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  1. PA is good, saw some big fuckers in N Dakota when I was there
  2. Maybe the cop was trying to shoot him in the knee cap but his sights are off
  3. My wife and daughter are both on their second Kia, 1st we're 08 Sorentos and now 16 Sportages, absolutely great vehicles
  4. drywall up and mud sanded ready for..........oooops wrong wall
  5. invoice received and paid, don't want a mark on my credit score
  6. and the dumb cunt is still blaming everybody but herself for her CRUSHING loss you mindless stupid fuck
  7. says the dumb fuck that was manipulated into thinking slithery was the best canidate and had the election in the bag "wire to wire"
  8. Well there's the one, and then there's and let's not forget about, and that other one
  9. I would have banged Dixie macoy
  10. Bugs splattering on my windshield and my fuel guage moving, faster than the needle moving by blowrider