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  1. Mainecat

    Vintage (from hcs)

    Love the old Skiroules. Probably cause the 68 was the first sled I ever rode.
  2. Mainecat

    Another fucking liar

    Or in jail or awaiting sentences.
  3. Mainecat

    Oh Lindsey....

  4. Mainecat

    The nagger gets noisy again

    What a fuckin Trump ball lapper zucchini is
  5. Dose ombre's from Mehico are paying. No problems.
  6. She was jailed and tossed back to zambonis motherland.
  7. Bolton is just another Trump appointed Republican realizing Trumps a fuckin a threat to our countries national security. From almost all of the witnesses called in the house to Bolton have been appointed by Trump and are republicans. See the pattern you fuckin Trump retards?
  8. Yes he was but he’s also a Patriot unlike Trump.
  9. Please stop quoting the hemorrhoid
  10. Seems the narrative changers are at it again. Back to Mconnell not knowing about Bolton’s book........
  11. Bolton is just pointing out Trumps not a Patriot or a Republican amount other things.
  12. Mainecat

    would you

    We have been members of our clubs and a few others for over 30 years. We always buy raffles, calendars and whatever the club sells. i really think like NH being a club member should be required in Maine.
  13. Bolton knows a traitor when he sees one. Now he’s pointing it out. Trump is a traitor and will be jailed soon. Watch for the Trump famous walk away. He’s done it all his life.