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  1. What's for dinner???

    well were waiting' do them taters yet slacker
  2. Eclipse

    your butthurt is off the charts asshole you really should seek your safe place, going to be a tough 8 years for you
  3. fresh garden veggies

    I usually have a 30x70 garden so I can can shit and sell a little bit but with all the rain this year I only got a few cukes planted a d some tomatoes, I usually plant peas, beans, tomatoes, cukes, brussel sprouts and a few varieties of peppers
  4. I got it bad!!!!!11

    i'am thinking more like the boozed up crop duster pilot in Independence Day
  5. What's for dinner???

    fried spam sammies or eggs
  6. I got it bad!!!!!11

    The Curtis Wright museum is 45 mins from me in Hammondsport NY
  7. What's for dinner???

    boil them taters yet CrockpotKF?
  8. I would bet the only thing you would have stones enough to slit would be a roll or a bun
  9. so how much of my tax dollars was wasted on helping your family "move up and contribute", are we paying for your senile end of life care now?
  10. pig's blood.

    rumor has it that Gen. Pershing executed 49 muslims back in the day and the firing squad dipped their bullets in pigs blood, there was 50 scheduled to be off but let 1 go to tell the tale to the rest of the scumbags
  11. What's for dinner???

    They have that brand at Walmart here and they are good