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  1. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    He has the temperament but appeared weak and kinda dumb at times on stage. Even though he isn't. The R voters wanted something different, something strong, something to turn the liberal agenda back a bit and include them again. They wanted a "correction" back towards the middle right. Problem is, it's trying to be done too fast by somebody learning the DC Political establishment serves only itself directly. He's a fly in their ointment. And they need to kill the idea that a successful businessman that isn't a "rank and file" politician can get things done. Their jobs depend on it!!!! Example: I read Kid Rock has a 50/50 chance of defeating the incumbent. HOLY SHIT!!!
  2. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    Ok. Well done. See? Not that hard to have simple, rational conversations at times. No big "gotcha" moments. Just simple Q&A.
  3. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    "In transition". Ok, I'll buy that for what it's worth. Do you have somebody in there you hope they pick as your leader?
  4. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    I think he's figuring out it wasn't gonna be as easy as he thought. I think he's realizing who is of political value and who is not. He's also realizing that trying to fight the political industrial complex at every level is a losing one. Summary: He's learning the shit-hole politics our government plays. I just hope he realizes some battles cannot be won even though they are just.
  5. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    "Supported"? Past tense? Is that who you still support? Follow? I guess what I am asking is what leader in the Democratic Party do you follow now? Actually, anybody can chime in here.
  6. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    Well, he's not a democrat. I asked who you were following in the Democrat party?
  7. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    Just out of curiosity, who are you people following in the Democrat spectrum?
  8. You are after a breed that doesn't have much to work with though. And their cowardice is legendary. Just go with the decoy and shields thingy.
  9. It's not overtime. And he's not trying to legitimize anybody. He's trying to show you your side's blatant hypocrisy. I admire him for it...and thing he's a fool also. People without eyes cannot see. That may be Confucius. If not, I'll take it. Whew...mind boggling! If he quits, I hope the left can make up everything they want on him and try him for treason. He'll be in the same boat as Bernie as far as I'm concerned. Zero integrity.
  10. pig's blood.

    You're a pussy Nazi! And a snowflake! Ahhh....yep, now I'm getting this retard thread. General "Blackjack" Pershing. I'm all for it.
  11. Neo Nazis?

    Done. Poor MC. "Discuss".
  12. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    Brilliant? Why, thank you! Now, is that a level above your side's "intellectually elite" status or just under it? I want to get there. I'm buying up all the false sense of accomplishment, repugnance, fake outrage, sadness and intolerance that I can get my hands on. Is there like a Costco or something that sells it in bulk? I'm cleaning out local supplies and it seems as though it's never enough.
  13. Ok, I get that, but are hose the weak minds and bodies you are after? I mean, decoys and shields? Well, I guess it does give them a better purpose.
  14. I probably believe...or want to believe that as it proves integrity. However, it appears your side is getting awfully cozy with the liberal hoards that you've sworn off as fascist cowards. I'm starting to wonder about what your goals really are.
  15. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    "Speaks volumes". You are another sad and pretentious lib-twat that reads and comprehends only what you want to save your weak narrative. That's all. Now, please show me where any of your fellow twattery here has even condemned anything about Obama or Hillary. See my point? Now, go put it on your pea head. Go away little man.