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  1. Snoslinger

    Impeach proceedings

    swings back the other way
  2. Snoslinger

    Impeach proceedings

    The irony of you calling someone a poor loser . i should have told you to get bent on that bet, after seeing your dishonesty and hackery on full display. It did go to charity though, plus it was worth the exposure of you being a major welcher, and me not.
  3. Snoslinger

    Impeach proceedings

    Yes yes you are hard on trump daily
  4. Snoslinger

    Impeach proceedings

    You’re one of the biggest fucking hacks in here. A welcher to boot. When that first bet was made between you and I , you were convinced nobody in the trump admin did anything in regards to Russia. Nothing. Yet here we are.
  5. Snoslinger

    Impeach proceedings

    Exhibit A. All the fake reasons you had to hate the Clintons, are on full display with trump, yet you love and cherish the man.
  6. Snoslinger

    Impeach proceedings

    Seriously? its quite simple really. 1) he’s everything I hate about people, all wrapped up into one. No compassion, crooked, a cheat, a narcissist, a major liar, blame pointer, credit taker, elitist, a hypocrite. I could go on but I won’t 2) you clowns got riled up about real stupid shit when it came to Obama. You got mad when people insulted generals. You got mad when you thought people weren’t being transparent. You got mad when you thought people were insulting soldiers. You got mad when people wanted to talk with dictators. You got mad when Obama, in front of the world, on stage, within mic distance of reporters, was talking to the former Russian President about having more abilities to bargain after the next election. Like it was something majorly secretive and crooked. You thought russia was our number one enemy. You thought the potus offering his opinion, when asked, about a major uprising in the country was awful and helping divide the country . You thought the potus should stay out of corporate affairs. I could go on and on again, but I think you got the point The fact that you can’t see why libs are irate at the POS in the WH, and you hacks who put him there, and still defend him? speaks volumes. Like you’re on the order of being brain dead in all honesty
  7. Snoslinger

    Enough guys....

    Well whenever I, or SR or anyone else takes a break , we “run away” in your simple mind. So what makes your situation different?
  8. Thinks there is a path for obstruction charges, yet doesn’t think trump did anything he’d have to obstruct makes perfect sense
  9. Snoslinger

    Enough guys....

    Well the shoe definitely fits on your foot. So why did you run away?
  10. Snoslinger

    Enough guys....

    You better look up the definition of a coward, and peer pressure while you’re at it. Where have you been anyway, well besides lurking? Thought maybe you and dumb Dave ran off to paradise together
  11. You have? You seem to be a little wishy washy on the subject. Just pointing to the dems might do it. Maybe I missed it? so if you feel there is path for impeachment, why do you think there was obstruction?
  12. Nothing has been debunked ya damn fool. The mueller report actually does the opposite. Just because the sitting potus is unindictable, and managed to put some of his cronies in place in plain sight, does not make him innocent. Anyone else that committed the same acts he did in all this would be going to jail. How the fuck can you look past all that? Ordering people to fire others for his protection. Ordering people to lie? Making up a bunch of lies? Refusing to be interviewed? I could go on and on but what’s the point. You chose to sleep in this bed and that’s fine, nothing will change it. But holy fuck maN