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  1. 01mxz800

    600 Pounds of Pure Bullshit

    pretty sure bhen would be in custody by the secret service moments after his arrival
  2. 01mxz800

    The day collusion died.

  3. 01mxz800

    Sexy merc

    more like '58 or '59
  4. 01mxz800

    Official Weekend Thread

    link to the polaris550fag banning please, need some good reading. Thanks in advance
  5. Because the report says so IMO you are such a partisan hack you will never accept anything except what you are told. accept the findings and move on before your heart gives out or your head explodes
  6. I got to give you credit, you are going to follow this narrative right to the depths of hell
  7. The Mueller report pretty much did that you stupid fucking idiot
  8. 01mxz800

    And it begins

    About 90k tons of mix coming out of our Syracuse plants alone, doesn't include Binghamton, Litchfield and Phoenix plants which is Barrett paving materials NYC, Norwood is part of NY northern
  9. 01mxz800

    2018 tax fucking

    NYS is a dem run money pit, but we got more back this year in both state and fed
  10. surprise visit from Freddy today, grilled some ribs, stuffed peppers and some marinated chicken, sadly Minnie couldn't make it as she was working to pay off some cheap fuckers unpaid toll...…….again