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  1. The Latest....

    Who is this fucking clown??
  2. Who do you side with?

    No struggle ban them all.
  3. Obama and Trump , both worthless lying cocksuckers

    At one time I thought all news was good news, on second thought maybe I should grab you by the pussy!!
  4. I'm treated so unfairly, no one ever has been treated as badly as I have.
  5. Pathetic

    Duterde is a good guy, you I'm not so sure about.
  6. Wouldn't there be protocols with regards to taping?

    Fake News!! Get this guy outta here!!!
  7. I like his guy Momorider, what a guy
  8. Fuck Trump

    This guy gets it!!
  9. Fuck Trump

    Get this guy outta here.....Get him out!!!!