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  1. 2strokemerc

    Spring/Summer 2018

    I hope his brake lights are working or he'll get rear ended. The dummy in the BMW is wondering why he's not moving.
  2. 2strokemerc

    Leafs 2016-2018

  3. 2strokemerc

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

  4. 2strokemerc

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

  5. 2strokemerc

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

  6. 2strokemerc

    May the storm be with you

    Nice pic.
  7. 2strokemerc

    May the storm be with you

    Our power was out for approx. four hours. I thought oh well and went to bed. Then suddenly realized the sump pump has been running because of the rain from last night. Had to get up and start the generator to clear out the sump hole. Twenty minutes later the power comes back on.
  8. 2strokemerc

    Retarded Kijiji Ad's

    kind of retarded ok should have pic of actual item ok now this person is retarded ok.
  9. The liberals will pay him 10mil and apologize for arresting him.
  10. At that point you might as well be wearing Crocs.
  11. Did you swoop in with your helicopter and offer assistance?
  12. 2strokemerc

    Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    Snowing heavily here, and lots of ice this morning.
  13. 2strokemerc

    WTB Pocket style fender flares

    Am I missing something? I thought 3"= 3 inches.
  14. 2strokemerc

    2019 Polaris reveal

    Not really a traitor. Or brand loyal. Just buy what works for me. The 1200 works good, lots I like about it and a couple things I don't like. If Polaris had a newer 4-stroke I would have considered it. I don't get my shorts in a knot if someone wants to criticize it. Didn't do nearly as many miles as I had hoped. Between work and a lack of snow, oh well. There's always next winter. Just means less maintenance to do in the off season.
  15. 2strokemerc

    WTB Pocket style fender flares

    I was going to comment but geez, seems everybody is getting insulted.