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    Calgary Stampede

    Lol. Anyone who says they haven’t fucked a fatty is a liar
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    RIP Gord Downie

    Great Canadian icon gone way too young
  3. Skidood

    Twinrix ?

    Just returned from a Caribbean vacation.. ..we all did the twinrix vaccine and dukoral drink. Like was said a few posts ago, a tainted ice cube or brush your teeth accidentally with some tap water and you're shitting your pants for a week. Both were recommended by the doctor and people who travel alot.
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    SOLD. Thanks Jesse, Good to meet ya!
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    PM sent
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    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Thanks! And good to know as I thought it would be legal seeing as the other seadoo can be to the person in the water quicker than I can turn and get back. Thanks for this thread, a lot of great info in here!
  7. Skidood

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    odot1, I have a question regarding towing using a PWC. I have a 3 seater seadoo and I realize driver, spotter and 1 spot to "rescue" person being towed. Sometimes I will tow 2 people on 2 tubes or 2 kneeboards and have another 3 seater seadoo following to be the "rescue" vessel. Does having the 2nd seadoo make this legal? Thanks
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    Why does this place suck balls now?

    Not much action here and you guys already bounced the main cancer
  9. ESPN has confirmed he passed away.....RIP
  10. Skidood

    Boat issues- **PROBLEM SOLVED- thanks

    Are you running with last years gas?
  11. Skidood

    Gord Downie won't be down for breakfast....

    No luck.. ..fuckin' arseholes
  12. Skidood

    auto transmission

    Sometimes the dealer is the better choice, could be a PCM reprogram vs the expense of an overhaul that not every trans shop is aware of. Depends on the symptom and of course a good tech at the dealer
  13. Skidood

    auto transmission

    Most dealers have a specialist that just does transmission. Obviously would be brand specific and not all makes like a private shop
  14. Skidood

    auto transmission

    It's a very good venture. I have 2 friends that have transmission shops. One has Triple A in Pickering and the other has a Mister Transmission in Whitby. Both shops are always busy
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    So what happened?

    Yup.. ..still a couple of the same trolls around though, just don't feed them and put on ignore and will be all good in time
  16. Skidood

    So what happened?

    The usual gang of trolls couldn't get along anymore and we're getting personal outside of the site. Fucked it up for everyone
  17. Skidood

    Sellers Market - Homes

    Market is nuts right now in Whitby.. bud sold his house on the weekend for $920,000 private sale, no fees. He got more house off Island Rd in Port Perry for less money
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    Welcome to New Ontario Thread

    Thanks for getting it up and running again guys. What a gong show the past little while!