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  1. Frostynuts

    Chair throwing bitch

    Rumor has it she bought an 850 Polaris, and on day 7 of ownership, it is having starting issues, low compression, and the oil line blew off. The final straw was when it locked up, and she had to walk 5 miles thru a bear infested forest, to get to the nearest road, where she flagged down a sympathetic Cat owner, who gave her a ride home. She is now in the process of trying to sue Polaris, for endangering her life. Everyone has a breaking point.
  2. Frostynuts

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I laugh at all the idiots that say they have something with too much power. If you don,t have the disciple to control the throttle, and the brake, don,t buy it. Nothing says you have to run a sled at full pin, all the fukking time. It,s nice to have the power on tap, if the conditions and location allow you to give it a full squeeze. I run a sled with 240 HP. It goes 30 mph thru twisty trails without a problem. If you want to pass your buddies on a lake, it can also do that, without any problems as well.
  3. Frostynuts

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Grow some balls, and get a Sidewinder. You,re a very slow learner. LOL Did you ever sell your other 2 sleds ?
  4. Frostynuts

    pilot skis wanted

    How wide are they ? Will they fit my 2013 turbo cat ?
  5. Frostynuts

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    How would she know where you,re getting it ? Do you talk in your sleep ?
  6. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    The shield is non electric, but the helmet is suppose to get hot inside, and does have a nice red safety light that is very visable on the back of it, when it is plugged in.
  7. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    Yup, for all 3 kms. And my electric shield worked great the whole time as well, unlike the 700 dollar doo lids. LOL.
  8. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    Tons of snow and awesome trails along the St. Lawrance Seaway. Had to cut our day short to-day to about 3 kms cause all the guys with the new doo 700 dollar helmets couldn,t keep the freezing rain melted on their faceshield. Was a shocker to all the guys that have them, and they weren,t very happy about it. You wouldn,t want to get caught far away from home in freezing rain wearing one, cause you would basically have to drive with the shield up to see the trail. A heads up to anyone that owns one.
  9. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    Rode a 150 mile loop with an 850 Polaris yesterday. Surprisingly, no tow rope required. Gonna give it another chance to blow it up again to-day. LOL
  10. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    Not a chance anyone with an 850 Polaris could hand anyone with a turbo cat or Yamaha their ass. I haven,t rode with Mel this year yet, but I have dragged many of his previous Polaris sleds to roads where we could load them onto a trailer. LOL I actually hate seeing any sledders have problems with their sleds, especially brand new ones. Kinda tough to enjoy the day, if anyone has to be worrying about sled reliability. Nice to see the trails around Eastern Ontario finally getting enough snow to get the trails open and groomed.
  11. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    Your brother must of got one of the few good ones. Lots of carnage happening with those 850 motors. Glad to see you made the right choice staying with your 800. LOL
  12. They are going to need that, and more. Since the dealers won,t be taking them back on trade ins next year, all the owners will be stuck with them, so it,s a great idea to get that extra years warranty. Hopefully, they will add a 24/7 help line and trailside assistance. I,m mean, stuff like when they receive an I,m broken downcall, bring me a replacement sled, and come and pick up this POS. 500 in Polaris cash, that,s a great way to keep the Poolaris crowd, buying Polaris. How about some real American cash, instead, to be spent by the sled owner, as they see fit. Seems like they are afraid customers might make a deposit on another brand sled. LOL
  13. Frostynuts

    Mach 1 name could return for 2020 ?

    Yup, kinda like the Poolaris Storm. LOL
  14. Frostynuts


    In case you haven,t noticed, some guys on here just pull speed numbers and hp numbers out of their arse. Nice to see that there are a few who actually post pictures of dyno runs, and true GPS speeds, and pictures of the trophies they actually win at sanctioned races.