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  1. If More....

    prepubesantboyrider probably hasn't handled anything more than a Red Rider as far as a firearm goes
  2. Owned

    here is a number kneal, 15,000/month
  3. maybe they found something on shillary and are writing their suicide notes
  4. good fucking riddince to that old fucking hag, been nothing but boo hoo's on local news
  5. the wall visit.....

    for a brief moment I thought that MAYBE this thread was going to be about Roger Waters and his The Wall tour but I was sadly mistaken
  6. Repug Jeebus...

    I don't think it will take Trump getting re-elected, my be sooner if the mid-terms don't work out for him
  7. sadly this 1, need a good laugh with my morning coffee
  8. expected answer from the site dumbfuck, not a surprise though
  9. and you seem to be an expert on everything, serious question what do you do and who do you do it for? you act like you know the steel industry and now gas and oil industry where is your expertise,