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  1. What happened to Mexico paying for the wall?
  2. I retired a 30yr old Ariens last year sold it for $400 still running great, I got a Ariens Deluxe 28 on sale for $1350. So far it has been a great machine. We have a Husky at work it has had a few issues but the biggest problem is its a belt eating bitch.
  3. Ariens, Home Depot and Cummins Small Engine on Marion sell them.
  4. Zach Parise out 6-8 weeks with broken sternum as reported by TSN.Tyler Ennis drawing in tonight.
  5. Here's how Winnipeg acquired tonight's lineup. Not a single NHL FA signing. Unbelievable job by Cheveldayoff and his scouting staff:Draft - Draft - TradeDraft - Trade - DraftDraft - Draft - TradeDraft - Draft - College FADraft - DraftTrade - TradeDraft - TradeDraft
  6. Gotaf7


    Most of Momo ran down the crack of his mothers hairy ass!
  7. Gotaf7

    ios 11

    If you still have the original box, box it up and take it back to the any Apple store.....tell them you are to fucking stupid to own an IPhone.
  8. Sounds like Trump has a hold of her pussy!
  9. Gotaf7

    Want to water lawn for 24 hours.

    Aerate overseed and top dress it, keep it moist by watering a couple times a day for about 10 days.