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  1. Frostynuts

    Did he really do it?

    It,s one thing to be awarded a settlement, it,s another huge thing to actually collect on that settlement. Does anyone have proof that the settlement was actually paid out and collected, since it isn,t the courts duty to make sure it was paid and collected ?
  2. What happened to the old turdo one. Why aren,t you still riding it ?e
  3. Gotta love it, Trump making dumb americans, grate, again.
  4. Frostynuts

    Oh Lindsey....

    She has had so much big black kock, I would guess her hips have spread another couple of inches. Anyone that can put up with P.K. Subban deserves to get stuck with him, for life. No use fukking up 2 good familes, they deserve each other. Must be a great ego booster for subban to have her purpose to him, rather than the other way around.
  5. If buying a used sled from a private party, how do you make sure that there are no liens or loans against the sled ?
  6. What ever happened to JR, after his blurb about having a threesome with the slutty Kathryn Tappen ?
  7. Yup, spent a year in the D. R. way back in 1974. Local life was cheap. Lots of corruption, including the cops. When cops make the same wages as hookers and maids, not much wonder they are corrupt to make some extra cash. The locals are starting to get ugly in the last few years since all the fat americans started going their to bang their young underage women and flash their huge wads of cash.
  8. Frostynuts


    How much was the pay per view to watch that fight ? Bar owners won,t be happy. LOL
  9. Frostynuts

    MLB Hammers Astros

    It is used to relay signals to the batter to let him know what type of pitch is coming.
  10. He,ll probably be suing for lack of scratch and sniff next, right after he wins the first case. LOL
  11. Any piece of machinery is only as good as the operator. To many kids watch video games, jump on the real thing, and think they are still playing a video game. I see many more Darwin Award winners in the next decade or two.
  12. At least he only killed himself, and not some innocent folks trying to enjoy the day !
  13. Frostynuts

    Parker 225

    Hey Tom, what does Billy do for a living ? Must be nice to stroke those checks on a whim. LOL
  14. Frostynuts

    Parker 225

    Awesome pictures and stuff Tom. Are you hanging around for the next race in 2 weeks ?
  15. Frostynuts

    Hellcat for the win!!!!

    Yep, great penis enlargers.