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  2. Tommy

    03 Jetta

    yeah it is
  3. Tommy


    Definitely is best case.
  4. Tommy


    our larson bowrider is going to need a new starter motor in the next few weeks. Sitting in the boat house on muskoka with the hull plugs out
  5. Tommy


    Im rooting for boston, but part of me wants to see big joe win a cup.
  6. Tommy

    03 Jetta

    I need another truck. Deer and moose season last year was a joke. Cant get my atv around easily. I have a million different opportunities to borrow a pickup off a buddy. But it seems every time I swallow my pride and do it, Something goes wrong. Flat tires, stuck in 4x4. anything you can think of. Thats also because all of my buddies drive fucking dodges and whoever is driving it is lucky if it starts in the morning. None of them are old tired POS truck either. Oldest one in the group is a 2011...
  7. Tommy

    03 Jetta

    the vin says it is Also, what makes you laugh at 6 grand? Go on kijiji and find another one with my mileage and thats 97% rust free
  8. Tommy

    03 Jetta

    hood and fenders rotted so i replaced.
  9. Tommy

    03 Jetta

    Shes been around the block
  10. Tommy

    03 Jetta
  11. Tommy


    No Idea forsure on the cost of the shocks until i do my research but im assuming they are quite pricey
  12. Tommy


    Its very possible that it will be about the same amount of money to trade your indy into a new xcr lol
  13. Tommy


    I dont see why not right off the bat. Ill know more once I get the 2020 parts cards and can see whats up
  14. Tommy


    I was just busting your balls. You know I dont email. I only send the funny shit on messenger! Now that we mention it, I do have some quality fresh material