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  1. Zambroski

    Calm the fuck down sisqo!

    Meh...already lost interest.
  2. I remember the R’a going off the deep end about Obama when he was elected. Whew! That was laughable tame compared to the Libs completely being unhinged now.....and somehow, finding new ways to become even more “unhingier”. OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS INSANE!!!!! ...all the while (and still): no plan, no message, no leadership, no ideas and still BROKE AS HELL. Astonishingly foolish.
  3. Hurting feelings. Don't laugh it off. Snowflakes take this seriously.
  4. Simmer down a smidge. Your idiot king is insulated. Your party won’t have a POTUS for around 12 years....that’s all.
  5. Zambroski

    Calm the fuck down sisqo!

    Super secret FaceBook link for the elite social media perusers!!!!!!!1 How about some type of cut-and-paste for those of us that can't log into a FB account because we aren't flamers...Hmmmmmm????
  6. Zambroski

    Would ya look at that

    Mueller has Rev in the loop. Indictments tomorrow. If not tomorrow then....SOON!!!!!!!!!
  7. Zambroski

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    Post 3 or 4 I believe.
  8. On many levels, actually. Many feel that immigrant assimilation into American society is optional. We have the only citizens in the world that feel this way. That’s also why illegal immigration is also no big deal to many. “When in Rome....”
  9. It would be except you missed the comedic irony in his post directed at you. Or, maybe I misread it. IDK, this is all real greazeball shit.
  10. Zambroski

    Homeless stats

    Holy shit.
  11. Zambroski

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    Another perfectly decent sled related thread...SHOT TO HELL!!!!
  12. Zambroski

    Homeless stats

    Oh, you didn’t hurt me feelings a smidge. It’s adorable you think you can though. ”I know contractors that aren’t expanding to MN and I went there once...MN is no place for me or businesses!!!” Well done! I am so grateful WI serves as our buffer to you nitwits. Whew!! Who learned that?
  13. Zambroski

    Homeless stats

    I don’t give a flying fuck what your relationship with Ben all. That was weird. “Scary” long cold winters keep the pussies out of MN....unless of course they are being “sponsored”. Like I said, I’ve been to and lived in enough other states to know what is here. I’m staying. And fucking besides...You like Florida and live in Indiana....and claim Chicago as home!!!! Snowpussy has more credibility in reviewing sled products than you have credibility of geographic state offerings. Ok...that was a stretch. But it’s the analogy that should alert you.