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  1. ArcticCrusher

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I used to do that when I kept the sleds at home in the garage. Wife hated the smell.
  2. Some names coming out although media has a publication ban. Not sure of source validity. Some Muslim shops are also being burned in retaliation. What a shitshow.
  3. But they did, maybe, a thousand years ago, so all equal.
  4. I noticed we somehow got cross contaminated by unrelated bs. Just happened to be Joel's.
  5. ArcticCrusher

    Dumb Drug Ford isn’t good at math

    Its on gas, electricity, natural gas etc etc and everything that uses them. Poor RevBeta.
  6. A Jew racist? How's this? It could be someone else, but unlikely.
  7. Maybe you can go there for your next thrill seeking vacation. I'm sure there will be good deals while they renovate.
  8. We'll look at that, somebody did wake him up.
  9. Intel must be wrong.
  10. Using suicide bombs even. Must be copycats.
  11. Most of the attacks were by suicide bombers. Doesn't take much to connect the dots.
  12. Good god man, it's a targeted terrorist attack on Christians by radical Muslims.
  13. Somebody wake up Trudeau, he's the only world leader (joke) who hasn't commented condemning this terrorist act.
  14. Thunder thighs Ms. Magenta. Likely the most competent in Trudeau's entire cabinet. Enough said.
  15. ArcticCrusher

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    The bong is strong in you
  16. "Climate Barbie". Trudeau does like to surround himself with really dumb ones. I guess it's to try make himself look smarter.
  17. ArcticCrusher

    Summertime snowmobile

    You know those are really starting to grow on me. Can't see the wife on the back of one though, but can definately see her riding shotgun in this. I would be cool in either.
  18. ArcticCrusher

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    I figure you'll be on the bong early today.
  19. ArcticCrusher

    George Conway Calls For Impeachment

    Definitely not aging well.