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  1. ryan, gowdy, paul, rubio, graham....

    Mueller is a piece of shit. He should rot in jail for what he did in Boston.
  2. Nice. You will be headed to the Moab area right? Should be fairly nice there. Vegas is just a touch on the cool side but zero wind this week so thats a plus.
  3. Sludgy drives you batshit too. Just like Trump does.
  4. Sludgy got kicked off facebook. You follow dave and sludgy around like a lost puppy. You are definitely infatuated.
  5. It's only 71 here today. Brrrrr.
  6. You are the one who follows them around daily and brings up their line of work and who their father in law is and tells them to watch real news. Yes, you are totally infatuated with both Dave and Sludgy. PS. I'm not facebook friends with Dave and Sludgy so you can add that to the long list of shit you know nothing about.
  7. ryan, gowdy, paul, rubio, graham....

    If you win then slinger will be wrong. His perfect record will still be intact. That a twofer.
  8. Infatuated? You may want to look up the meaning of infatuated. Speaking of sludgy and Dave, I agree with them a lot more than I agree with you. Please tell us again how dumb we are. Coming from an idiot like you that is a nice complement.
  9. I agree, most of your posts are lame. It's nice that John included a cool emoji so you don't have to type out all your normal BullShit.
  10. ryan, gowdy, paul, rubio, graham....

    So which is it? Do you want to be wrong on this one or right? Seems pretty simple to me.
  11. MC, ICE and Shitrider are gonna miss you.
  12. ryan, gowdy, paul, rubio, graham....

    Well it would be the one thing you could throw back in Momo's face when he says your are 100% wrong 100% of the time. At least you won't be wrong about that. Then again, if Trump doesn't fire Mueller, your perfect record for being wrong 100% of the time will still be in tact. This is like a win win for you.
  13. Slinger is at a loss for words today. Pretty unusual as he is normally full of shit and spewing it in every thread.
  14. Remember this LOL

    Yep, the best night of TV entertainment ever. There will never be another night this good.
  15. ryan, gowdy, paul, rubio, graham....

    So you're not really worried you're hoping he does fire Mueller. Got it. As to your question: Maybe the Repukes don't think there is any need to protect this investigation.