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  1. bladefever

    Chair throwing bitch

    I'm thinking you will need to disinfect the room.... After you study those pictures. Available on Amazon....
  2. bladefever

    First snowmobile?

    Also they did a commercial on a roller coaster. I think it was the Flyer at the CNE. Moto Ski built tough.....
  3. bladefever

    First snowmobile?

    Yeah the HP clutch wasn't very durable. Had to relocate the polar fire off the engine. The heat would kill them. 73 had the aluminum front frame. 74 were steel and not as prone to cracking. Had to remove the suspension to rivet the sliders on. Which were very thin replaced them with Ski Roule sliders about 3x as thick as the skidoo ones. The F/A was my first and only Skidoo. The Midnight Blue Express was the only sensible option..... .
  4. bladefever

    First snowmobile?

    My first sled 71 Moto ski Capri 338. A 30 mile ride without a break down wasn't very common. I'm sure my suit had more fuel drenched in the crotch then what went into the engine. Could wear out a glove in one week... Constantly adjusting the high speed jet on the carb. Next up was in a whole different ball game. 74 340 F/A.
  5. bladefever

    Sledding Winter 19

    More snow guessing at a good foot. And still getting 🔨
  6. bladefever

    Sledding Winter 19

    About 3" so far. G lake just north of Six mile.
  7. bladefever

    New here.

    Welcome to the site. I will send you a personal PM with a list of 495 names of guys to avoid listening to....
  8. bladefever

    Spark Plugs

    I always run Bosch A7 in everything I own. Regardless of heat range or thread size.... Bonus they come with a Bosch sticker....
  9. bladefever

    Sledding Winter 19

    Sudbury after the freezing rain.
  10. bladefever

    Sledding Winter 19

    How far did you get...... Lol
  11. bladefever

    Dirty carbs

    Just regular unleaded fuel nothing special for the Red Rat. I should have taken a picture of the float bowls and carb bodies. Both were clean. Only the brass parts had turned black. You can see some marks on the float arm from a screwdriver I used. The carbs were cleaned before the start of last year.