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  1. Stroll qualifies 8th. Not bad.
  2. Road America tomorrow. One of the best circuits for Indycar. 1pm. And F1 in Baku in the morning.
  3. You could be right. Sometimes I think my computer monitor could use an upgrade and I need new glasses. Plus I have a lot to learn about taking pictures.
  4. John, I took those pics with my new camera. The car pics are average, not much better than my phone would have taken, but the duck picture I thought was pretty good.
  5. Once you kill the bad guys there will be peace.
  6. Some pics from last night's local cruise night.
  7. That's exactly how I pictured Momos cage but with internet.
  8. Too bad the car driver didn't break his neck. http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Newhall-road-rage-motorcycle-multi-car-crash-430061183.html
  9. The only way to get good at welding is to do it a lot. I have a 220v Lincoln stick welder and a Lincoln Weld-pak 100 wire feed welder. I only weld once or twice a year so I'm not very good but can get the job done. For heavy steel I'll use the stick welder but for lighter jobs the wire feed works best. I have the regulator and solenoid valve to convert the wire feed to gas but never got around to the conversion. For most jobs you can't go wrong with a Lincoln wire feed welder.
  10. See how long that snake is. Multiply that by 10 and that's how close I'd get to it.
  11. Sorry, this must be a hoax, http://en.mediamass.net/people/clint-eastwood/deathhoax.html