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  1. Skeeter21i

    Mid Engine C8 Corvette Coming In July

    You're a faggot Ford're opinion means nothing.....just saying.
  2. I thought this was the guy that was the Dems golden boy and he was going to run in the Presidential race and kick Trump's ass?
  3. Morning, I like ckf's day better...🖕
  4. I was a hardcore smoker all my life......2 packs a day. Tried quitting many, many times, never could. 2 years ago I had my stroke, doc said quit smoking and live or keep smoking and die.....quit cold turkey, minimal if any withdrawal symptoms, haven't had a desire to smoke since....It is totally in your mind.....2 Family members died from cancer, 2 survivors, including my wife......up here in Nookland, I'm saving about $30+/day...
  5. Had to remove the whole dash and the heater. Turns out it is the joystick, new one on it's way.
  6. Anyone know where the winch solenoid is on a CanAm Defender.....out plowing and the winch constantly running out, think solenoid might be frozen.
  7. Skeeter21i

    I can't stop thinking about something

    Mark makes nice boats. If you have the money and a place to use it.
  8. Skeeter21i

    Random Photo Thread

    Picked a strip lion for the 18th annual fishing weekend. Holy shit these things are getting out of hand
  9. Poor Americans. Owned by China.. Literally....
  10. Don't want to get involved in your little feud, but obviously you know absolutely nothing about asbestos.....eating a hunk of asbestos won't cause you problems. It needs to be inhaled to create lung, carry on.....
  11. Skeeter21i

    Official 2018 Formula 1 Thread

  12. Skeeter21i

    Official 2018 Formula 1 Thread

    Major grid penalties due to power unit changes. Had to start at rear of grid. Renault garbage..