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  1. ArcticCrusher

    Dow 26,000:

    No reason to shit ones pants just yet.
  2. ArcticCrusher

    Dow 26,000:

    And GICs.
  3. ArcticCrusher

    New temporary dog

    Dogs love free run day cares, at least mine do. Would never board them in a caged Kennel.
  4. ArcticCrusher

    Dow 26,000:

    Wonderful insight from from a couple of betas. Stay clear.
  5. Well he can't curl, at least not with those limp wrists.
  6. ArcticCrusher

    Fake president....

    Yup and TDS hits without warning.
  7. ArcticCrusher

    Fake president....

    For sure, but its fun nevertheless.
  8. ArcticCrusher

    Dow 26,000:

    Not if he's desperately pulling beta cash out of said beta Inc.
  9. ArcticCrusher

    Dow 26,000:

    Prescribed rate loans for $500 Alex.
  10. ArcticCrusher

    Dow 26,000:

    How are cashable GICs doing?
  11. ArcticCrusher

    Lying Donald

    The new temps must be coming in with higher skills, now it only takes 4 mins instead of the target 5 to train them.
  12. Nobody is going to win a real war. US being able to blow the planet up 1000x does nothing when the enemy accomplishes the same with just 1x.