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  2. the Canadian seems much too interested in US politics. RUSSIAN BOT RUSSIAN BOT
  3. like it was Bush's
  4. Its too early to claim no war. Give the cheeto more time and we will all probably be incinerated
  5. He actually won the election like Clinton. Imagine no Iraq war? No families who lost members who served under a dolt and the thousands of military members who are maimed or suffer hidden injuries to this day? Trillion dollars more in debt.
  6. Trump needed voters to win and many or I should say the majority here voted for the ass clown.
  7. Its all true even you know it.
  8. Its all current events....every day the buffoon does something stupid, lies or re-nigs on a promise to the people who voted for him. A Mel Brooks movie every day
  9. that went over your now it would be OK to do those things? CHECK!
  10. tick tock...his days are numbered as well as many senate and house R seats
  11. America first....after I feed my companies, Exxon, Ivankas Chinese trinket companies, start trade wars with Mexico and Canada, possible wars with Russia, China and North Korea. Fuck Trump
  12. Chocolate cake? Your an idiot for supporting, total idiot.