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  1. Zambroski

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!11

    Dominator is a bit stickier but, worth the protection for hot engines. I had a bit of carbon build up too.
  2. Serious question, do you still have to pull the whole fucking jack shaft to get the secondary off?
  3. Look, we’re all very impressed with your ability to change windshields and hand guards but, stop pretending you do more than that. When was the last time you pulled your secondary? (Pssst....that’s the big round spinny looking thing that sits at the 2 o’clock position from the smaller round spinny looking thing on the left side of your sled. You’ll have to remove the plastics and guards to see it....consult your users manual). Faggot!
  4. Zambroski

    Brand New Preexisting

    Like I said, I’m not sorry. I’m also not sorry you are apparently a simple that is unable to comprehend anything but others wallowing in your sad little retard pool. We can have no real improvement until we deal with 1.) Personal fraud and irresponsibility 2.) Medical cost 3.) Insurance and hospital collusion. #1 is unachievable in America so, it doesn’t matter. Everything until then will be just another short term band aid leading back to the same fuckery we are in now with Obamacare.
  5. Zambroski

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!11

    LOL! Dominator sure does make a mess out of the exhaust valves...that’s for sure. Picked and rubbed clean as a whistle now...even with one being “tickled” up a bit.
  6. Why? There’s no other good way to look at it. I can now build it bigger, better, stronger, more powerful. Or pick and choose any of those. Or, use it as an opportunity (excuse) to get some new metal. This is called “motorsports”. Congrats to the winners. Names look familiar too!
  7. Zambroski

    Brand New Preexisting

    Don’t be sorry. I’m not sorry to you that I don’t jump in your TDS turd canoe as you slowly circle the drain.
  8. Zambroski

    Laughlin Desert Classic.

    Nice legs!!
  9. Zambroski

    Brand New Preexisting

    He fits right in perfectly with the rest of the DC career politicians who are absolutely out of touch and lost when it comes to healthcare premiums and expenses. How could they know anything? They’re all golden with the best our money can buy! I mean, who better deserves this?
  10. Oh, unlikely he’d move up either and after his performance at theIr debate...oh my. He got fucking Rick rolled by Liawatha? Jesus!!!! How do you let her roll you like a bitch? He’s in trouble.
  11. Zambroski

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!11

    Fuck, still going over my disaster with a fine tooth comb to see what might have caused the failure just in case I decide to build it back up again. It’s like trying to reenact a murder scene after a vampire/werewolf fight!!
  12. Agreed. There’s little chance somebody like Trump moves up with a proper board of directors within a Fortune 500......unless he owns majority stake.
  13. Zambroski

    Laughlin Desert Classic. just all twisted up in the Arizona rapture then. I can dig it.