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  1. Tommy

    Two 509 chrome sinister goggles

    Ill take em Kev. Meet up with you at sand lake soon... should be up there in may. I think i Had your cell# at some point but not now. send me a message if youve got it, if not we will have to set that up.
  2. Tommy

    New Doos'

    I told ya above. Hes just a dirty slut
  3. Tommy

    New Doos'

    hes quite the whore with sleds...... 4 strokes suck
  4. Yeah it is definitely a last resort....
  5. blast a screw driver through the filter, crack it loose, spin it off! always works well
  6. Tommy

    pilot skis wanted

    5.7's i think
  7. Tommy

    pilot skis wanted

    I have 7 sets of orange pilots with black hoops. $200 for a pair
  8. Tommy


    bang on the money
  9. Tommy


    I dont like that option personally He gets traded because he has the personality of a fuckin rock. Apparently an absolute douche in the locker room. A guy like him is not what toronto needs regardless of skill.
  10. Tommy


    He would look good in blue for sure. Tbh if we can get anyone with a half decent track record Ill be excited to see the last 30 games play out.
  11. Tommy


    a couple of the articles ive read mentioned Alex Pietrangelo aswell. I lean to Gudas as hes a 3.35m contract vs Pietrangelo at 6.5m
  12. Tommy


    Have your eyes open at the deadline for Radko Gudas coming to the leafs. Ive been wondering if were ever gonna have a guy on our team again with some grit. Not like babcock to have a team of lightweights IMO. Trade rumors about the leafs scouting gudas from the flyers right now. In my eyes we have a good set of finesse Dman. Its time for some rough'n tumble fellas. PS... Jake Gardiner is a waste of time and money.
  13. Tommy

    Time to update

  14. Tommy

    Pot Day October 17th

    Well ill let ya know when the demo gets put on snow and ill makes a trip out there LOL... Any spots to fish up there?
  15. Tommy

    Pot Day October 17th

    Little known to most but its just so happens to be a specialty of mine........