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  1. she was no more a POS than most other candidates, and far less than the one we have in office now. but if you believe things like pizzagate, murdering seth rich, BENGAZI!, etc I can see why you'd make that statement
  2. some places in PA have good fireworks. the funny thing is only out-of-staters can buy them. they're usually near the state lines.
  3. sure there was some truth, but there was also some spin on the truth. where someone would take a statement and twist their readers into making it sound absolutely awful. the only example I can think of now is the one about having a public and private opinion on matters. like I said, you're ok with things this time, but next time hopefully it's your side that gets the hacking released. because we all know, the gop is far from clean and honest
  4. yeah, because the potus handing out those types of jobs to buddies is what's making the headlines these days. I'd love if that's all we had to deal with
  5. this place is full of them. they lie and defend trump all the way up until trump admits something. then they act like they never said those things.
  6. I can hear it now... "who does that cunt think she is staying at the hotel owned by her third cousin's husband. what a major conflict of interest"
  7. one thing i'll admit though, I'd much rather laugh my ass off at you dimwits defending trump for the most insane, double standard shit, than have to defend Hillary for the sane stuff and fake outrage had she won
  8. well who do you think the victim was? then tell me why Russia goes to all these troubles of election meddling if they're not effective....
  9. and you devour every anti-gov conspiracy out there....
  10. so once again, I'm proven right. because this all happened to Hillary you clowns are cool with every aspect of it. I suspect that when the collusion is proven you'll still be ok with it all.
  11. my theory, for a very long time, has been that Russian hackers got into the DNC systems. the hackers themselves were not technically part of the Russian gov, or a Russian "state", which allowed assange to make the statements he did. putin was the one orchestrating all of this, for obvious reasons.
  12. we already know who "released" the e-mails. the argument is about who was involved with the gathering, orchestrating, etc etc etc. you and ben constantly pushed the "no russian involvement, period" bs non-stop. now here you are saying putin was involved, and trying to portray it as something you knew all along
  13. tom this is what happens when you side with loons. you soon get yourself into a corner....