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  1. Frostynuts


    Awesome win for the Blues. Probably one of the greatest runs from dead last in January to Stanley Cup champs in June.
  2. Frostynuts


    Lots of great hockey, and upsets so far. I would love to see Washington get beat out in the first round, to really open it up so every other team would have a chance to win the cup.
  3. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    About the same value as a 2019 poolaris 850. Not bad.
  4. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    Glad they won that award, in exchange for giving the magazine the most advertising dollars. Any idea how much lesser depreciation they would have if they didn,t win that award ? I,m guessing they would be worth about 40 % of the new cost after 1 years depreciation, instead of 50 % where they were before this awesome award.
  5. Frostynuts

    Frosty Nuts Turbo burn down?

    Mine ran perfect all season, at 240 HP. All cleaned up and polished, waiting for another great season next year. On the other hand, the 850 poo in our group ran like a 440, trying to carry 250 pounds of sand. 2019 poo 850, unmatched trade in value @ 50 % of new.
  6. Frostynuts

    New Doos'

    Why are you going up on the Poolaris 850, after only one season ?
  7. Frostynuts

    Polaris takes Iron Dog

    Apparently, they had a Poolaris body, with a reliable Cat engine in that sled. Was this a Poolaris only sled event ? Asking for a friend.
  8. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    Hey Poncho, from your evasive answer, I take it your brother does have all the issues I mentioned above, but being a Polaris loyalist, you just didn,t want to speak badly about a Polaris product with issues. LOL
  9. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    How come you didn,t answer the questions I asked, about your brothers 850 ? LOL
  10. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    You don,t need brakes on a 4 stroke, IF you know how to drive. What great Cat do you own ? I agree they are all junk. Some just become junk much quicker than others. Not much to a brake system. Can you not figure out where the problem is ? Lots of poolaris panties knotted up in a bunch this weekend. Hopefully it,s the rainy weather cause the itch. How many other poolaris owners have the 60 mph bog, when you try to accelerate from that speed at around 5000 to 5500 RPM ? And don,t be shy about telling the truth, it won,t hurt. And, WTF is the humungous rattle with the starter every time you try and start the poolaris 850 sleds ? Sounds like someone rattling a can of marbles.
  11. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    When you are use to riding a 4 stroke, with 240 HP on tap, and tons of torque, don,t think that one is going to cut it. And the real killer is, it,s a 2 stroke, which I would never own again. Out riding with a new 850 Poolaris the last couple of days. That thing, when you punch it at around 60 mph, is deader than a skunk that has been run over by an 18 wheeler. No wonder Poo has come out with a new tune for those P.O.S.. The good news is, at least we didn,t have to tow it home. And just to rub it in a little more, I get about 4-5 liters better gas mileage on every fill-up. That,s got them scratching their heads a little. LOL
  12. Frostynuts

    Chair throwing bitch

    Rumor has it she bought an 850 Polaris, and on day 7 of ownership, it is having starting issues, low compression, and the oil line blew off. The final straw was when it locked up, and she had to walk 5 miles thru a bear infested forest, to get to the nearest road, where she flagged down a sympathetic Cat owner, who gave her a ride home. She is now in the process of trying to sue Polaris, for endangering her life. Everyone has a breaking point.
  13. Frostynuts

    pilot skis wanted

    How wide are they ? Will they fit my 2013 turbo cat ?
  14. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    The shield is non electric, but the helmet is suppose to get hot inside, and does have a nice red safety light that is very visable on the back of it, when it is plugged in.
  15. Frostynuts

    Polaris 850

    Yup, for all 3 kms. And my electric shield worked great the whole time as well, unlike the 700 dollar doo lids. LOL.