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  1. Again meanwhile Trump says and does nothing. PAPER FUCKIN BALLOTS
  2. Dude our election was compromised.
  3. It's evolving pay attention
  4. Just the fact he does not even care and has not said or done anything about the Russians hacking the election says a lot about Trump. hes going to jail
  5. You can buy firecrackers and m-60's in Maine
  6. Cherry bombs, m-80's and quarter sticks are what I like. Anywhere still sell em?
  7. Guy just blew himself up in Lincoln, Maine the other day fuckin with shit.
  8. Yup and Mericas morons believe he is not. Sad (Ya see how I added the word "sad" like Trump does)
  9. And people are more concerned if a child molester lives in their neighborhood. Meanwhile there are many pit bulls that kill
  10. If Trumps innocent why fire Comey ? Why consider firing Mueller. Too many Russian connections and Flynn is singing like a canary for his life. Add it all up.