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  1. They are attached to my feet. And I need my feet for my Crocs.
  2. The Dems are making damn sure he doesn't up and start his own party. That's all this shit is. What a great little political party those Democrats have there. What a fucking abortion.
  3. Yeah....preserving the absolute corruptness. Dems really got caught cookin' the ol' bacon on this one that's for damn sure. Simmer down. Nobody likes an angry drunk.
  4. A little select Turkey (one cube please)...and super chill mode by a nice fire. Fuck...might sleep here!
  5. @ whole thread.
  6. I'm not sure but.....ummmm, are you flirting with us?
  7. They'd prefer you not use that "D" word. Their preferred term is "intellectually elite".
  8. Gonna show her how to change a lightbulb with a friend? You don't even need a ladder you big fucking oaf!!!
  9. I actually swung in a picked up a big fat meaty Papa Johns pizza! Fuck it, been working pretty hard last couple days on a boat house "remodel"...figured I could cheat the diet a bit. Look, "powers that be" said they couldn't tear down the old boat house and build one in the same spot (had to move it 75 feet back from the water). can "fix it and improve it". So, we're building one around it anchored to the foundation then we'll tear out the old one from the inside when everyone has lost interest in trying to keep up. Where there's a will, there's a fucking way bitches!!!
  10. Well fuck! Did you go by way of the intergalactic highway or what??? What took so fucking long?
  11. This is a "no duh" moment. Dems couldn't get over their butt-hurt and decided to go with the "we'd like to fry in a nuke blast" option instead of taking a look at the future ramifications. So fuck them and their smarmy repugnance.
  12. 1st: As am I. And I'm pretty liberal. I'm just not "A librul", the spineless bunch of cowardly, lying name calling, whiners that I consider them. But please, feel free to categorize, label and demonize me for having different viewpoints. How's that working out for your side? Good? On your edit: I already have. Actually, I think I went with the "freak of nature" comment. And I've actually said similar to other gay couples we know. And still....we all get along fine. In fact, we enjoy the shit out of each other. Always lots of laughs. Plan to see the fresh gay newlyweds on the 4th. I'm trying to find a gallon of KY Jelly to give them. Seriously. See, shows what you know. I am who I am and they can chose to accept me or not, and I can do the same. Turns out we both accept each other for who we are. Imagine that! Shut the fuck up. We all know you weren't born with any equipment at all. Or anything in which to control it if you had it. Just a freak brainless squid.
  13. Look lady, there is absolutely. nothing in this universe you can say to make me see it as anything other than nature shooting off some freaks. NOTHING. It is what it is. It's male or female. If one wasn't given the right chromo's at the appropriate time, or failed to develop physically and mentally, well that's it. It's the abomination-deformation bus waiting at the stop for ya! At least I admit gays or whatever can't help it. I do think they were born that way. So, I think we're done here unless you want to waste more time with me. Ironically, a couple of lesbians that live down the street just came by to chat it up earlier today. Nice people. I think they are after my wife! Oh, and why do you think the bathrooms they use is now auch a big deal? What did they do before? Again, going quietly about their business. Not like now. "ACCEPT ME OR ELSE!!!"
  14. See, that's where you and "your kind" are fucked up. Stop shoving your need for cast acceptance of your mentel disorders on everyone else. Just do your fucking thing and shit the fuck up about it. Wanna be a target? Keep making all the noise in the world. Just don't hate everyone else when you get out in the crosshairs. "Love me, accept me, don't be predjudicial.....but I want to be treated special and you'd all BETTER DO SO!!!" Fuck off.