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  1. Read vol 2. Plenty of evidence of obstruction for impeachment
  2. You've chosen to ignore content by Zambroski. Options My point is proven
  3. The Muslims are responsible for every bad event......well when Obama isn’t.
  4. Mainecat

    George Conway Calls For Impeachment

    Why not just pull your dicks out? Jesus Fuckin Kee Rist
  5. Now Keith is embraced by the Trumpers......what the fuck is next?
  6. Mainecat

    Impeach proceedings

    The more I read of the report the more I think Trump should be impeached. Congress needs to do their due diligence and not make what he did acceptable. He wouldn’t be president without Russia’s support.
  7. Mainecat

    Summertime snowmobile

    We did a test ride last fall. The problem is like sleds she might want her own. the one in the pic is a 2012, 14,000 miles $10,000.00 Long saddlebag trips should be great even driving in the rain would feel safer on 3 wheels instead of 2
  8. Mainecat

    Summertime snowmobile

    Real nice Vince we Just looked at a White one. 2012
  9. Mainecat

    Enough guys....

    What lies? read the report
  10. Almost through vol 1 Read it
  11. Have any on you Trump goons read the report yet? Trump is cooked.