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  1. Frostynuts

    Coming up for sale

    How much are you asking for it ? And where is it located ?
  2. Frostynuts

    Shop Building Advice

    Whatever size you think you need now, double it, especially if you are planning on staying there for a long time. It hurts the cash flow for a bit now, but you won,t regret that decision down the road, when you realize you should of went bigger, right from the start.
  3. Frostynuts

    Looking for a car for my son.

    Hey Irv, don,t you already have an old Monty you could give him ? LOL What about v6 mustangs ?
  4. Frostynuts


    Did you forget to post the asking price ?
  5. Frostynuts

    Leafs 2016-2018

    What I mean by them not having enough heart is, certain players, like Jason Spezza, for example, do well during the regular season, but when they have to play and compete at the next level, which is the playoffs, they don,t have the extra in them to give it that extra push required. When they start getting checked much closer, and start getting hit hard every time they are near the puck, they start shying away from going there. I kinda got a feeling that Marner, Nylander and Mathews are going to fall in that same category as Spezza. Hopefully I am wrong, but they don,t seem to have enough win at all costs in them. They got a good taste of what the playoffs are all about this round, hopefully next year they can at least get into the second round. And I agree with you on needing a lot of help on the blueline.
  6. Frostynuts

    Leafs 2016-2018

    The excuses should start flowing shortly, and will continue until the playoffs are over. Maybe if enough of the leafs watch how the jets play with heart, and determination, they will be better in the playoffs next year, and might actually make it out of the first round.
  7. Frostynuts

    Leafs 2016-2018

    Yup, some players have it only during regular season, when the going is easier. Others seem to be able to rise in the playoffs, when it goes to another level. Time will tell, how each rookie is going to turn out. Winning to-night would be a huge confidence booster for Toronto.
  8. Frostynuts

    Leafs 2016-2018

    Pleasantly surprised to see the Leafs hanging in, and forcing game 7. Great experience for their young guns. All the pressure is definitely on Boston for game 7.
  9. Frostynuts

    Spring 2018

    Who or what is GUMP ?
  10. Frostynuts

    Leafs 2016-2018

    He has been practicing his golf swing, and is ready to have the summer off. I can imagine just how pissed off Babcock must be towards him. Doubt if he is going to be much of a game changer.
  11. Frostynuts

    Leafs 2016-2018

    Oddsmakers have Vegas as favorites to win the Cup. Wouldn,t that be a story for the ages IF that happened. Leafs will be golfing after Saturday night. They,ve already got the bulk up and toughen up kits on order for all their kids. They will come back stronger next year, and will make it past the first round.
  12. Frostynuts

    Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    Looks like spring will be here very soon, as soon as they play their last 2 games. Then the boys will be ready for golf.
  13. Frostynuts

    Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    Sounds like all you ,re missing is a cuddly women. LOL
  14. Frostynuts

    Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    Is that Puzzlers doo ?
  15. Frostynuts

    2 more boards in the big chute

    Kinda nice to see there won,t be another fuck-up by the dumb decision makers that messed up so bad last year.