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  1. Winter 2018

    Probably. Are you ttelling your self that now so youre ready in 15 years orrrr???? Im not related to anyone here eh! family is actually all south of barrie.
  2. Winter 2018

    I have never had a problem with fathers..... yet ......
  3. Polaris New release

    I remember that. that was my Fusion. That was also the ride that you pulled up beside myself, blake, glenn, and gord and as soon as you stopped on that yamaha venture i heard the loudest crack from the ice settling the weight. And when the assaults are sold, I will hop on another 800 axys. I had an assault until march last year then ended up on a rush for my cochrane trip. My folks had a different attitude. Get a job asap and learn to juggle life. Looking back on it Im glad I had it that way even tho at the time I hated it. It definitely taught me about how life doesnt stop for you cause youre tired from working late the night before. My current schedule is crazy. Work mon-sat. sometimes work nights until the wee hours machining with micron (check out Bear Machine on facebook). if im not working Im either sleeping, sledding, or wasting money beer and women.
  4. Polaris New release

    Yeah All of my sleds over the years were stepping stones. I was given an et250 at a younger age, then a 550 fan sport touring. from there i was probably 12 or 13. and I had to work to upgrade. then came the fusion, then Red's old Pro X2 I bought off blake. then I traded the pro x2 in on the Doo at 16. rode the doo for 2 years as a senior in highschool. moved onto performance rec where I now have a demo every season.
  5. Polaris New release

    He got a job Dale? I bought that 2014 mxz sport allllll on my own brand new from the dealership when I was 16.
  6. Just Might Be Done With Sledding

    I really want to try riding one. I assume 400cc would suffice ?
  7. Helmets

    Tried on microns revolvers last night. they are slick. ID get kingpins or revolvers forsure
  8. Looking for a 2 up

    The new style kimpex seat jacks are very slick. Ive sold a few of them and only had great reviews. To me they look nearly identical to the oem BRP jack seat. Wouldnt be surprised at all if Kimpex produced them for BRP
  9. Helmets

    New helmet is in. Super nice. love how it fits so far. X5's will probably be the goggle of choice as they do seem to fit very well
  10. Winter 2018

    Yes he has. Also pussler. The mystery is incase anyone here actually knows him. Atleast then Im not the dink who yapped off about it. The point of bringing it up - Dont go on the fucking lakes
  11. Winter 2018

  12. Winter 2018

    I wouldnt be a very nice guy if i were to broadcast that on the interwebs

    Honestly could care less. If i go over right now its about $10 for 500mb
  14. Winter 2018

    dont go..... you'd be the second axys assault to go for a swim

    Im unlimited everything, 7gb data plan. $130 a month. Iphone 7