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  1. Mr. Leahy won't be down for dinner

    that sucks, guy was a riot. rip.
  2. Can't write it....

    Can't write it?
  3. another "that is what i was told"

    Did he send out the troops to look for this guy? Why is he to blame for any of these deaths? Besides that, nobody knew what the case was with this guy until after the fact.
  4. another "that is what i was told"

    who should i be upset with over that situation?
  5. another "that is what i was told"

    neal is such a pussy
  6. another "that is what i was told"

    he's got more important things to do than write, call, contact the families of soldiers killed in action. there's the anthem stuff, the tweeting, the golfing..
  7. well after the 1467th "wire to wire" comment it's starting to get boring. much like you.
  8. Trumps just a real prick

    just like everything else you whined about for 8 years, the treatment of our military and their families has now taken a back seat
  9. another "that is what i was told"

    did you stockpile it from the Obama years? usually soldier stories like these put you into a full blown yeast infection immediately. why not now, and why does trump disrespect soldiers so much?
  10. another "that is what i was told"

    I was told that creepr, racer, and sludge all like to suck dave's beanpole
  11. from trump when he gets caught in lie #3490, in regards to Obama not calling families of killed soldiers. this guy is such a huge piece of shit.
  12. apples and oranges ya dingling. now go back under your bed for fears of NK and now iran coming to get you.