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  1. Very nice. That will be a fun sled for sure.
  2. Pro Lite final. One Cat on the starting line. Dead fucking last. Only got lapped by every other sled on the track. Poor @Zambroski
  3. Yea, a race. You know what a race is right? Something that Cat is supposed to win all the time. Well to bad for Cat today. Not even one Cat in the final.
  4. Holy Shit. Poor @Zambroski Every single sled on the line of the Factory Stock 600 final at Eagle River right now is a Polaris. The whole event is sponsored by Country Cat and not one single Cat makes the final of the Stock 600 class. I would kill myself if I was a Cat fan right now. https://www.facebook.com/motorfistgear/videos/10156061806867200/
  5. It's fun on everything except a tank.........
  6. Nice looking sled. I bet she rips pretty good.
  7. 350lbs. The 340 made about 72HP stock. This one makes a little more. Ported cylinders, big carbs, tight heads and Aaen pipes. I would guess this one is making about 85HP. It's a ripper for sure. It gets around the track much better than my Motoski. I just couldn't pass it up. I've wanted a '76 Twister for almost my entire life. I absolutely did not need another vintage sled and I didn't need another race sled but this thing is in such good condition that it will only get more valuable as the years go by.
  8. It's set up for 3/8 mile ovals. It will hit around 70 at the end of a 400' straight away. Top speed is probably around 80 the way it's geared. Throw some more gear at it and it would do 90. Not sure it will go much faster than that.
  9. I came home for a couple of days to check on things. Headed back to Phoenix on the 24th. We have a busy week planned in the Phoenix area but will be headed toward Palm Springs on Feb 1st. King of the Hammers starts Feb 2nd. We will be out in the desert having fun. I'm helping with a couple teams this year. Just pit support and prerunning stuff. I'm pretty excited for KOH this year. Last year was about the most fun I had ever had. This year it will be even more fun because I'm in my own Moho and I will be helping a team I hooked up with last year.
  10. Well. I added another vintage to the stable. '76 SnoTwister. I've wanted one of these since 1976 when they first hit the snow. This one is about as original as they come. Original belly pan, seat, tunnel, cowling, motor. I also have the stock skis, handle bars, airbox, pipes, headlight, clutches, etc to make it completely stock if I ever want to. This one started life as a 340 and that is the motor in it now. I also got 440 cylinders, pistons and head in the deal so I could turn it into a 440 if I wanted to. I got 2 big totes of spare parts with the deal. @jammin @f7ben This thing is in almost perfect condition.
  11. Wow. That looks pretty crazy. How did you manage to do that?
  12. Cool pictures guys. Glad to see folks out riding. Iron Doggers were out practicing today. My buddy Robbie on his Gen4 MXZX. He ran into a little trouble today. Ice bridge completely failed while he was crossing. Was able to get stopped on a berg. Floated down river about 200 yards and then skipped to shore. The river is over 10' deep there and moving pretty good. This is good practice for the Dog.
  13. Does your wife know about the hot young blonde? Sled looks good by the way.
  14. Tell us a little more about your SBA. What do you think so far.
  15. The G&R braces I posted above are for both the 2017 and 2018 G4 chassis. I think the '18's are better than the '17's from the factory but the guys who pound hard are opting for the complete brace kit even on 2018 sleds.
  16. Well more than likely your buddies 2017 Summit is getting some of the updates that BRP offered on the 2018 Summits. These include a different gear ratio (21/53) and PTO motor mount shims. He may also get a new clutch belt out of the deal but that will depend on how many belts he went through last season and whether his dealer is willing to give him a new belt.
  17. Most of the guys around here have added the Grip and Rip braces to the bulkhead of the G4 and lots of guys have replaced the horrendously long chain for the TKI belt drive. Chain stretch is really bad on the new Doo. The combination of long chain, high torque and moving lots of snow with the new 3.5" track pitch put a huge load on the chain. Most of my buds with G4's adjust the chain on almost every outing. They check it before every ride for sure. Lots of guys adding the billet steering block too. All in all the G4's are holding up well. http://www.gripnripracing.com/index.php?id_product=215&controller=product http://www.shop.tkicnc.com/2017-2018-Ski-Doo-G4-Belt-Drive-TKI-BDSG4.htm
  18. Great looking sled. You will have fun on that one
  19. That's the main reason I wait till there is 5-6' of snow everywhere before I even pull my sleds out of the shop.
  20. It appears from the parts diagram that the tunnel exchangers stop right about where the rear torque arm mount to the tunnel.