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  1. All two strokes will eventually pop. It’s a tough design. The question is, which pops first? Cat still holds the longevity award...even after the zook. Doo next and Poo last. It’s just the way is. Anybody rolling on a 2s out there with 5-6k miles is on borrowed time...unless they are Granny. Now, a poo rider out there with 6k or so is probably the safest, he on his second mil and third top end. Fuck you @Rigid1 lol
  2. I’ve said it a bunch of times over many years. If you want to own the best performing, most reliable brand out of the box, it’s a Doo. Poo guys and Cat guys pointing and laughing at each other is absolutely hilarious.
  3. The same stories come from Cat guys. I've towed more Poo than anything. I've never pulled a Doo though...but almost had to have mine pulled.
  4. Zambroski


    I don't think many are filling their obligations anymore than before. To me, it was more of a "start using your own fucking bats" tactic. And that worked. Fuck NATO...and the UN. World thugs with uniforms and soldiers from shithole countries.
  5. The stories are slowly starting to leak into the mainstream though. There are certainly issues. But, I just shrug. Poo 800 series-normal. Poolaiders defending and denying it is as funny as Cat guys denying the belt and clutching issues. "NO!! It's only some models!!!" Sledders are so weird.
  6. Zambroski

    This Punk Needs a Beating he did "serve" a "Marine Refrigerator Recon Ranger". Got it!
  7. This is a true and honest post from you. It's a nice change. Thanks.
  8. Stop taking away their ammo!!!!
  9. No. Having what I like to call "coffee and comedy". It's a neat way to start the morning. It's like rolling a dupe..sure, you know you are going to lose a few brain cells but, it's worth the fun in exchange. I'll switch to MSNBC later....and fill in real information with Fox. it's my system. I like to smile and laugh....but like to stay knowledgeable also. HOLY SHIT! PELSOI IS SPEAKING! FUCKING DAILY DOUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Spinner was right...he's a soft, beautiful man! Bout 10 degrees here. A break in the extreme cold in the next few day and a fresh coating is gonna bring a lot of "my best buddies" up this way to sweep the trails. Gonna break out myself a few times before this weekend when wind chills are supposed to hit -50. How do fibs survive in that? MY BEST BUDDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Zambroski

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    What did you guys end up for snow totals up there?
  12. It’s just gotten overly weird. Misery and hate. I can’t figure out if they are that way because they want to be that way or, they get that way because they can’t make everyone else feel that way. Probably split.
  13. No, it’s not. But it’s also not limited to just one party’s apparel. Remember, the librul Dems made that hat their trigger. I guess good for them, it works!