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  1. 007Rob

    Somebody on here has to be behind this

    C'mon, I don't think it's appropriate to joke about serious issues such as this. I suspect we will be hearing about more broken glass incidents before the summer is out. Don't be a terrorist - drink cans Lol, I just got a kick out of this non-nonsensical news story at the end of a long day. I had to do a double take and make sure I wasn't logged onto the beaverton 🤣
  2. https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/opp-probe-threatening-letter-that-claims-destruction-of-muskoka-beaches-1.3926223
  3. 007Rob

    Winter 2018

    You forgot to mention the TD Cat turbo sled running 163.5mph on a stock engine/turbo
  4. 007Rob

    Winter 2018

    Just me this time. I'm lucky that my parents live in Sudbury so I can pop in for a visit anytime. For some reason I end up visiting way more in the winter time lol Should be good for a couple more weeks up there as long as the weather holds up. Riding around, it seems like traffic is way down and there's not much snow in town but once you get on the trails it was great. I usually keep the taller cross country shield on, makes a huge difference when it's cold out but I threw the old shorty on a for a bit earlier this year. It was pretty mild and I had entered a radar run so I'm sure I went at least half a mile per hour faster with the change!
  5. 007Rob

    Electric Snowmobile coming for winter 2019

    Company from Ottawa makes a controller for $3500 that will let you swap the electric motor from a wrecked Tesla into whatever you can fit it(and enough batteries) into http://www.ev-controls.com/
  6. 007Rob

    Winter 2018

    Went up to Sudbury this weekend for some "late" season riding. Launched from the STP building in Garson yesterday and today. Rode all over the north end, around and across lake Whanapitei, over through Kukagami out towards Coniston and then back to Skead/Garson. Overall trails were amazingly good. Some bare spots and rough areas here and there, but most areas are fine as long as you stay to the north. Saw the groomer out yesterday evening even though trails weren't bad, then it got nice and cold overnight which set the trails up real nice today smooth and fast all over the place. Pretty sure I'm coming back next weekend...
  7. 007Rob

    Winter 2018

    Right on dude Im probably in I'll shoot you a text before the weekend
  8. 007Rob

    Winter 2018

    Finally got out for a decent ride this past weekend. Headed up to Sudbury and it was definitely worth it. For the most part trails were great, not much traffic either. A few smaller rocks showing here and there, was a little rough near lively. But overall pretty damn good.
  9. 007Rob

    Winter 2018

    You're killing me over here, looks amazing up there!
  10. 007Rob

    Winter 2017

    Sounds good
  11. 007Rob

    Winter 2017

    Hey I'm in for this, I'm on a black '14 Eltigre 600 with gripper skis. What time you guys heading out there? Would be cool if some other brand 600's show up to compare against, I've hit 100mph on the speedo in 1200ish feet before but never put her on a gun. Sounds like fun.