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  1. Losing is the new winning. Where have you been bro?
  2. Well this thread got weard in a gay way.
  3. Ben, Lets have this conversation in a few years when she gets older. Maybe CKF can mark it? lol. You are always shaping a kid. Most don't mature until their frontal lobes fully developed and that don't occur until many are 22.
  4. They will likely be more receptive of their friends opinions. Good luck. I went through this and it wasn't easy but came out great,
  5. So have you told your kids that weed is completely harmless? Cause its not.
  6. Something you wish to share?
  7. Let us all know what what the first drug your kids use then.
  8. No, Canada is going to have other as another selection for passport gender.
  9. I am pretty sure the first drug an addict encountered was weed.
  10. How old are your kids Ben? We will see how you think when they get to about 14. I really don't care what adults do since they are adults, but last I checked we have a major drug problem in both the USA and Canada and I'm pretty sure if we took a survey of the first drug most addicts took it would the one you claim is harmless. I would throw the book at anyone who sells to minors. I have zero sympathy for their excuses.
  11. Well now you are a grown up and need to say the same for your kids. Who cares who is selling them what right. I would run both those POS faggots over with my car.