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  1. bladefever

    New Tele scam or new to me?

    It will just send you to another person who will try and get your personal info. Give them a bogus name and sin #. I'm sure your name is Donald J Trump....
  2. bladefever

    Ran into a New Scam today

    They must really like me....
  3. bladefever

    Need a radiator welded in the city(Toronto)

    Copper or aluminum rad
  4. bladefever

    Sledding Winter 19

    Increases the value of the machine on Kijiji.... "Clean one owner runs mint price is firm no low ballers "......
  5. bladefever

    Sledding Winter 19

    End of season sled wash down...
  6. bladefever

    Sledding Winter 19

    Yes. He had it shipped from N.W.T. Said 500 mile range on a tank if fuel. Very well built sled. Polaris primary with a Team secondary. Weight.... He said close to 800 Lb
  7. bladefever

    Sledding Winter 19

    Honey harbour today. Something a little different. 3 cylinder turbo diesel.
  8. bladefever

    Polaris 850

    I'm sure my 73 440 Silver Bullet that runs on spray would be all over ya..... Just need to grease up my boogie wheels and put on the low windshield.
  9. bladefever

    Ride in the Ganny today

    Do you know of any refill stations close to Markham... Asking for a friend.
  10. bladefever

    New Doos'

    fixed it for you..... Along with the minimal windshield. The new minimal clothing line up from BRP
  11. bladefever

    Polaris 850

    I'm still having trouble mastering a 121".... Those extra 54" of track might be the deal breaker.
  12. bladefever

    Polaris 850

  13. bladefever

    Ride in the Ganny today

    Its called trenching...... Did you stop to witness and side hill action.... Asking for a friend.
  14. bladefever

    Polaris 850

    Hard to kill the piston port 650 Fuji if you took care of it. I see most 650's on kijiji are low mileage units.... Usually 5K's just not sure how long the speedo has been disconnected or the number of times it been replaced......Oh and now on its seventh owner.