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  1. Totallyamaha is a joke. Never a bad word is spoken.
  2. bladefever

    Nuts & Bolts

    A few years back I was in Brafasco. They had a large recycling plastic bin full of assorted nuts and bolts. Asked the guy at the counter what they did with all that stuff. They took my offer of $80 for the lot. Has saved me more then once. Had to be 10 lbs of stainless steel also mixed in the box.
  3. Wat....You know you would dive into that. Like a kid licking cookie dough out of the mixing bowl.
  4. bladefever

    Check Out This Barn Find

    He's like the scum ring around the bathtub after working under the car all day.
  5. bladefever

    Check Out This Barn Find

    Most ran those tracks way too tight. A lot of movement as the suspension cycled thru it travel.