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  1. Thats a fact. My stock T4 has over 4000 miles on it with 0 issues in 4 years.
  2. Took the Son and one of His buddies to the Dunes on Monday. Spencer's Friend is new to quads!! Had a buddy show up later in the day too.. He's the one on two wheels all the time.
  3. Trackstand

    NHL 16/17

  4. Trackstand

    NHL 16/17

    The standings!! Go Wings
  5. Trackstand

    NHL 16/17

  6. No doubt well earned.. But We just might add one more in May!!
  7. Trackstand

    NHL 16/17 Crybaby should be gone for the rest of the 17 season and playoffs.. Nasty prick..
  8. Zlzbub needs to come back.. the Guy was a hoot!!!
  9. Trackstand

    NHL 16/17

  10. Trackstand

    NHL 16/17

    What going on with the Mild?? How about them Hawks!!
  11. Trackstand

    Drone clip with snowmobiles

    Holly crap is that a nice video.. that one shot shows you backing out really fast??? What are You using?/