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  1. Zambroski

    Bernie is spineless

    It’s been excellent watching the Dems “final solution” take place. Biden is their guy....the rest can either play ball and make it look legitimate or, they’ll be written out of the script in dramatic fashion. Bernie and Liawatha got “punked” on stage and neither was smart enough to even see it coming!!!
  2. LOL!!! BarbieHands shows up as some type of white knighted imbecile to help out what he thinks is his team and.....everyone abandons the thread. Poor Tools lyte!
  3. Nope. Just because EVERY gathering of you simple pussies is a cry-a-thon doesn’t mean normal people do it too.
  4. All deaths can be made humorous....if you work hard enough. I bet I haven’t ridden on a lake/stream in five plus years. Maybe more.
  5. Zambroski

    global warming

    Nobody gives a fuck about you. You clowning chubby little liar. Tell me you wear a Lance Armstrong bracelet! I bet when you squeeze into that fabletic biking gear it’s like watching sausage getting stuffed into its casings.
  6. Why the fuck are you upset now? This isn’t even your debt? I think people that worry about shit they have no control over are bizarre. Not only that but, worry about something that has NEVER....NEVER, EVER caused a financial crises. “Muh.... but, it’s coming!!!!!!!!” Well that and all kinds of other shit that is going to doom the entire human race IF WE DON’T DO SOMETHING. NOW! MOeR Tackzes!!!!!! pffft.....some need to be cleaning up their own filthy backyards and quit worrying about the neighborhood.
  7. I don’t have to focus on that you dummy! I do that naturally. What the fuck is wrong with your system?
  8. As I prepare to lie awake at night, once again, and fret about the budget and natty debt........ I’m also concerned about the rings around Saturn growing increasingly denser....but I’ll focus on that tomorrow night.
  9. Buncha race traitin’ Uncle Tom negroes right there!!!!
  10. I literally don’t know what you are crying about with this. Is this another of your footballs being tossed into the Boston Harbor thingy what? Clown.
  11. It’s ok. He’ll sadly just be used as a decoy. I should have worn a hat. Wtf?
  12. What are you looking for or, what is your first choice (year model)? I’ll hep!!!!