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  1. sad, klinger is going to feel sad, maybe a little mad, but mostly sad
  2. 01mxz800

    Trump tweets, the Sunday editions

    we heard it here first, best of luck in 2020
  3. how am I in a predicament? if a business wants to move into the "economic capitol" of the world they should be sucking our dicks not the other way around especially the riches man in the world, there is a time and a place for tax incentives this is not 1 of them
  4. I have got to give klinger credit, he's going to ride that sinking ship right to the silt on the bottom
  5. yup and lets give them 3bil in tax credits to move to the state of dispair
  6. what I sound like is a NYS taxpayer/business owner who is sick of the Demarats running this state into the shitter and as a resident you should be up in arms about it too politics aside NY is going by the way of California, but keep voting for the "D" there slipknot what could go wrong
  7. he's lost his mind LOL can't keep screen names straight
  8. 01mxz800

    wall prediction

    keeps him occupied so he doesn't see what the demarats are doing to his home state
  9. The passenger rail systems in Japan and France have been in development for over 50 years the US gave up on passenger service for the most part 50 years ago, the closest thing to high speed rail in the US is the Northeast Corridor which is maybe 150mph. For high speed like they have overseas you would need a separate right of way with wide sweeping curves no grade crossings, couple that with having to run the overhead wires to power the trains as diesel electrics are not capable of 200mph+ the 77bil in Ca. was a drop in the bucket for what this project will cost to go nation wide, the costs far outweigh the benefits
  10. 01mxz800


    TRUMP has the bestest bait
  11. the "manufactured MMGW" crisis comes to mind which none of would have known about had he not invented the internet
  12. Why should NY cough up 3bil in tax credits to them to get them to come here I sure as fuck don't
  13. 01mxz800

    Don Lemon just said....

    which was the reason for my post, hope he got his head on straight
  14. 01mxz800

    Don Lemon just said....

    holy shit out of the woodwork comes Frankie with a bitch slap
  15. 01mxz800

    Trump what an idiot......

    jesus Christ Zam WTF