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  1. My Edge has the 3.5L, it’s a good motor.. ..internal water pump though that are the higher mileage failure.
  2. I’m a Ford guy. Have a 2011 Edge and 2014 F-150 at the moment and have both been flawless. I was a Ford mechanic for more than 18 years at one dealer, but switched trades 12 years ago, so I don’t have the inside deal anymore on the Fords. A buddy that is still a tech there told me to stay away from the new Explorer(2020) as it’s plagued with issues, so looking around at the competition and the Grand Cherokee caught my interest. I keep my vehicles for 10 years, so want something reliable. Have a new driver in the family too, so need a third vehicle.
  3. As the title says. Does anyone own one or used to? They have good promotions on the leftover 2019’s and not a bad looking rig
  4. Skidood


    Congrats on your retirement George!
  5. Skidood

    RIP Jessi

    RIP. She was cool
  6. Skidood

    Did OJ really do it?

    And the Rodney King beating by the LAPD a few years before made the cops involved in the investigation already racist even if they were not. Any other city, he would have been found guilty
  7. Skidood

    Did OJ really do it?

    The prosecution fucked that up when Darden asked him to try the glove on. They had a slam dunk case until they made that mistake
  8. Skidood

    Did OJ really do it?

    He did it 1000% No other suspects since
  9. Skidood

    Calgary Stampede

    Lol. Anyone who says they haven’t fucked a fatty is a liar
  10. Skidood

    RIP Gord Downie

    Great Canadian icon gone way too young
  11. Skidood

    Twinrix ?

    Just returned from a Caribbean vacation.. ..we all did the twinrix vaccine and dukoral drink. Like was said a few posts ago, a tainted ice cube or brush your teeth accidentally with some tap water and you're shitting your pants for a week. Both were recommended by the doctor and people who travel alot.
  12. Skidood


    SOLD. Thanks Jesse, Good to meet ya!
  13. Skidood


    PM sent