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  1. Winter 2018

    Yup, badly ! What is the best cure for lack of snow anxiety ? LOL
  2. Winter 2018

    Patiently waiting for some nice pics, including engine bay .
  3. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Hi Sean, Thanks for getting back to me . That,s why I ask you this stuff, so we can put rumors to bed quickly. Awesome, guess I can go ahead and price out a new Yamaha Sidewinder. LOL And if I ever get the chance to meet up with you, I will get you that rye and ginger, but I might have to sneak into the bush to mix it up for you. LOL
  4. Winter 2018

    Doo riders, every one of them. That kinda tells you something right there. Probably would of been able to water skip that if they would have been riding 4 stroke cats. LOL
  5. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Hi Sean, While having breakfast with our riding group this morning, it was mentioned that there are some new laws out regarding sledding, basically if we got caught going 50kph over the speed limit on our sleds, we could be charged with careless driving and the sled could be impounded, and our license could be suspended. IS all of this true, I can see the fine, but all the other stuff ? I sure hope not. LOL
  6. Retarded Kijiji Ad's

    Was that monster built by onetoomanybenny ? Kinda surprised it isn,t being parted out.
  7. Sellers Market - Homes

    Interesting you mentioned this. My brother in law worked with many French guys in Montreal, and he told me way back in 1980 or so that the goal of every guy he worked with was to die with as much insured debt as possible. They all stretched their credit as far as possible, with zero interest in actually paying anything off. Anytime they purchased anything, the standard question was, how low can you get my payment. Worst case, if they couldn,t make a payment, the item would get re=possessed, but by then, they were ready to move on to something else anyways. Kinda makes you wonder who is better off, they sure live every day like it is their last. LOL
  8. Winter 2018

    Toronto groomers eh. Are they those Brampton turbine guys grooming the 401 as their trucks are sliding sideways on the white sand ? LOL
  9. Winter 2018

    You,re a smart man ! Our fukking winters suck. I thought I would give it a chance this one more winter. Florida is calling.
  10. Winter 2018

    Yup. Going to be some tremendous deals on new sleds of all brands very shortly. Hopefully all the sled dealers don,t commit suicide in the next week or so. What a fukking disaster. A winter home in Florida is starting to look like the way to go, from here on in.
  11. Winter 2018

  12. Just Might Be Done With Sledding

    Must be kinda tricky towing a bike out ? I got towed out riding a bike out on gravel road, pretty squirrely, I would think a bike on snow must be even worse.
  13. Trail Permits

    Did you make sure these aren,t the KIJIJI ones ? LOL
  14. Sled wont start??

    Fukking Yamacrap. Glad I don,t own one of those heavy pigs. LOL
  15. Sled wont start??

    Oh ya, I forgot about that. LOL