. Sounds like you gambled and won. That's all we can hope for. My first cat was a 13 800 RR. I knew all the supposed issues and heard all the horror stories and figured fuck it...let's see, if it's fucked, I'll fix it and/or sell it. Set deflection to fucked levels and hammered on it to try and pop the standard (weak ass stock) belt and only 80 hard miles later..BAM! Guy before me rode it 400 or so miles before I got it. Laughable "belt eater" many of the claims of the other sleds. Each brand has it's weak point....but, IMO, they are almost never as widespread as the internet claims. I've got two bus on new 850's right now. Both getting close to 1000 miles so far. No issues. However, I know they read HCS a lot and dive in and fix whatever may be a problem before hand. Smart.
  22. MC is concerned the country is being overrun by terrorism, drugs, sex trade and murder....just not at the southern border. It's all good!