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  1. Helmets

    Yeah....and all motoX style come with mohawks.
  2. Helmets

    I think the same folks that many Fly also manu the 509's. I think there's actually only 5 or 6 that make helmets for everyone but the big players (Arai, Shoei, etc). They just put whosever name on it after the shell mold and design. Still, nice lid! I've got a CF 509 but looking at getting a newer one.
  3. Arctic Cat Low Black Windshield.

    Non-smoker. Low miles. Old lady drove to market every Sunday. Not perfect because it has a small line in the bottom where a decal used to be. I tried to enhance the second pic to show it. Part # 6606-702 Should fit 14-18 models. Check your model to ensure. Make offer..or not.
  4. House build

    Looking good, Nightfire! The house..not the kid. That would be creepy! I love making home improvements. Problem I've noticed is, when I am "done" I want to sell. Taking my time on my current house.
  5. 2016 Axys Pro-s stock front shock springs

    He can't ride for shit. He's a come out of the corner at 8 miles per hour with the ski in full lift, then pin it down the straight type-o-guy. I bet his supension settings are so fucked up from left to right and front to back it's a wonder the sled doesn't just flip over at idle.
  6. 2016 Axys Pro-s stock front shock springs

    Awesome! I think that split between the S and X is a good upgrade. Put these on HCS too....probably be gone in a day. I've sold all my shit there in a week!
  7. 2016 Axys Pro-s stock front shock springs

    Going with heavier springs?
  8. Team Tied/Bikeman Clutch Kit Arctic Cat

    Clutch sold.
  9. Team Tied/Bikeman Clutch Kit Arctic Cat

    Yeah...pretty ridiculous.
  10. Currently set up for the 800. Includes: Team Tied Clutch w/floater plug...ready to bolt on Installed with a 66-56, 64-54 dual helix and BMP 140-200 spring. (~6-700 miles on it) Gold Star weights w/~500 miles on them 140-300 primary spring. $500 OBO. I'd also consider seperating these items. If you don't know what any of these things do or understand clutching...but just want some stupid fun performance...just PM me and I'll help out.
  11. New sleds???/

    Shhhhh.....we're trying out some new formats. Hope you don't mind. Their deals are just crazy the last couple of years. I do my business with them also. Great group there.
  12. 2011 Polaris 800 assault

  13. 2011 Polaris 800 assault

    Sometimes these little "quirks of fear" that circulate among sledders makes for some really good deals out there. I stole my 13 Cat with 300 miles on it probably due to clutching/belt fears (and him being in Iowa). Who cares? I put all new Team clutching in it that I wanted anyway. Still way ahead! And now Bulletproof! Except me somehow frying the VR and ECM during one of my tear down upgrade processes. I forget that a lot of people don't know shit about wrenching on anything much less power sports shit. Popping some new pistons in is nothing if you have even a small incling of mechanical ability. Ever ride with somebody that doesn't know how to change their own belt? Or change a fucking fuse or fucking lightbulb for that matter. Morons.
  14. I may do a couple of 120+ mile days. But not in a row. Maybe three or four over the winter. And I'm sure I'll hate my sled and myself at the end of each one. So, I guess my answer is "no". No big touring trips. But I will be fascinated by all your guys cool pictures.
  15. New sleds???/

    Agreed! Prolly a lot of people in you area (or other lower snowfall areas) that Bragg that shit up standing over their machines to their friends/neighbors. Like SeReana does. Nobody rides so he talk shit like he is a boondocking god. Up here, there's always snow...and everyone I know has a sled. So.....shit talking gets put to the test a lot. Ask the ones from there that come up here for our famous "Brisk Rides".