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  1. Backdoor meetings? Really investigating a possible Russian operative as our president for the reasons he gave is why we have the Justice department. the Russians are Our adversary their the reason we spend trillions on our military.
  2. Howie Carr is Rush junior. the Herald it tea party crazy
  3. So don’t investigate... ok Vlad thank god for our justice dept
  4. And this beauty.... Former FBI director McCabe explains that Trump believed Putin over US intel about NK missiles: "Intel officials [told Trump his position] was not consistent with any of the intel our govt possesses. To which POTUS replied, 'I don't care. I believe Putin.'"
  5. Mainecat

    Trump tweets, the Sunday editions

    Management by chaos
  6. Asking the Russians to find Hillary‘s emails into days later releasing them is suspicious Meeting with Russians in the White House and saying he got rid of Comey And there shouldn’t be any more problems is suspicious. Those very Russians in the White House were banned from the US. Nothing suspicious there Manafort trying to establish a secret communication with the Kremlin. Nothing suspicious there. Manafort emails to the Russians it were intercepted by the FBI. Nothing suspicious there. Since then Trump has met secretly in private with Putin on multiple occasions with no one present. Nothing suspicious there If this was Clinton you fucking guys would have have her strung up in Washington for the first instance I mentioned
  7. When asked Abe didn’t deny it. FUCK TRUMP
  8. Trumps a piece of shit....... Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reportedly nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize on the request of the U.S. government. Reuters, citing a report from the Japanese newspaper Asahi, noted that the U.S. government reached out to Abe months after the president's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore.
  9. Mainecat

    Trump tweets, the Sunday editions

    Trump is a dildo
  10. Even with valid facts and witnessing his daily lies you think Obama was a bigger liar than Trump? seek help
  11. Clinton referenced by the trump knuckledragger.....a winner.
  12. Clinton’s mentioned again. Must be a record for Dave
  13. File under we are getting fucked raw. But many here will run cover...go.