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  1. Your first 5 words in the thread said it all
  2. Snoslinger

    America's christmas gift for 2019.

    Nope, no shrink needed here. That was an academy award, for acting. Everyone knows you’re really a librul in disguise
  3. Come January dems can do a lot about it. That, and mueller was smart enough to spread this investigation around, so trumpy can’t squeal out of everyrbing
  4. It is damn entertaining watching you and many other dumb fucks crashing and burning with trump, and suddenly not caring about corruption in DC. Your bozo in office is all your hatred for DC, on steroids, and you’re too fucking dumb to see it. Thanks for all the laughs
  5. Snoslinger

    America's christmas gift for 2019.

    I’m not surprised
  6. Snoslinger

    Cancer can eat a dick

    Agreed. Coincidentally I was at the cancer center at u of p over the weekend and saw a lot of sad, sad situations. Very emotional seeing what a lot of families are going through and it Made a lot of the things we argue and botch about seem so petty
  7. Snoslinger

    America's christmas gift for 2019.

    Would you like to “thank the academy” yet!
  8. Hope the good news continues. Man what a crappy situation to contend with.
  9. A flat earther, who posts several threads a day based on bullshit tweets he read from fellow trumptards, making judgement calls on fact and fiction
  10. Do you really think you’re qualified to tell truth from lies? I mean, Jesus Christ
  11. Snoslinger

    No shame

    And smails was making a little progress, but will not revert back to team dip shit now that SR is back.
  12. Snoslinger

    No shame

    Other news SR, is that analer is infatuated with .7momo now. .7momo made a similar bet just the other day. Hard to tell some of their posts apart at times.
  13. Snoslinger

    And the Wheels...

    You’re confusing boredom with cowardly. Not surprised though