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  1. Yeah. My wife thinks she can save the world. I just smh. I like cats but this is a it much in the winter when they can't go out. Always causing a mess when they can't go outside. Like little fucking monkeys! Oh..this is our rodent and small wildlife management control team! Swift and deadly...little fuckers!
  2. The fat little dickheads...
  3. Zambroski

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    I find this sadly true. Let’s melt it down and start over.
  4. We should all be ashamed. It was the perfect storm though. WORTH IT! "Just straigten the ski out a little bit each day." WHoop ass!!!1
  5. Zambroski

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    Yep. Both sides do this shit but right now the left is unhinged with the "...but if they were in our shoes...they'd do the same." It's almost as if Obama wasn't POTUS for eight fucking years! Fucking unhinged idiocy. Sooner or later, it's gonna boil over. The boys from "Duck Dynasty" are gonna pair up with the "Proud Bois" and this shit is gonna go south down shit river in a quick way towards the Crooked Librul Ranch over by Blood Bute!!!
  6. Zambroski

    Great start!

    AYYYYYMEN! Cuntz!
  7. Zambroski

    Last one, I promise

    "Tell this fucking worthless fucking nigger to get his hand off my arm!"
  8. Zambroski

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    People don't remember but the R's had a heckuva time getting him to sign on. I think he is definitely willing to compromise to get stuff done. It's not him that's holding up the deals tho.... Oh, he most definitely finds this appropriate.
  9. I think you should be prepared for another dog. That's how we got this last one...she was "just lookin' around." POOF! Here he is in all his retarded glory! Hey...we got a little guy like that too! Call him "Brown Bear". We'll lose him's gettin' time for the poor fella. Had a helluva life before we got him. Agreed.
  10. Yep. It’s all silly. Look at em go!!!
  11. Zambroski

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    Thanks Obama! Fucking moron.
  12. Zambroski

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    It's weird. It's like they are so happy but are trying not to be happy because they know this isn't good for them...but they are still so happy...and sad...and mad and dum.