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  1. You don't own a sled.
  2. Solid score....even in the summer!
  3. Lots of empty seats at the Joe. That's weird.
  4. Liberal brain eating worms were hungry that day. But again, he's better than what they had or what they have. I mean LOOK AT WHAT THEY HAVE NOW...HOLY MOLY!
  5. It's all he has. There are some really funny moments out there that somebody just gets treated like a bitch. This was one of my favorites from last year.
  6. Well, that's politics. I'd love to hear what he really had to say about her. I bet it is far from a ringing endorsement. Same with his thoughts on Obama. But I could be wrong too...I just have a feeling based on some of his sound clips and the looks on his face during some awkward moments (that weren't his).
  7. That's what makes it so funny to me. Hint: the ones that are less clever are the ones that just want to drop'em and go. They aren't being paid for their word wizardry,
  8. Not really defending him. He was still the #2 guy in an amazingly inept administration. Just saying he was the best choice for the Dems and probably could have kept that party from driving themselves off the cliff. They essentially ran him off. He doesn't fit their mold of a divisive hate spewing, blaming leader they and their voters want. I think he's a decent dude....well, for a Dem anyway.
  9. Well, of course he said that. Honestly though....I don't think he really thought that much of Obama. Obama was who he was....a weak leader and a good speech reader. I don't think Biden was happy with the direction of the Dems in the last four and the lies they put out there And that's why he bailed when clearly he knew he could have won the nomination from the Dems. Meh...doesn't matter now.
  10. Not sure if any of you ever played but that shit in the scrums and little "man holding" contests on the ice are hilarious. Can't really fight in "beer leagues" or school hockey without getting tossed but I sure loved the shit talking part. I think I was pretty good at it too. Hockey players are the best fucking shit talking agitators in the world.
  11. What a movie! Classic!
  12. I thought he was the best chance for a reasonable Democratic side though. He spoke out several times on the liberal's wasting of time. He had a lot of reason and sense about a lot of the issues dividing the country. Sure....still some whack jobbery, but look what they put up. I mean OMG. What a fucking train wreck that party has become. I do not want complete one party rule. Too bad it seems they are gonna be unable to get their shit together. They really need some leadership. I have yet to see one reasonable thinking person on that side that will admit HONESTLY why they lost in such historic fashion. They are probably there, but are run out as soon as they fail to follow the blame narrative. Biden spoke about this too. Again, not perfect....but either is Trump. And Hillary? Good grief. And I thought they could never top Obama...PRESTO! I was wrong.
  13. God I miss real hockey.