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  1. bladefever

    Almost as ugly as the new Skidoo’s

    Must be a brave man. To ride that SS standing up with a 21" ski stance.
  2. bladefever

    Almost as ugly as the new Skidoo’s

    Sounded like a bad case of " Turbo lag "
  3. bladefever

    Almost as ugly as the new Skidoo’s

    Opposed twin with single carb?
  4. bladefever

    Almost as ugly as the new Skidoo’s

    That 7 hp might be a little high...... Rugged well built sleds back in the day. Seen a few at Peterborough show in rough shape. And guys buying them.
  5. bladefever

    2020 Permits

    Almost like the LCBO calling you at home. Telling you they put 4 bottles of Canadian Club in your bag by mistake. And would like you to return them....please
  6. bladefever

    2020 Permits

    My two permits showed up this week. Also a hand written note asking me to stay off F.S. Not sure what to do? Going to flip a coin. Think I would miss all the bitching, crying, whinning and thread derailing.
  7. bladefever

    BRP Dealer in Toronto

    Im not sure if its always a case of not giving a shit. The kid/ flunky working on your new rocket rides a " full mod " 97 ditch banger. And typically he has no real experience on what your sled requires to run 100%. Add in the fact he's lucky to make $24/ hr while the shop rate is north of $90/hr. He can't afford to own a new rocket. The PDI setup manual is just a guide. And should only be used as a baseline. Riding a poorly setup/ PDI'd sled will sour most riders.
  8. bladefever

    BRP Dealer in Toronto

    I think after reading all these horror stories with these new improved sleds. I'm just going to grease my boggie wheels and order a Tillson HD rebuild kit for my Boa Ski off Amazon......
  9. bladefever

    BRP Dealer in Toronto

    Is the Dragon lady still around.... Vera
  10. bladefever

    BRP Dealer in Toronto

    I think George sold Rupps until they closed in the mid 70's. Then came the Moto Skis until BRP closed them in the mid 80's. I think this is when he picked up Yamaha. George would show up at the grass drags on his Lamborghini.
  11. bladefever

    BRP Dealer in Toronto

    Will have to give George a call. He dropped Yamaha back in the late 90's. So he's selling Arctic Cats now. I mean Yamaha's?
  12. bladefever

    BRP Dealer in Toronto

    What happened to Snow City?
  13. bladefever

    New Tele scam or new to me?

    It will just send you to another person who will try and get your personal info. Give them a bogus name and sin #. I'm sure your name is Donald J Trump....
  14. bladefever

    Ran into a New Scam today

    They must really like me....
  15. bladefever

    Need a radiator welded in the city(Toronto)

    Copper or aluminum rad