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  1. The only low IQ person on the site is you!!! You’re responces to are either emojis Dumper Or Dumpster. You’re a full on retard. And a pussy ass bitch who crys to the site mods which is hilarious in my f itself
  2. Dude is a fraud who Went AWOL multiple times and as seen here is a paid actor
  3. You know what’s funny you and I would mist likely be buddys if we hung out. Neither of us put up with peoples bullshit and we say it like it is. I honestly have nothing against you
  4. The Ambiguously Gay duo rides again
  5. I never argued it was flat but spin it anyway you want tool
  6. Teaming up with Snowrider lmao 😂 you just lost your credibility card
  7. jtssrx

    No trannys in the military

    The only thing I wonder about is with the high suicide rates of Military and Transgenders was this a concern?
  8. jtssrx

    No trannys in the military

    It's a mental disorder. Sorry Charlie