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  1. Board librulz say: "Oh yeah, well..Joe said he would beat up Trump 50 years HORAY!!!" Imbecilic weak cowardly fucking milquetoast beta cucks say whut?
  2. Spot On Proof......

    No question about it. I did catch some "Morning Joe" the other morning and thought Mika was gonna lose her mind LITERALLY on camera when Obama's last lackey wouldn't admit to her claim that Trump was ruining America. The camera actually had to pull away from her. I thought she was walking off the stage...and might have been. I laughed and lauged and laughed.
  3. Took long enough.

    Bingo! On one hand for the librul media, he was another officer to be vilianized, ostrasized AND charged for murder. But on the other, he was a black muslim to be protected in the warm embraces of the librul bosom. It was just too gut wrenching for liberals to deal with appropriately.
  4. Spot On Proof......

    Maddow and Lemmon told him to. It’s all legit!
  5. School shooting in MD

    Back n the day this was all solved with a few fists and a few days suspension/detention. Now, any mention of “settling up” results in expulsion. I guess some figure, if they are gonna be expelled anyway, may as well go out “with a bang”. (Pun) Liberal madness. “Our children WILL all love each other and treat each other with respect or pay the consequences”. It’s as though we are a breed other than human to them. A breed where everyone wins and there is no challenges or diversities to overcome. Everybody wins! Rainbows and kittens for everyone!
  6. So............

    Actually, I think “scooter” was the one that told me when I first signed up that TBP is a “SR free site”! He’s just following along with all but one forum that he’s infected with his “needle moving”. It just makes sense to keep the worthless burning shit off the doorstep.
  7. Just for clarification...

    Yep. It was quite simple actually. The first mention of “guns” had you gyrating out of your liberal seat and stopped your brain from understanding anything else. SBYL. “Near the same.” Well done, Neal.
  8. Fox News

    Another “Damn Fox News” thread by the desperate liberal fascists. I LOVE IT!!!!
  9. I don’t think they will. I’d say you are about to go on their “list” but, WB has long since submitted your name so.....
  10. Spot On Proof......

    Like I said. Stale as fuck. Moronic also. R’s are raising record funds. How’s your party doing?
  11. I’m not sure here but, I think you just offended a lot of people in figure skating by using “male” to describe a gender.
  12. Spot On Proof......

    The site libs are just getting as stale as their party and their media. They know it’s over and there is nothing they can do about it. We are witnessing the last gasps for breath is all. They are just as helpless as they ever were....and they are now realizing it, again. Dem party...still broke as dick and actively looking for their next benefactor (buyer).
  13. Spot On Proof......

    DAMN FOX NEWS!!!! ”buzzfeed”
  14. Tool kit. Ask to see the tool kit!!!!!!!