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  1. Good grief. Lol.
  2. After the accountant has had his day.
  3. Cause you have no clue. He pays the same tax rate as everyone else.
  4. Oh believe me I know full well what it means since I live it, I really don't think you have a clue. So tell the class, what does Joe pay to the government having a small business (incorporated) with a 100K net income from his business? He has the choice to leave it in the company or take it out?
  5. Free scripts for kids who most don't need them. Winning.
  6. You should read up on his tax plan and what it means for Canada. Your hero is going in the wrong direction. Oh and we don't agree. Tell me how Joe with business income of say 100K net is paying the lowest taxes overall.
  7. You're actually paying taxes on them?
  8. Low income earners pay no taxes already, you want to give them more?
  9. Right now? Right now USA is looking at serious growth from Trump's tax cutting plan. You think taxing the wealth creators will grow the economy? Canada's biggest problem right now will be the USA tax cuts, not trade, that is small time. Poor Joe deck builder, but if you added them all up, they are the ones who drove the Canadian economy over the past years. Thanks for nothing. On the bold, look at personal taxes. They both go together.
  10. Very true.
  11. So you are prospering from the small and medium sized business tax incentives? Not really sure what you are trying to say? Open up your wallet fail and let the rest of us know how things are ripe for business investment according to the Trudeau way.
  12. Tax breaks to stimulate business and investment is good, there is zero of that with Trudeau, tt least Trump understands this. Trudeau likes to punish success and yes new business investment is very low, what a surprise. Fail, are you taking your $800 tax refund and doing anything useful with it? I doubt it, but unless some step up to the plate, its a lost cause regardless of how you try to spin it.
  13. You know why they call them Dago's? Cause Dago wherever you go.
  14. Fail has missed the point big time.