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  1. 01mxz800

    FS Vintage Sled Thread

    I know there is some minor difference between 340 singles and 335 but not sure what it is
  2. 01mxz800

    FS Vintage Sled Thread

    this is my $100 "72 340 fieabay find, cost me more to go to Pa. to get it than I paid for it. cleaned carb, fresh gas and plugs and fired on 3rd pull 1200 original miles with factory slide, only needs repro. seat to make it a unrestored classic. got to get reg for my state then can run on trails
  3. Pennzoil Plus semi-synthetic in my Doos for last 15 years no issues or fouled plugs and $20 a gal at autozone
  4. 01mxz800

    Any groomer operators here?

    hills are the problem but some of our operators like to partake while grooming which is why we are looking more towards limited slip over the full lockers, they might forget to disengage them and fuck something up
  5. 01mxz800

    Any groomer operators here?

    yup NH tractor conversion, LMC and Bell units here just sold NH and bought a tucker, we are discussing whether or not to put air lockers or limited slip units in tucker
  6. 01mxz800

    dolly wheels

    I got a set of pnumatic dolly wheels for the 1st gen('03-'07) revs, they slip into the open spindles work great will add pics later $30+ shipping. no longer have that model rev so cant use any more
  7. 01mxz800

    First snowmobile?

    first '70 12/3 Ski-doo that I bought in '75 with lawn mowing money for $150, next was a Tnt 340 which I bought, while not the same one I have a '72 Tnt 340 that I picked up off ebay 4
  8. 01mxz800

    Getting ready for the season

    got wash wax and grease......and polish then sit on it making engine noises until the snow flies
  9. 01mxz800

    Getting ready for the season

    sweet sled
  10. 01mxz800

    Can you snowmobile from home?

    1/4 mile from my house is the trail, my street is a designated snowmobile route in and out of town, and I maintain and groom this section for our club so I have it made when we get snow
  11. used to ride 1500-2000, but with fucked up winters the last few years been lucky to get a fraction of that. My '15 sled which was 1st new sled I ever bought has less than 1k after 2 seasons
  12. 01mxz800

    First snowmobile?

    you ass dave on above post LOL