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  1. I got it bad!!!!!11

    Now you did it, Ben will be stopping in for beers whenever he is dry.
  2. I got it bad!!!!!11

  3. I got it bad!!!!!11

    Fix other peoples fuck ups mostly. Troubleshoot snags and fixum, but spent 7 years in the engine shop.
  4. Needs more cowbell, ah WTF, a golf cart will have to do.
  5. I got it bad!!!!!11

    I don't know if you can view this video or not, use Windows Media player. We were working a landing gear snag last week and had to do a gear swing. 20170814_165205.mp4
  6. I got it bad!!!!!11

    I have absolutely zero interest in little airplanes. Might as well be travelling down the interstate in a grocery cart. Ben, if you're ever in YYZ PM me and I can show you what modern engines look like. A couple pics, GE90 with and without blades, GenX, and a CFM56 with the top case removed.
  7. Official NASCAR 2017 Thread

    I hope she added that to your favourites list. Lol