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  1. I don't think it can hurt , the whole movement by the students could raise awareness to watch for signs of a fellow student that could become a shooter , JMO
  2. if I was going to buy a half ton today my money would go down on a tundra 1794 ,, i'am just tired of fixing crap "bugs" that made it to production
  3. No guns until 21?

    you can be your own worst enemy .......
  4. Lasik

    Was she disappointed to see what you actually look like afterwards... (jk)
  5. same here yes >> keep up man
  6. Good .. the not guilty part..
  7. The manchild has arrived.

    congrats ,,,,,,, I see he has your hairline
  8. A Poll for you Canooks!

    none of the above for me
  9. I can hardly fucking wait till someone barks at me for calling them ...... man , women , he , she etc..
  10. You keep this shit slinging up and im going to come out there and boot stomp you...
  11. Trolley Problem Time!

    Me too , never heard of him before that other thread