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  1. even Bill O believes Comey told the truth ........
  2. facts are there ... watch the video from the mayor and read trumps tweet
  3. It looks like the Turkies security went onto US soil and then retreated several times ,, according to the fake news article lol
  4. MAKE CHINA GREAT AGAIN !!!!!!! ,, reminds me of the Mennonite kids around here on the skid steers
  5. well I tried after Rob shut this one down ,, still waiting ,, wtf did I ever do lol
  6. back end of a tractor ,, both must have been dropped there in the winter
  7. togwotee pass Wyoming ? had to google it ..awesome
  8. how the hell does he keep the front end down when climbing the hill like that
  9. great pics guys but I wish everyone would add a description of some kind to it
  10. what I f it was oval ??
  11. ok my panic attack is slowly going away ,lol , thankyou ckf and whoever is at the helm now