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  1. Maybe they can all just share the presidency? Don't laugh.
  2. But he started it!!!
  3. So did he.
  4. Man! And I thought the R primaries were entertaining! No fucking way I'm missing this idiot show!
  5. He bought him for a bag of tangerines from this guy. Fair and square. Beaver Alla Achmed:
  6. I honestly do not see one prominent Dem right now that would stand any type of chance. The typical DEM household names are polarizing as hell. The Dems gotta unfuck themselves first...and I don't think they've even hit bottom yet. It's a damn retard clown show over there.
  7. Ohhh......your trying to "sugar cookie" me now.
  8. And that's a big ol' fat OWNED!
  9. Just stop.
  10. It's not enough they turn it onto a 3 hour movie but the actually cut parts out of the movie to add more commercials in the time spot. WTF? I watched something a few weeks ago and they cut out a shit load of good parts. Amazing.
  11. Some of the lesser minds here that have trouble with reading comprehension and REFUSE to be personally humiliated because of it have chosen "ignore" as their battle winning strategy. Think about it. I gotta be honest though, I thought much more of you.
  12. Well, you gonna explain it or what nigger?
  13. You sound like Ballsack now. "It's just politics," ...nothing to see here. Course, that was him before the election. Oooops!