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  1. We somehow took the Kennedy’s for our “royalty”. I mean...LOLOLOLOLLL!!!! It’s been all downhill from there.
  2. LOL!!! Are you saying we lack culture?!?! FUCK OFF, DICK HOLE!!!!!!!!!!! Americans are so gross.
  3. Anybody that believes his IQ is that low does so because they want to believe it and their IQ’s are probably much closer to that number.
  4. Meh. She looks kinda wonky to me. His brother married better. Kate is a fucking doll.....and has proven to have class to boot! Markle is lacking both.
  5. Trump’s verbal IQ can’t be much higher than that of a middle schoolers at best. However, linguistics are a small portion of overall IQ. People with autism and other communication barriers whose verbal IQ is dirt floor level have some of the highest calculations and math scores.
  6. And people like you fall for the same Race baiting bullshit everyday. That’s why you didn’t bother to read the article. You and MC share some traits.
  7. It's all petty, race baiting bullshit that none of us would be discussing if he wasn't black. This being CNN on top of that and well, I know we aren't getting the whole story. I'm sure the student was informed several times about these "standards". Policies of standards isn't new for schools. Most everyone I knew got"warned" several times for toying with school policies for standards. Even suspended a few times. Some battles are worth fighting....some aren't. He'll end up being worse off because of him being pushed into this.
  8. Well, we both know that's not true. This may or may not be true......depending on how drunk I get.
  9. I had a similar situation a few years back. My daighter called me and gave me the brief story and what was happening. I was there in 15 flat! Ours was some type of bullshit "sexting" going on and the police were called in and were threatening a dozen or so kids with bullshit "child pornography" charges unless they'd agree to let them search their phones. I laughed in their fucking faces and took my child home where she got an earful for being so fucking stupid. The school got stupid-er from there...and so did I. It was pretty funny once my attorney got involved. This whole thing was dropped like a bag of dirt. The superintendent's apologies for my "inconvienince" was hilarious. H'e such a fucvking twat. A typical "career educator" that thinks he's running some type of mob. Stop setting your hair on fire first. I'm getting tired of stomping it out!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Zambroski

    Rogan votes Bernie.

    Isn't it weird that being "reasonable" is considered a virtue now. Shouldn't it be a normal requirement? NOPE...not anymore. Her antics have started to wear thin on me the last month or so though. She's being forced to try too hard to stay relevant...and I find it unbecoming.
  11. Nobody cares about you because you are a weak simp. Trying to pretend or even act like you are anything else is all those around you and on these forums. You are the weak and stupid identified. That's it. So very few people experience any real true leadership. Your statement is an example of that. Now....take a seat and a deep breath...... Individuals with the weakest constitutions can be fooled the easiest. Manipulation is the "go-to" tool for faux leaders...and that's really what most politicians have become. If somebody looks to an elected political figure for leadership...well, they are one of the sheep looking for anyone to guide them. A politician should be a servant and representative to the people that elected them. They should serve ae a legislator, ambassador and representative of those people FIRST, and should be following the orders and requests of their constituents. Period. The weak have decided that they want them to be their leaders (and celebrities) and oh, how our fake leaders in DC have met these requests with relish and have capitalized on it for decades. The left have ushered in the weakest of these faux leaders and that's because they have the weakest of minds and represent the neediest of our nation and thus, are the easiest to manipulate. The right has taken notice with the usefulness of the left's manipulation game of Identity politics and now has started putting up their own fake leaders....but it's a bit of a tougher challenge for them as their base is still holding a deity of some sort as their highest power and a large portion of the right's constituants lack the hand-holding requirements that the left's "leaders" enjoy for manipulation. This makes the righties a more fickle and unruly bunch. The left have few of those "God" problems to deal with so their political figures can easily put themselves in those shoes (sandals) for their imbeciles needing guidance. Sheep are much less fickel so long as they are fed daily. The media serves this purpose well for all but nowhere better than the famished masses of sheep demanding fresh grazing daily.. The problem is, if their masters start goofing up the the Dems are doing so well now, it leads to chaos quickly and the right in DC are easily capitalizing on it. EASILY! I dumb is your fucking leadership right now? Mhmmmm.......our system is headed for a huge social breakdown over the divide DC has caused...and we're overdue. I'm not reviewing or spell checking this so...fuck off.
  12. I can probably believe they are both pretty high. But these numbers are arguable in the way they go about estimating them. The only real way is a legit WAIS test which is pretty well the standard for estimating IQ ranges.