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  1. Skidude600

    Shipping out!!

    Thanks Zam. I appreciate the info.
  2. Skidude600

    Shipping out!!

    Thanks, Ben. You and I probably agree on more than you think.
  3. Skidude600

    Shipping out!!

    "Horizontal construction engineer". Heavy equipment operator. Road construction, air fields, etc. At least that's what they are telling him, but I'm sure if they have a need elsewhere.... Not quite sure how that works, but he's a soldier first. I'm sure Zam could tell me more about all that.
  4. Skidude600

    Shipping out!!

    Thanks for that slap in the face Ben. Makes me feel so much better. I only hope that your child/children do everything you tell them and listen to all your warnings. I'm sure your father was happy with all your choices, but at the end of the day it was his choice.
  5. Skidude600

    Shipping out!!

    You guys kill me. Would it make a difference in your opinion if your son or daughter were one of the 3500? My son leaves for boot the end of the month and while I'm proud of the man he is, the escalation in the ME is making me very uneasy. I don't give a shit what any of you think of me or call me for that matter. I'm a parent first.
  6. Skidude600

    Knives out

    Sounds like you guys were meant for each other....
  7. Tool kit...... Bahahahahahahaha!!!! Good one...... Snowflake.
  8. So he would be your hero today if he had criticized them. Got it......
  9. Yup. I was one of those critics. Amazing how your opinions change when you edumacate yourself.
  10. Not allowed to speak the truth without there being some kind of consequence.
  11. Skidude600

    Exactly how will Iran retaliate?

    Whether they do anything remains to be seen, however the U.S. does not need to send more troops over there. This is just what our enemies want. More targets. We have no friends over there.
  12. Skidude600

    Stay Classy Bama Fans

    For some reason I pictured Barbs in the knifing in England thread. Wow!!
  13. Skidude600

    Truck tire thread

    Will do
  14. Skidude600

    Truck tire thread

    Just under 25K miles.
  15. Skidude600

    Truck tire thread

    Not silly at all. Like I said I was a BFG fanboy until a buddy of mine told me about the Toyo's. That and I was pissed that I couldn't seem to keep my last set of BFG's balanced. One thing I cant stand is tire vibrations while I'm on a road trip. On top of that they wore terrible and I think I got 40k miles out of them. Time for something new.