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  1. Leafs 2016-2018

    Pleasantly surprised to see the Leafs hanging in, and forcing game 7. Great experience for their young guns. All the pressure is definitely on Boston for game 7.
  2. Spring 2018

    Who or what is GUMP ?
  3. Crocs

    Since croc season is shortly upon us, how do you guys keep your feet from sweating, and stinking, while wearing crocs ?
  4. Leafs 2016-2018

    He has been practicing his golf swing, and is ready to have the summer off. I can imagine just how pissed off Babcock must be towards him. Doubt if he is going to be much of a game changer.
  5. All the players hate him as well, EXCEPT the guys that are on his team. Great player, that certainly knows how to get under other players skin.
  6. Leafs 2016-2018

    Oddsmakers have Vegas as favorites to win the Cup. Wouldn,t that be a story for the ages IF that happened. Leafs will be golfing after Saturday night. They,ve already got the bulk up and toughen up kits on order for all their kids. They will come back stronger next year, and will make it past the first round.
  7. If they actually all raced totally stock sleds, winning that race might mean something for the manufacturer. Considering they all beef up their sleds to be strong as a fukking bulldozer, really doesn,t say much about the quality of the stock sleds, and engines. To bad all the manufacturers don,t have the balls to put their sleds in a TOTALLY FACTORY STOCK grueling race like this, and see how far each brand could actually make it. Fuel and oil, that,s it. Not even a spare belt. Then the results might mean something, until then, these races are more about the folks that prep them, and run them, than the machines themselves.
  8. Good to see the Ducks are done like dinner. Should be a great series between Vegas and San Jose.
  9. Sounds like he went to the same school as our fucktard leader.
  10. How much money is an extra home game worth to Boston, since they let Toronto win one in their barn ?
  11. Awesome to see Vegas doing so well. Doughty might have played his last game in L.A. I hear Toronto calling.
  12. Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    Looks like spring will be here very soon, as soon as they play their last 2 games. Then the boys will be ready for golf.
  14. Things that are fucking gross

    Awesome Don, if you don,t mind me asking, what did that huge lake and house cost you way back then ? I didn,t even know you could buy a lake ? How long and how wide was it ?
  15. Looks like the biggest series upset, so far. Nice to see L.A. getting their ass kicked as well.