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  1. bladefever

    Retarded Neighbour Thread

  2. bladefever

    Retarded Neighbour Thread

  3. bladefever

    Retarded Neighbour Thread

  4. bladefever

    Interview with a Millenial

  5. bladefever

    Leafs 2016-2018

    What the Leafs need.....
  6. bladefever

    Leafs 2016-2018

  7. bladefever

    Leafs 2016-2018

  8. bladefever

    2019 Polaris reveal

  9. bladefever

    2019 Polaris reveal

    My view of this thread.....
  10. bladefever

    2019 Polaris reveal

    Im thinking it time to call in a neutral party to bring FS back to the usually calm atmosphere......
  11. bladefever

    2019 Polaris reveal

    The comradery @ FS is what keeps me coming back..... For more.....
  12. bladefever

    2 more boards in the big chute

    That was a very intense wind the other day. No way to compensate for that. The joys of living close to a big lake.
  13. bladefever

    WTB Pocket style fender flares

    Try the reach around.... Might knock a few extra points off.
  14. bladefever

    2019 Polaris reveal

    I was being mesmerized by all those hand gestures....... Sure glad it was only 2 Lesters. Maybe next time leave out the faces and just focus on the hands.
  15. bladefever

    *** OFFICIAL Sweet Ass Deals thread ***

    Sled with engine looks like an 80 TXL. This should help get the ball rolling......