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  1. I've admired both mueller and Comey since the day they told Dubya they were walking out if he continued to support crazy John Ashcroft's plan of naziizm.
  3. I’d bend that broken hearted sweety over the foot board and give her my crooked stick of butter alright. Ease her pain
  4. She called it. Trump is a puffed up phony. End of story.
  6. You're probably more tenacious at accepting certain things than I am. Like justifying the behavior of a pathological liar because he acts tough.
  7. Accountability and honesty with others and self? Yeah, it's a bitch. But the core of recovery.
  8. Military people are authorized to give a pathological liar in a place of leadership a pass. Cool.
  10. There is a certain stench of hypocrisy that's known to arise among those who've served over matters such as this. It's the trump thing
  11. outright lying, manipulating, and character assassination is part and parcel of your life too? I ask that because you seem so comfortable with a president that does it naturally.
  12. No really, I get it. Character doesn't matter. Is this a military guy thing?