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  1. fuck unions, I have worked for unions and will never work union again, they are past their prime, i won't beat anybody up for working for a union but will steer clear of 1 myself
  2. Lack of qualified drivers for 1, there are many "graduates" from driving school but most should never be let loose in a truck and don't stay in the industry long. Driving is not for the weak at heart and trucking is the most regulated industry in the states which contributes to the turn over in drivers. I have been driving professionally for almost 30 years and have done real well money wise but can't wait to hang it up in 9 years
  3. we get good wages because we don't need to be controlled by a union and there is no way my industry will ever go to driverless trucks and so forth due to the products I haul, the material I transport is in excess of 300* and needs the "personal" touch to safely transfer from trailer to tank, nice try though
  4. I am sure from your liberal viewpoint everybody is over paid. I get paid for my qualifcations, I have hazmat, tank, TWIC card a CLEAN license, and have 20 years in heavy haul tanker alone, I can enter any port in the US and have endured more background checks than you can count, if anybody is fucking overpaid it a stupid light bulb salesman who runs his cock holster on a snowmobile site while HIDING behind his keyboard
  5. spoiler alert, nobody cares what you the fuck your dumbass has to say light bulb BOY
  6. who works for FedEx, I am too lazy to chuck packages around all day I sit in a tanker all day hardest thing I do is open the dome and hook up a hose
  7. he sure is a broken record
  8. I am a non union truck driver and my pay and bennies are on par with the teamsters, my company provides our insurance providing you complete their health screenings and my retirement bennies are going to be just fine. oh and I have winters off
  9. Wheeler serviced and signs sorted, let the games begin, here's to all the other trail guys here
  10. Self Driving Cars Good or Bad?

    cars have been driving themselves ever since they created texting
  11. Meme thread

    fix what ever the fuck she wants
  12. Ford escape with Vt plates

    Minnie just had a sy of relief, just got the bad taste out of her mouth from the last time you welched on a toll
  13. who here is going to admit...

    no, they will continue with their self rightess bulllshit and continue with the childish name calling