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  1. Very beautiful country for sure. Whats the temp expected to be this week. Here in Amsterdam its 75f today. Unreal warm.
  2. 31 year old

    The rejection of liberal policies and principals around the world continues. Nice work Austria.
  3. Argo /MAX

    Very slow. No where near 30mph. More like 15. Very rough riding. Your spine will hate you for it. Maintenance hogs. Even the new ones require continual upkeep. My next door neighbor has a 2016 argo max. They are nice as far as argos go but still slow and clumsy going down the trail.
  4. Quick Question

    Eureka, about 100 miles north of wasilla got 6" last night. Still snowing. The hills are starting to get some accumulation. May be a decent year for us this year.
  5. Nice MZN. The first one looks like a decent little buck.
  6. left vs right

    nailed it.
  7. what a pansy ass

    Pense is an idiot. He knew exactly what was going to happen during the opening ceremonies. If he didnt then i question his intelligence even more. Pence and co staged this. Completely unnecessary.
  8. Bhent Airways , first flight

    Sounds like you're getting the hang of things. A 182 with just a few mods should be able to cruise 125knots easily. Getting the plane cleaned up is the first order of business. Clean up the gear and make the fuselage fly at a more level attitude. With a little HP a 182 will fly 135+ pretty easily, maybe even more. In AK we're more concerned with slow flight because of all the super short strips we try to get in to.. Getting a cessna to fly +/- 40mph on the slow end and +135 on the top end on 15gpm makes for the perfect plane.
  9. not in my backyard

    So the endbridge spill is exactly why new pipelines are needed to transport this product. The endbridge pipeline was close to 50 years old when that spill happened. Turns out the actual cause of the rupture had nothing to do with the oil in the line but rather the old technology the pipeline was being monitored with and the aging pipeline itself So instead of building new state of the art pipelines you would rather keep pumping oil through the countries aging pipeline system?
  10. not in my backyard

    US refineries have been processing canadian tar sand crude for nearly 30 years. Tell us about the shit thats happened in that time.
  11. not in my backyard

    Their way? Do you even know where snopro lives?
  12. poo guys

    Besides the toe holds like you mentioned absolutely nothing is wrong with stock Pro running boards. If one cracked after being hit it was either a hard hit or one that happened to hit it just right. If it were me i would disconnect the cast part of the board and weld it back together. Even fabricating a new rear bracket out of chromolly would be simple and much less expensive than new running boards. Fix what your buddy has and move on.
  13. not in my backyard

    Hahah. Poor slinger. Such a complete dumb fuck.
  14. hilarious

    We made it back to the ship. The underground in Vienna was awesome. Super simple just like most everywhere else. Sipping single malt scotch on the deck of the ship now. Looking across the Danube River at the United Nations complex in Vienna. This is a pretty cool part of the world.
  15. hilarious

    Haha. Well they are very gracious when we tip thats for sure. They are very nice and speak very good english no doubt. They definitely seem to like us better than they like Russians. Hahaha