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  1. J D Harmeyer

    New Doos'

    Wow, big line up....
  2. J D Harmeyer

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Just before the election I bet.....
  3. J D Harmeyer

    Winter 2018

    is there anything back there, like coolant, or can you just bust it off and go?
  4. J D Harmeyer

    Pretty Blue Ones

  5. J D Harmeyer

    Polaris Team #10 wins 2018 Iron Dog

    It is pretty strange looking but people are saying the 850 works, the 900T should perform.
  6. J D Harmeyer

    Winter 2018

    Not much left in my area. Hopefully things improve.
  7. J D Harmeyer

    NHL semi-finals

    Lost interest
  8. OK now he made it to the top, run the journey back down the hill, it might be more interesting.
  9. Sounds more like a slow lifter,warms up and nulls out but it sounds like every shit box I've ever owned maybe he should post the after fix video just for comparison. He won't
  10. J D Harmeyer


    Nice, I can't imagine towing 16000 lbs.. Hope you get it, it looks like a really nice boat...good luck!
  11. J D Harmeyer


    OK. I guess...can you trailer it, I mean you would some big truck for that monster
  12. J D Harmeyer


    I don't know boats, but that looks like a big boat and big money. Where would you keep a boat like that? What size is it?
  13. J D Harmeyer

    Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    New here, but are O2 and Trail married? Seems weird and where do they get all the long winded responses from.....they must spend hours researching. funny stuff
  14. J D Harmeyer

    *** OFFICIAL FS Ontario Vintage Sled Thread ***

    I lined my 99 MXZ 600 up against a guy with an XC700 back in the day. it didn't end well for me. He was 8 sleds ahead at the 1000 ft mark and still pulling. Those 700 were fast