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  1. Fluffy

    Heated gloves

    I have a pair of heated gloves from HMK to try out this year. A little less than the FXR. I have always like the HMK brand for quality. Hope to keep my hands warm until the bar warmers can catch up. My sled has an electric oil pump so the bar warmer don't turn on until the motor is at a higher rpm. Surprisingly, you order them through the Canadian tire website and they ship them to the closet Canadian Tire store. Price is $200.
  2. Fluffy

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Question, does distracted driving apply to boating? In particular, using a cell phone?
  3. Fluffy

    Sundridge - parking?

    Well, I guess we are going to chase the snow this weekend. Can someone suggest a spot to park in the Sundridge area? Just doing a day ride. Thanks
  4. Fluffy

    Utility/Polework Equipment Dealer in GTA

    FYI http://www.ewingflagpole.com/ I do not know anything about them. Just driven past there place in Whitby.
  5. Fluffy

    Trudy's gas trustworthy this year ?

    I cottage in the area and try not to go there at all. Never gas after I read about Tinker experience a few years ago. Pulled in once with an ATV group and the old dick there would not let one of the girls use the washroom. Wish we could have returned every drop of gas we had just bought. Reg who made the place successful before selling open a restaurant just south of there called the The Gate. Just food but at least it is something..... It is a shame. The place used to be a hub but it is done now.