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  1. Zambroski

    Kid is a hero

    @xtralettucetomatoe580's POG Leg ass would get that knot joke. Maybe. Faggot!
  2. Zambroski

    Kid is a hero

    That's why I like him. Ever see him tie a knot in a cherry stem? It's impressive. A full square with two half hitches!
  3. It might be worth it tho.... Just sayin'.
  4. Whatever makes you feel better. already do this. Now, go buff your tic tac sized nails on the end of your little barbie fingers.
  5. Zambroski

    Meme thread

    There. GOODER!
  6. Stop trying to make this shit up. My stories don't change because I don't lie. This is why you get tripped up so much on your own stories.
  7. Ok then. Go get'em tiger!!!!
  8. It's weird, dude...seriously.
  9. I let lose some details of a little "confrontation" I had one night at a local brewery. It was around the Kavenaugh hearings and somebody running their mouth a bit too loud. The brief story apparently scared the shit out of RevBetaBarbieHands so he keeps bringing it up in a way to make it not he feels better...I guess.
  10. I still don't see why they keep singling you out. Almost as if you were in bed with them at one time and decided that lifestyle wasn't for you. Now, they hate you for it. Is this true? Figuratively? Literally? If you slept with Tools...don't speak with me anymore.
  11. You are scared. You are a scared, bigoted, lying racist! Nothing has changed. You are just too stupid to keep up.
  12. Oh...his "heroizms" reached new highs under the libril charge!!! Of course, his hatred for Trump helped him just a smidge too. "Smidge".... The left would still be making fun of the way he moved his arms if he liked Trump at all. Fact.
  13. I don't know how you still manage to floor me with your idiotic lies. I think it's because you actually believe your shit.
  14. believe it. Because it's true...and you know it. But you can't admit it because, that's your bloody scalp particles under my fingernails...and the silence you hear when you walk into a room now. Pathetic liberal cowards. Liars to the end! Hoooray!