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  1. MC listed a few of them above.
  2. This isn’t about Hilary, sorry. In addition , the actions aren’t even in the same ballpark. Now go fuck yourself, eh? Oh sludgey, if all this was about was a mic picking up a conversation betweeen trump and Putin, about a treaty, in an open room full of people and reporters, with the whole thing being about the treaty, this wouldn’t be happening to poor little trump. So take your false equivalencies and shove them up your dumb ass....
  3. It’s mind boggling, especially with smales. These other bozos? Not so much, it’s expected
  4. Smales, what should the DOJ have done, based on all the evidence and actions taken by trump? Please be specific.
  5. You’re full of shit. If anyone, dem, repug, or Indy had the same baggage, and performed the same actions as trump, I’d fully expect them to be investigated. Complete irony coming from you on this topic. If Hillary had done one of the one hundred things trump did here you’d be all over it. So please, spare me your bullshit
  6. What kind of procedures? Just ask the guy? You are out to lunch here dude.
  7. Snoslinger

    Hey Abe, can you do me a little favor?

    It’s been reported you are a dumb mother fucker who lies all the time. Nothing fake about that
  8. Are you trying to tell me they should have just let trump alone?
  9. And you don’t understand why?
  10. Come on smales. You’re smarter than this. I mean Jesus, look who’s in your corner, that is telling enough. All the stuff suspicious stuff we have seen for ourselves, and learned about trump over the years and you question why he was investigated and why the concern? God damn dude, that is dumb Dave thinking right there.
  11. Snoslinger

    Hey Abe, can you do me a little favor?

    Well? This is why some of us don’t take you serious when you claim to not be a trumpster. You sound just like one, when bringing up obama in an unrelated matter.
  12. Snoslinger

    Trump tweets, the Sunday editions

    Dude, 3/4 of trump supporters love the asswipe because he’s anti-dc and believe him to be some business man wonder. Yet you think these people would have voted an established politician, with no business experience, who is deemed a socialist by many? fucking paleez!
  13. Snoslinger

    Trump tweets, the Sunday editions

    Half of the people who supposedly would have voted for him then now he think he’s a sellout.