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  1. Zambroski

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    They come with tons of gnar for real men. Stay in your lane tho... Poo-laiders are just like their brand....they suck. ”Got me a four year warranty!!! That’s three new engines!!!”
  2. Zambroski

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    Hey, what’s up with that “Extreme trail performance” model? Does it come with padded Klim gear in 3XL?
  3. Zambroski

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    on the name but, glad you agree on the rest.
  4. Zambroski

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    No...from know, where Poo's are made. I was just pointing it out. He's a die hard Poo guy. He's had three since 2014. And now, six engines! How ya figure that, Batman? Cat still has the most reliable mil in the business. This is what I see as recommended top end rebuilds over the past 10 years or so, culminating with recent years. For the record, on two strokes, there are NONE i wouldn't drop new slugs in at 5k miles. Poo- 2500-3500 miles (Pre 2015 with "reliability kits" installed @ 1000-1500 miles) Doo- 3500-4500 miles Cat -5k or so.
  5. Zambroski

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    My buddies just went down last weekend. 2019 850, 2700 or so miles. Hell, that’s a good run for a Poo mil if you ask me.
  6. Zambroski

    Arctic cat snow x helmet and goggles

    I’m just not sure if I’d want my head in anything yours was in! EITHER HEAD! Nice set up and good price tho!
  7. Zambroski

    New Doos'

    I love that side profile.
  8. Zambroski

    Broken/Bruised jaw, who's had one?

    Good to hear he’s ok.’s the kind of sharp pain that makes you close your eyes and freeze as your whole body tingles. There’s zero question you know something is really wrong.
  9. Zambroski

    Broken/Bruised jaw, who's had one?

    Valid point.
  10. Zambroski

    Garage Heater for Home

    Decided to fire mine up in these temps to see what it would do. In 30 mins it got the garage to 65 degrees. Not bad....but my dumb ass forgot to close up the stairway so.... Also, since I've insulated and wrapped my garage tight, it will only get to between 10-20 degrees overnight on coldest days...that's with no heat on at all. So far, this little unit is treating me well for what I wanted.
  11. Zambroski

    Garage Heater for Home

    You know, I haven’t tried to heat the garage in really cold temps yet. I’ll try it tomorow and see how it does.
  12. Zambroski

    Garage Heater for Home

    It’s an outside vent so, not much moisture should be coming from that unit. I have a torpedo I ran at times last year and just spewed vapor.
  13. Zambroski

    Garage Heater for Home

    I picked up this Mr. Heater unit last summer. ~$400 I think. I believe it’s 50k BTU. My garage is currently 28x36, 8’ 5” walls with an upstairs that I’ve closed off for winter. R-19 in the walls and ceiling and vapor barrier sealed tight. In about 20 minutes it can go from 10-20 degrees to ~65and sustain it easily. I only run it when I need the garage warm. The only moisture problems I am seeing so far is just excess from snow on vehicles and my sled. Otherwise, it stays dry.
  14. Zambroski

    Garage Heater for Home

    Yeah. But I can crack a window on both sides and it dries up pretty quick. I think a bit more venting is fine.
  15. Zambroski

    Garage Heater for Home

    My heater vents out plus, I put in additional venting. But, I still have some problems when the cars and sled get loaded up with snow. I don’t have enough venting to extract the moisture. Going to add another high flow vent. Prolly gonna rig up a “squirrel cage” of some sort for high flow.