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  1. She pretty much nails Trump. I wonder if he has ever been fishing with Baron.
  2. AKIQPilot

    Meme thread

    Do you use training wheels for your Patron shots?
  3. Ummmmm yea. But lets not forget that John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008. So not only was he a war mongering rino he was also a complete retard.
  4. AKIQPilot

    Exxon Refinery on Fire

    So did @Frostynuts
  5. Hahaha. Those are some awesome tweets.
  6. AKIQPilot

    Exxon Refinery on Fire

    Oh I think its conceivable but the longer it goes the less likely they will get it out before it depletes. I think they are trying everything they have. I'm sure they have several different types of foaming agents and other very sophisticated fire fighting suppressants but for now it seems to be getting worse. If they don't get it out the fuel will eventually burn up and the fire will go out on it's own. Similar to a residential fire I would guess they are trying to protect other equipment near by so it doesn't catch fire as well.
  7. AKIQPilot

    Meme thread

    Nothing at all. It's the blended strawberry part than makes them gay.
  8. AKIQPilot

    Meme thread

    Ummmmm............. Nevermind. I don't have a good dental plan any more. I'll just save my chicklet surgery for another time......
  9. AKIQPilot

    Exxon Refinery on Fire

    It spread over night from 2 storage tanks to 8. It is a bad situation for sure. I didn't hear of any injuries from the initial fire/explosion but there is no doubt the first responders are being exposed to some very bad shit. I'm sure there is enough hydrocarbons in those tanks to burn for days.
  10. AKIQPilot

    Meme thread

    Not everything but a lot of things.
  11. AKIQPilot

    Meme thread

    We should hang every big pharm CEO from the highest tree in DC. And tell all the politicians they are next. If only life were this simple.