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  1. Tommy

    Truck snow tires

    They do have the snow flake. I also got them on sale at Canadian tire for less than 800 bucks
  2. Tommy

    Truck snow tires

    favorite winter tire iver ever used was the cooper ATW
  3. Tommy

    Summer has come to an abrupt end.

    Nope, nothing ever figured out. The process has begun so to say. So far my dad and I have dropped about 30-40 big trees that were affected by the fire. With the help of one of his employees. Another 20 ish to get down yet but its about 5 trees a day with just 2 sometimes 3 of us in there when we have time. most of these trees are 60 ft plus pines. some up to 80ft. Then cut and stack all of it. Doing this part ourselves is saving an extra 15-20k. Taking some extra time but we aren't too torn up about the time. It will take all of the next year to get the cottage built again as my dad will be doing it. With my help when I have time. I think my dad is up there right now burning more brush and bark cleaning up before we get ready to drop the next set of trees monday. Just one thing after another, Burn permit from the township, comply to all the rules of the permit. yadayadayada. Being on an island is a whole other task in itself. Lots of fucking around involved everytime ya try to go get something done....
  4. Just looking for a cheapo winter beater/ huntcamp runner. Looking into Jeep XJ's, blazer or jimmy's etc... going to check this out but I figured id post here to see if anyone has something to get rid of
  5. Tommy

    Summer has come to an abrupt end.

    Cottage, Bunky, shower house burnt and are completely gone. Pump house half burnt. Paint on boathouses is melted from the heat
  6. Tommy

    Summer has come to an abrupt end.

    thats it
  7. Tommy

    Summer has come to an abrupt end.

    The cause will remain unknown. But I don't think its suspicious. I have caught people parked at our beach completely ignoring the private property and No trespassing signs before. Ive also found ash's from people pulling up and lighting a fire on shore which is absolutely insane on an island, obviously. That being said, the fire guys say it started in the cottage. My belief is that is began as electrical and spread.
  8. Tommy

    Summer has come to an abrupt end.

    I must say A huge thank you to the bystanders who were brave enough to risk their lives over our boats. They kicked down the doors to the boat house just before emergency services got there and saved our larson bow rider, canoe, tin tippy etc. Dont know who they are but I will track them down for a beer!
  9. While I was partying away Friday afternoon at boots and hearts I got a call from my Grandma that there was trouble at our cottage. My family owns a private island on Lake Muskoka just north of Campbells landing. Its called Delamere Island. I obviously couldnt do anything but lose my buzz and wait to hear more news once my family got there to figure it all out. Here lays our current dilemma.
  10. Tommy

    Looking for a car for my son. I love these
  11. Tommy

    Looking for a car for my son.

    Dale track him down a 95 or 96 pimpala with an LT1 Biiiiiiigggg back seats
  12. Tommy

    Spring/Summer 2018

  13. Tommy

    Spring/Summer 2018

    Also have my 03 xp di up forsale.... hull is clean needs a buffing. motor needs to be built but it comes with new crank and pistons and gasket set. key is a little sketch but everything worked when it seized... $2000 now no trailer or im going to build it and sell it in the spring with a trailer asking $4500
  14. Tommy

    Spring/Summer 2018

    On the topic of PWC Im looking at an 04 RXP 215 low hours, clean as tits. new supercharger. $4800...... yes, no??
  15. Tommy

    Pot Day October 17th

    we are trying the oils and extracts with my mom currently.... hoping something will work.. The drugs our useless, misdiagnosing fucking overpaid doctors prescribe dont seem to work