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  1. Hey Irv, cann,t your wife get you a GM discount ?
  2. The most traumatic part for me was having to be in the passenger seat, while the boss was driving me home from Ottawa. LOL
  3. You mean while she is sleeping, and snoring, and shaking, at the same time ??????
  4. Frostynuts

    Birch point

    Hey Poncho, good to see you back on here. I wish I had back all the cost of replacement pistons I have put into 2 strokes over the last 45 years. LOL Now I,m loving the heavy old 4 strokes, gas and go, forever.
  5. Got it done about 10 years ago. Kinda dreaded going in, but once I woke up in the hospital room, and could actually breath thru my nose, I felt it was well worth it. Zero pain. Awesome doctor. They don,t want you to be driving yourself home once you are released, so make sure someone drives you there and picks you up after surgery.
  6. Frostynuts

    Birch point

    If that,s true, I,m surprised there are any dealers, from all brands left. That stuff has been going on, at ALL DEALERS, forever.
  7. Frostynuts

    Amsnow Shootout

    I,m not sure how many of you guys have actually been to the site of the shoot-out, but there is zero way there to actually measure how good or bad a sled runs. The ever changing conditions do not allow consistant launches, from one sled to another. It,s a bull dozed laneway, out in a rough field. IF it was held on ice, or pavement, you would actually be able to see more consistant runs, from all sleds. This event is great for drinking beer, eating hot dogs and burgers, and teasing your buds, but does absolutely nothing to determine quickest or fastest sleds. I,ve see runs were sleds hook up and go, and I,ve seen 20 ft roostertails of mud and snow. Zero hook-up consistantzy. Being brand loyal to zero brands, I,m not making excuses for any brand. The winners just happened to have the luck of launching better than others. They are all very close, and I,m sure real results of running your buddies will differ, from day to day.
  8. Frostynuts

    Amsnow Shootout

    There are at least 20 variables on every launch, especially on shit conditions like that track. Pavement, or new ice, is more consistant.. I,ve been to that track and watched them launch many times. Every launch is different, even thou the driver is the same guy. I really don,t give a rats ass who wins, cause I,m brand loyal to none of them. Like I said, different day, different venue, different results.
  9. Frostynuts

    ****2018/19 NHL THREAD!!!********

    Did you see that Mariner and Mathews are going to be doing a guest appearance on the play, The Nutcracker, boys in tights, WTF. LOL
  10. Frostynuts

    ****2018/19 NHL THREAD!!!********

    They will do ok during the regular season, but when it comes down to crunch time, I,ll be very surprised if the are tough even, mentally and physically. Did you see you Detroit played them the other night ? Who is going to protect the stars ? They need a Wilson type guy like Washington has, somone that can play, and is tough and mean.
  11. Frostynuts

    Amsnow Shootout

    As most smart men know, these results don,t really mean much, and probably will vary widely, once the sleds get into the hands of the masses.. However all the posers will take it as gospel and brag and argue like grade 3 school kids......
  12. Frostynuts

    Birch point

    Unfortunately, all the brands want their dealers to go bigger and bigger, and stock more and more inventory. Really tough on folks close to retirement, that aren,t ready to invest millions and millions.
  13. Amazing how stupid young kids are these days. STFU
  14. Like anything, only the best cheaters win.
  15. Frostynuts

    2010 polaris rush 600

    He,s probably to busy reading up on all the Poolaris 850 sleds that are blowing up, or won,t even fukking start. LOL