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  1. as was trumps. hell they're still covering all the retarded shit he said and sayd. but more importantly, if the media was pulling for Hillary so much wouldn't they have done a lot less bad Hillary coverage? duh. your little conspiracy is riddled with holes, like most others.
  2. and you're the corn in the terd
  3. so why did they cover the e-mails, server, investigations, conspiracies, bill's issues.............. 24/7?
  4. yep. and you're obviously one of them.
  5. I never stated all the media was trying to help trump WIN. I stated they helped him win. there's a big difference you dumb fuck
  6. where dvr comes in handy, except I watched this one "live"
  7. why are you scared to take the bet?
  8. it couldn't have been the outrageous shit he kept saying. him beating all the other rw candidates. the rowdy crowds. the fact he was not a polished politician? all the while Hillary's "media" is playing e-mail, server, fbi investigation shit about her 24/7? gmafb dude. this is why I ignore your lame accusations
  9. I wanted you to put your money where your big pie hole is and agree on a % decrease. since you said it'd vanish completely initially, I even gave you some swing room of 10%. meaning you'd bet that donations would dry up by 90% or more. so, are you game?
  10. oh yah, the mainstream media didn't do anything but good for hillary, eh ben? they bowed to her commands do you think much before typing? why do you always do this, bring up Hillary when the topic is trump or the repukes? afraid of siding with the lefties a little too much?
  11. are you still interested in making the bet that they drop to nothing, like you did before?
  12. because it's lame, and typical in politics. geesch.