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  1. I don't think they could lower themselves to the dumb fuck union leads.
  2. Skilled trades need a union?
  3. That's not the point when you are forced to join a union as part of employment is it?
  4. ArcticCrusher

    global warming

    Constanza gets owned.
  5. ArcticCrusher

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Why you still riding old iron again?
  6. Damn right they should. Not everyone wants to be dragged down by the status quo.
  7. Not anymore.
  8. Why is Iran still refusing to send the black boxes to France.
  9. How are they supposed to keep up with funding if she blabs that shit?
  10. ArcticCrusher

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Nice. How far west to you go.
  11. Yup cause those other people's success is whats holding back mine.
  12. ArcticCrusher

    global warming

    Yay really.
  13. ArcticCrusher

    global warming

    They're packing my trails.