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  1. A. Correlation doesn't equal causation. B. Responsibility? That's a subjective question but myself and others would argue yes.
  2. None of those things, wealth, divorce rate, births of babies to unmarried mothers — none of that is an intrinsic defect based on skin color. Therefore it’s all systemic. And if it’s systemic it can be corrected.
  3. I’ll leave the battle of the sexes to another thread. One thing I wanted to add though is the value of using data from an entire race should eliminate those individual spending/investing choice proclivities. Sure you’d still have inheritance as a major contributing factor but that’s due to their parents having less wealth — parents who were also black generally speaking. I don’t know what should be done but study after study says that it isn’t fixing itself and may actually be getting worse. I’m fine with Liz wanting to at least talk about it and start the discussion.
  4. Comparing one individual to another individual is no way to go about establishing data that would have any worth in terms of racial wealth inequality at a societal level.
  5. On the bold, agreed and actually forgot to include this chart showing the disparity between income and wealth between blacks and whites: "Income also fails to explain dramatic racial wealth disparities. Black and white families with similar incomes have vastly different wealth. For instance, the typical black family in the poorest 20 percent of the income distribution—those with incomes under $18,480 annually has virtually no wealth, while the equivalent white family holds nearly $15,000 in wealth (Figure 4). In fact, those same white families at the lowest end of the income distribution have a higher median wealth than middle-income blacks whose incomes ranged between $36,000 and $54,000. This means that the $15,000 median wealth associated with low-income whites provides greater capacity to invest in education, a small business, a house or retirement savings than the $100 afforded to low-income blacks.14 "
  6. The data comes from the Census Bureau Survey of Income and Program Participation (raw data should be available somehow from here: https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/sipp/data/datasets.html) The analysis of that data was done in two studies the first using data from 2011 and the second from 2014. Links to those can be found here: https://d.pr/f/ato4pN and http://www.insightcced.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Umbrellas_Dont_Make_It_Rain_Final.pdf
  7. Like usual, there is common ground we can certainly agree on here. I mean, children born into 2 parent households are going to tend to do better. Also, there are things that good advice for everyone so I obviously agree on the bold. But I don't think the legislation / supreme court decisions - I don't see the link to how they would have contributed, specifically with a disproportionate impact based on skin color. There are studies out there that show that even when blacks do "all the right things" and attain a bachelor's degree, they are paid on par with whites having only an associates degree. I certainly hope you're not treading down the path of "its there own fault".
  8. Yes. There has been decades of discrimination in the housing and employment sectors that has negatively affected black Americans. "in the past few decades, black wealth has actually dropped by half. Adjusted for inflation, the wealth of white families rose an average of 33% in the same time period. The number of households that control over $10 million (most of them white) shot up 856%." https://www.fastcompany.com/90292185/the-racial-wealth-gap-is-worse-than-it-was-35-years-ago
  9. They already received their benefit.
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    Harris hates colored people

    How so?
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    Harris hates colored people

    She had a job to do and she did it. Kamala's awesome -- full stop.
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    Nice R32!