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  1. grggade

    Tim Hortons

    hooked on there ice capps and usually get a ten pack of tim bits to snack on with it... oh and I wear crocks too ....
  2. grggade

    Winter Storm....12" Plus So Far

    Started freezing here about a half hour ago in Woodstock area ,, with 2 days of heavy rain coming this has a bad potential.
  3. LMAO ,, we have never had diff issues with our can ams and our defender is very quiet
  4. I don't think it can hurt , the whole movement by the students could raise awareness to watch for signs of a fellow student that could become a shooter , JMO
  5. if I was going to buy a half ton today my money would go down on a tundra 1794 ,, i'am just tired of fixing crap "bugs" that made it to production
  6. grggade

    No guns until 21?

    you can be your own worst enemy .......
  7. grggade


    Was she disappointed to see what you actually look like afterwards... (jk)
  8. same here yes >> keep up man
  9. Good .. the not guilty part..
  10. grggade

    The manchild has arrived.

    congrats ,,,,,,, I see he has your hairline
  11. grggade

    A Poll for you Canooks!

    none of the above for me
  12. I can hardly fucking wait till someone barks at me for calling them ...... man , women , he , she etc..