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  1. This cop did nothing wrong. The other two in the video I posted, They are fucking idiots and they give good cops a bad name
  2. Which one? The first two had no right to pull the guy from his car.
  3. Um that would be fine if from day one they explained this. Oh but wait your side along with the msm claimed we were conspiracy nut jobs were wearing tinfoil hats.
  4. WOW Here it is the MSM all ready has its robots repeating what they are selling. I’d say I’m shocked or suprised but I’m not either. That was easier then they thought it was going to be
  5. jtssrx

    Homeless stats

    You have changed in the last 6 months. You carry a lot of anger. There is no slicing this any other way. The shittiest shit holes around are Democrat run. High crime, lots of violence, gangs, and low incomes. What have democrats done in 50 years to fix this issue? Oh I know offer more government hand outs.
  6. jtssrx

    Homeless stats

    Way to lay out the facts