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  1. Yesterday I met one of my coworker's out with his sled. He picked up a 2019 skidoo summit ayefiddy. Told me to give it a go. We were in a lake so I just booted around for a couple mins. Holy fuck was that thing fast. When I got back I said to him "I thought we were friends". He said "we are". I said "not anymore, you just probably costed me some large $$". Lol

    So when I got home last night I started looking at faster sleds. 

    I was trying to find a 2011 crossfire like ssfb's but there was only one guy on Kijiji in Alberta selling one and he wants $5800 for a 9 year old machine. Fuck that.

    I really don't want to get rid of my Polaris, but fuck me is this thing slow. And they didn't make a fast one worth owning till way later lol.

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  2. 1 hour ago, f7ben said:

    I was at pool when you texted the other night....forgot to get back to you.

    Take a sawzall and cut the top of the spring block off flush with the spring rod.

    then you can load and unload the spring easily. It’s the best way with those skids

    All good. 

    You wouldn't happen to know why the speedometer would be all over the place? Like the needle and digital, doesn't matter. It is horribly inaccurate and bounces around

  3. 25 minutes ago, SVT MXZ XRS said:

    I'm assuming you mean torsion spring when you slider. 


    That's how I do them on my Doo's.  If you try and leave tension on the springs, it's pretty much impossible to do by yourself.  Unbolt the blocks from the rail and take the tension off the torsion spring and it's a piece of cake :bc:

    Yes I ment torsion spring lol. My Polaris' have a slide block that you can snap the torsion spring onto. The Arctic Cat like in the picture has a block that the spring goes into. But clearly I wasn't firing on all cylinders last night lol.

    And it was an absolute bitch of a job to do by myself lmao.

  4. 1 hour ago, Reevester said:

    It's the exact same on a cat. Unsprung springs and bolt it into the tunnel. Take a pry bar and set the springs on the blocks. Easy and I've done it hundreds of times on my own and from the time I was 15-16. Done several trailside or in hotel parking lots. :lol:

    They have the stupid blocks that the sider fits into, not on.



    But upon more rational thinking, that may work with unbolting the slide blocks. But for some reason I wasn't seeing it yesterday. It is highly possible I was doing it wrong lol.


  5. 2 minutes ago, SVT MXZ XRS said:

    Easiest way to get rear shocks back into the rear skid, and to get the skid back into the chassis is with the torsion springs unsprung.  Slide it into the  front bolt hole locations first then the rear. Once in, then re attach the torsion springs to the rails.   At least that's the easiest way to do them on a SkiDoo. That's how I've always done them :dunno:

    Arctic Cat thought it was a great idea to be different and made that method impossible lol.

  6. 38 minutes ago, Edmo said:

    They make a tool for those springs, but yeah I’ve done it many times by hand. 

    So it wasn't just me then. That is good lol.

    Well the shock rebuild and revalve was the ticket. It soaks up the bumps now. It runs good. Almost makes me want to dump my sled for one like ssfb's. Almost....

    There has to be a bunch of suspension geometry off on my IQ for it to ride as terrible as it does. I just wish I understood suspension set up. This cf6 would absolutely destroy my SB D7. On trail, on the lake, doesn't matter.

  7. Well I put the rear suspension back in the cf6 tonight. What an absolute pile of shit that job is to do. I don't know what cat was thinking or I was doing wrong but fuck me was that rear shock hard to install. Took everything I had to put it in while trying to manage the torsion springs. Then to install the torsion springs in to the slides..... Almost had an insurance claim lol.

    Then putting the skid into the chassis was another prick of a job. Now I was was out in the snow doing it so it was less than ideal conditions but still. Those rear bolts were horrible to line up. I may have flattened some threads but they tightened up and that is all that matters lmao.

    Going for a test ride after dinner.

  8. I own two RHD. They do have downsides but depending on what you are looking at, fantastic bang for buck, especially compared to North American Cars.

    My brother in law has a RHD as well. So the usdm 2001-2005 Lexus ls430 is around $13,000cad used in Alberta. That is with 200,000+ kms. He picked up a 2001 Toyota celsior with 82,000kms on it and not a speck of rust anywhere, pretty close to a mint 2001 car for $5000 cad sitting in his driveway shipped from Japan. It is identical to the ls430. 

    So say what you want about rhd. 90% of the people against them have never owned one or driven one for more than 20 minutes. 

    I have owned my rhd 1997 WRX for over 4 years now. I got it at 89,000 kms and it now has 211,000. It has been an amazing car and it is still my daily. No plans on ever getting rid of it.

  9. So for those of you that are not familiar with the 1998-2002 Nissan R34 GTR, a quick run down. It is a 2.6L straight 6 twin turbo, 6 speed manual, AWD, with all wheel steering (optional depending on what level of gtr).

    It is a halo car made super famous in North America by Paul Walker in the early fast and the furious movies. It was never made available in North America or any similar crossover model. 

    It is a stellar car for its time but has been blown into outer space by fanbois with too much money. 10 years ago you could pick up a decent one for around $30,000 cad shipped from Japan. 

    This one sold at auction in Japan last night. It is probably a 2001-2002. The V spec 2 version is track orientated version but not the most hard core. It has 5,700 original kms and it's auction grade is 5/A which means it is basically as good as brand new. The Bayside blue colour is very sought after. 

    It sold for $246,000 cad last night. What the fuck........ 

    I love me some 90's Japanese sports cars but that is full retard.

    Unfortunately they are all going this way because they are inching closer to legal for import in to the USA and you guys have a lot of people with either too much money or easy access to too much money lol.

    A lot of importers up here are offering free storage in Canada until the car becomes legal for usa import. Since we only have a 15 year (25 for Quebec) import ban where you guys have a 25 year ban.

    Crazy ass shit.



  10. 18 minutes ago, Angry ginger said:

    44k in the land of bald eagles and freedom.  



    Still too much as far as I am concerned. A couple of year ago I went truck shopping with a buddy and at both ford and chev, they were telling us you couldn't buy a V8 4 door 4x4 half ton for too much less than $45,000 cad. To me that is pants on head retarded. New vehicle prices are ridiculous but because you can get them on 12 year payments, idiots keep buying them. As long as there is an ass for every seat, the prices will continue to climb.

  11. 10 hours ago, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said:

    Yup. Lol, @Beavis and Butt-Head, the link you gave had suggestions at the bottom. 50in 4K smart tv = 300 bucks. :bc:

    might actually pick that bad Larry up to replace my current monitor, that’s a great deal...

    Samsung 50" LED NU6900 Series 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV UN50NU6900FXZA 2019Dell Price$294.99

    I just picked up the 55" NU6900 from Costco on their "boxing week" sale and I was $513cad otd.

    It is pretty good. Way better than my old 50" 1080p lol. But I am a cheap mother fucker and refuse to pay more than $550 for a tv.

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  12. Put my first trail miles on in 5 years. First time in a trail with either of these sleds. 

    Trails were hard as a rock and bombed more often than not. Did some lake running as well. Finally got to stretch the legs. 

    So my 08 D7 was topped out at 7900 rpm at 76 mph. It had nothing left to give. On the low end it is snappy and picks the skis up nice and it a ton of fun but zero top end. It was twitchy as a mother fucker on the hard pack. Every corner when on the throttle, the inside ski would lift up way to much and try to throw you off. It is an absolute handful. Also a pig on fuel. I have never owned a sled so bad on fuel, I don't understand why.

    The 07 cf6 was way faster then the Polaris. It wasn't even fair on the lake. Pisses me off lol. Unfortunately the rear shocks are toast and bottom out all the time. Going to get them rebuilt this week. But what a great trail machine. So easy to be fast on the trails. Way less effort then the Polaris. Will be even better with the rear shocks rebuilt.

    Unfortunately I only took one picture.


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