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  1. I also currently have the grabber AT2’s and they’ve been awesome all around. I wouldn’t hesitate to get them again or their replacement.
  2. I’m good with taking the money from those sources but would prefer it then be doled out as a tax credit.
  3. XC.Morrison

    Has there ever been a bigger pussy VP?

    I concur with this keen analysis. Everyone else here does too but their inner MAGA will never let them admit it. Sad.
  4. If you’re talking about the Google Home device and it’s connected to your home WiFi then I believe it just uses internet to transmit the call and doesn’t use any of your cell phone minutes. Never used one of those. We just got the Echo dot this Christmas since my brother in law was giving them out to everyone. I was never really interested in getting one of these things but I gotta say it’s been surprisingly nifty.
  5. I'm happy to oblige. Huh, that reminds me of how Alexa is always happy to oblige me by doing things like buying things. She can also do other cool stuff like start my wife's Escape, change the channel, or lock the doors all while utterly servo-less and lightweight since she's only a "dot".
  6. What does any of that matter to the initial point? The initial point being that you could program a robot to perform a financial transaction. I guess you thought I was specifically talking about some type of specific automation robot that you're the expert of but it was really more of a referral to robots in a very general manner. No matter how hard you try to hide it, I can tell you were truly offended and that's okay. This is more what I was thinking of: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2018/05/01/the-robots-are-coming-to-corporate-finance/#2b5e30856b6e
  7. I program building automation controls, mainly HVAC and card access, along with the random fridge temp sensor, energy monitor, etc. But if you're talking like C3PO's or something, then no. But I have seen West World.
  8. That's up to the programmer. You can program a robot to do just about anything. Should we tax robots - some are already asking: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-robots-should-pay-taxes-2017-09-12
  9. I never see anything but #2 in your posts.
  10. Not exclusively. People who can handle bullies also categorize bullies as bullies. People who can't handle their favorite bully being labeled a bully are relegated to deplorable status by association.
  11. Bullies are deplorable - accurate.
  12. Depends on the connotation. Like, my wife has always come up with nicknames for everyone of her family members and friends, but it's good natured and not derogatory. Trump is a bully.
  13. Professor Trumpy gets a pass though.