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  1. AKIQPilot

    My current event...

    Well hopefully those seas scared the captain a little and he won't do that again. That is one part of the world that you don't want to screw up in. Glad you made it out alive.
  2. AKIQPilot

    My current event...

    You have a doppler on board? Bold captains can kill people.
  3. AKIQPilot

    My current event...

    Dude, that's freaking crazy. The Bearing Sea is a treacherous body of water. Togiak is the furthest north I have ever been on the water. That part of the world is for sailors with huge balls.
  4. This thread is about convincing the Dems to impeach Trump. Try to pay attention.
  5. You seem to be coming around to the fact that Mueller has nothing on Trump. Its about time.
  6. Great looking sled. That will be a rocket for sure. PS. Pay no attention to Ben. His olive oyl noodles are no match for a performance ski.
  7. AKIQPilot

    matt whitaker

    Hahahahaha. That was awesome.
  8. AKIQPilot

    Sessions done

    Wolfie can tell us exactly how many gallons it takes and what it costs to refresh a porta potty.
  9. AKIQPilot

    Sessions done

    Holy fuck. Slinger is on a whole new level of stupidity today. WTF is going on with him. Slinger
  10. AKIQPilot

    RBG in the hospital.

    More great topics on FS.
  11. AKIQPilot

    RBG in the hospital.

    Exactly. She had a good run. This may be the end.