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  1. There you go, believing everything he says again. God I hope he wins a second term. This place just won't be the same.
  2. There's a lot of truth in the old popular mechanics magazines too. Your point?
  3. Jodan Peterson "hates". God you're a fool.
  4. I'm waiting for sludge to fill in the blanks. Besides the snap shop mentality he's so good at. Something of substance and in-depth.
  5. You spout Jordan Peterson and you don’t/can’t understand the man’s ideology. That’s funny to me.
  6. Let it all out. You’ll feel better.
  7. ActionfigureJoe

    49 dead 20 injured.

    I care about you Dave
  8. ActionfigureJoe

    Trump says Islam hates “us”.

    Can’t answer the question I see. That’s ok.
  9. Being written about is the highest forms of flattery. It’s one of the best reason to come here.
  10. ActionfigureJoe

    Jordan Peterson slams the alt right

    Peterson doesn’t hate anything. That’s his advantage.....he voices his dislike of the arrogance of the right. He’s a licensed psychologist. I attended several of his trainings during the “90’s. Brilliant ideas on problem solving. His theory is simple. Keep breaking a person’s problems down until there’s a piece small enough for them to tackle it and fix.
  11. ActionfigureJoe

    Trump says Islam hates “us”.

    They got the hottest women too.
  12. ActionfigureJoe

    Trump says Islam hates “us”.

    Given the amount of pent up angst toward America in that part of the world, I wouldn’t trust any of them.
  13. ActionfigureJoe

    Kid is a hero

    I live alone? Hmmm. I’m here until tomorrow and then gone to the Caribbean for 10 days. This place is actually keeping me sane right now. Going on the forth day of clinical record closures and billing entries. My eyes haven’t left a computer screen. Humor me.