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  1. The Savannah area is nice. Just too fucking hot. Kill myself hot.
  2. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Good one. You pick that "skill" up during your ride with SeRena? Good grief. Couple of retard bobbers heading down the trail no knowing what to do....or where to go. Jesus. Probably thought you two were SMOKIN' THAT TRAIL too!!!!!! Talk about some awkward moments for those witnessing you two at pit stops.
  3. the girls....

    I followed pretty well until that boomerang line hit me in the back of the head at the end. WUT? Oh, and "fat hymie ass"...made me piss my tighties.
  4. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    You two need some time alone? Hey Anler Locks, you can pad your seat with a pillow and ride bitch while Tater Crashy rides it into the drink! FUN!
  5. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    "Percentages". It's about the economy, stupid. AND grew in spite of Obama...NOT EVEN REMOTELY BECAUSUE OF HIM.
  6. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I'm thinking you can't grasp 7th grade reading comprehension...or, just imagine words and thoughts as you stumble through letters grouped together into words and sentences. Right. now.....go find a pillow for your "too hard" sled seat. Anler Locks.
  7. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Here it is. x=some.
  8. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    "Immigration thread"...and narrative twist. Damn...can you at least make an attempt to make it look like your not twisting the whole subject matter to make a narrative change to protect your idiot king? Try...I'll give you some credit. But this? Naa.
  9. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Naww....Slinger was correct. You fucked the pooch on that sled deal. No way you couldn't have. Those fuckers were out to squander your 4th amendment rights!!! FO SHO!!!
  10. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    "had no hand in it..." Ewwww.....creepy sinister!!!!! Tell me something, Tater. Is the United States out to get all of us? Or just you? I'm gonna have to go back and visit @Snoslinger Paypal comments again...he may have been on to something with you.
  11. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Depends on his policies. I don't completely blame Bush for what happened at the end of his and I don't listen to people that do. Because I'm not a fucking idiot.
  12. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Poor Ben and Analer. You boys enjoy!!!