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  1. Dunkin Donuts dunkin dark when we can get it, like Tim Hortons when on the road and Starbuks suck balls wouldn't put a fire with that shit
  2. if anybody is a fucking puppet it is the fucking liberials trying to justify the loss of their chosen 1, get a fucking life blowrider for christ's sake
  3. we also don't make our oatmeal in a fucking crockpot, us NY's have blocking aertieries down to a science
  4. oatmeal, heavy butter and touch of brown sugar
  5. I so enjoy being a deplorable, libs gonna be bleeding out with all their bleeding pussies
  6. it's so nice of you blownlightbulbrider to post a video of yourself, anonamous troll you're not
  7. hell for that matter ALL Scary Movie 1,2,3 etc funny as shit
  8. '69-'70 Road Runner or GTX with 440 six pack or Hemi new Challenger Hellcat Roush 'stang for wife 2500 Ram diesel 4x4 just because everybody need a truck
  9. if in NY I might be able to get Freddy and his lady friend Minnie to come
  10. any Clint Eastwood spagetti western, Charles Bronson Death Wish series, too many to list
  11. never was able to hack ur fucking address CrockpotKF LOL maybe I should get zozo to sniff you out