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  1. 01mxz800


    I have had Fisher, Westerns, Curtis and Boss I will take Boss or Curtis over Fisher and Western hands down, currently using Boss HTX for my plowing business
  2. 01mxz800

    Taser alternative?

    we need kneeshots take on this
  3. that would be a alternative reality spoon fed to you by the sheep herder
  4. 01mxz800

    The Benny Hill show

    as a Benny Hill fan that was funnypoor dems just keep digging the hole deeper, going to need a mining/quarry permit soon
  5. yeah but Biden is on tape bragging about it you dumb fuck, nice try though
  6. this will get a good leaving alone by the site liberal hacks
  7. penis550 roflmfao
  8. 01mxz800

    Bad news Booker fans

    fixed it for you
  9. 50* out today been trying different things with this new pellet grill, did some ribeyes using charcoal flavor pellets and damn, came out perfect only the old reliable Webber kettle has done the same results, I think I am done experimenting with pellets Pit Boss charcoal are the hands down winner
  10. 01mxz800

    Neil Peart dead at 67

    he sent only pictures to Geddy and Alex when he did that no letters, just pics along the way
  11. 01mxz800

    Neil Peart dead at 67

    saw RUSH several times over the years, awesome shows, sadly I missed the R40 tour RIP Neil