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  1. well if that was the case then i stand corrected.
  2. he used "Dems" last, before he started into the bitching. so it appeared he was still referring to them... "Best thing that could have ever happened for the Dems. They got to wash their hands....."
  3. especially 3 of them
  4. poor momo “Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the US, President Obama spent the day playing golf. Worse than Carter,” trump tweeted in October 2014.
  5. the first one on the list is BS and i'm sure the rest is too. the $500k was offered by the person holding the event, not demanded, and the money went to charity.
  6. ben's coorslit up already
  7. you realize i was responding to ginger and not you, right?
  8. or reading creepr responses
  9. the only one having a retarded position in that scenario was you ya dumb fuck. i never stated scamming never happens, i never stated you weren't getting scammed. i stated what happened in that deal doesn't guarantee they were scammers. not only was your head too fucking thick to comprehend any of that, it turned out i was right. but hey, keep on making shit up.
  10. next on the gop's agenda - do things to help kill the aca so they can say "see, we told you it'd collapse".
  11. things trump may be doing instead.... -watching fox for the latest breaking news - taking apart appliances looking for taps - installing a crotch cam under ivanka's new desk - seeing if momo can fly down in his copter for a game of 3d chess - figuring out how he can blame dems for this trumpcare loss - working out another brilliant plan with nunes on how to prove he was right about the inauguration crowd size
  12. i simply cannot believe how fucking dumb you come across these days. tell me wtf the dems could have done in this situation, and now for the hard part, explain how it would have worked?
  13. seemed to work out pretty well for you and your wife didn't it?