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  1. AKIQPilot

    Trump erupts

    Everyone with a brain said “who cares”.
  2. AKIQPilot

    Predictions right here!!!!!

    Hahaha. Glorious predictions, just tremendous. The very best.
  3. AKIQPilot

    Look out Rod Johnson....

    Hahaha. True. Hows it going Cheeze? Hope things are well.
  4. Did I miss you sucking revkev's dick? No, I didn't.
  5. AKIQPilot

    Look out Rod Johnson....

    PS. Americans don't use the word all that much either.
  6. AKIQPilot

    Look out Rod Johnson....

    What is the base of the first word in RV?
  7. AKIQPilot

    Predictions right here!!!!!

    Right but now the potential results from the November midterms are starting to sink in and your hopes of Trump going down are swirling the toilet like the turd that they are.
  8. AKIQPilot

    Predictions right here!!!!!

    You nailed that one.
  9. Where have I ever asked to know anything? Keep making shit up dude. Your side is in a complete tail spin. Will you help them pull up or will you bail?
  10. Mark. He is one of maybe three posters here that don't deserve even the slightest reply or response. He is for sure the easiest to ignore. He brings nothing to the forum. Don't give him what he wants.