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  1. How much of it was taxpayer money......three times. he owned your ass. But you look cool supporting Trump in every thread.
  2. You voted for Trump. You bought the biggest lemon America has ever seen.
  3. I called him a con here after the first debate. He's no better than a used car salesman.
  4. You got duped
  5. Trump has no clue. He's a typical repub though and loves shiny things that distract him. He knows nothing of government and it shows every day. He quickly learned that he cannot run America like a business and will now just sit back and really do nothing till he loses the next election or goes to jail first.
  6. He lied his way into office. Now he's just a puppet and will just travel around and tell everyone hey I am the president.....I must be smart. meanwhile the repubs after Trump taking a hard right continue to drive that same road.
  7. I will always be a Cat guy.
  8. The Republican Party has and is lazy as fuck. It's been over a decade since they have created a bill and maybe 2 decades since they have done anything to help the middle class in America. this latest debacle is proof that continuing to say no is not working anymore.
  9. Trump is a weak president. The repubs will let him go jail. he really has no clue about current issues from domestic social to global problems. way back during the first debate he had no clue what the nuclear triad was. Right there he was not qualified to lead.
  10. Obama never golfed 3 times a week. you were correct obama golfed 300 plus times
  11. Donald Trump takes 12th golf trip since becoming President nine weeks ago Source: The Independent Donald Trump has this weekend taken his twelfth golfing holiday since his presidential inauguration just over nine weeks ago. Departing the White House for the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, it is unclear whether he plans to do anything other than tee off. The White House has made no comment regarding the trip, which the US leader's eighth consecutive weekend visit to a Trump-owned property, according to NBC News. Each of these trips costs $3 million (£2.4 million), according to an analysis by the Politico website. If correct, the President's golfing trips alone may have already cost the taxpayer $36 million dollars (£28.9 million). Read more:
  12. Convictions under Reagan.....16 under Obama ZERO