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  1. 01mxz800

    Poor collusioners loloolololollol

    funny none of the usual crybabies have responded
  2. 01mxz800


    and that would be a second term, sorry 'bout your luck
  3. 01mxz800

    And the Wheels...

    you really are a steaming pile of shit, but not surprising coming from a bleeding cunt with nothing better to do with his miserable life. slither back to your "hot" wife,(probably Rosey palm) and get lost fucking loser
  4. 01mxz800

    America's christmas gift for 2019.

    you stupid fucks have been twisted for 2 years now, TRUMP 2020
  5. 01mxz800


    I see actionfigurebarbie and mcreacharound have upped their game on the needle moving return of prepubesantboyrider
  6. in our area we don't mind the sleds going out to beat the trails down a bit before groomers, we get a lot of lake effect snow in our area which needs to be beat down before we can groom it, the biggest challenge for us is the riders that go out before the trails open and get land owners all pissed off, I have already had 3 calls and have had to calm them down to prevent trails being closed for good, our trails open at sundown Dec 18, hope the snow holds off until then
  7. that sucks, best wishes to your family and to a great outcome
  8. if you guys think you have it rough try Tug Hill, every Fucker Hibbert wannabe goes up there and fucks thing up
  9. what the fuck is wrong with these little fuckers, those pics would have ended up in a private spank bank
  10. seems like he's miserable 24/7 365...………..pretty sad
  11. 01mxz800

    Here comes the temper tantrums.

    Will be epic
  12. 01mxz800

    Here comes the temper tantrums.

    The left has been having temper tantrums since November 2016
  13. considering some of the photos from the anti TRUMP rallies, gonna guess "Antifa/protester" left voter
  14. 01mxz800

    Double Damn!!!!111

    we used to buy live trees in buckets and have a hole dug and covered and plant after xmas but kids are gone so we don't do shit anymore