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  1. AKIQPilot

    Fury vs wilder 2 tonight

    It was the best heavyweight fight in a long time. They promoted the fight well. We saw it at a pub on McCulloch Blvd. The place was on fire. It was a great time. Way better than buying the fight myself.
  2. AKIQPilot

    Spaghetti Pro

    If its so good why do you have to pile on the Great Value parmesan cheese so freaking thick? Jesus, I could taste that shit through the picture. Why not fresh grated parm or at least something other than the value brand from Walmart?
  3. Wow, Letterman destroyed him. What a piece of shit.
  4. AKIQPilot

    Fury vs wilder 2 tonight

    He looks like a big dopy out of shape goon. But wow, does he know how to fight.
  5. AKIQPilot

    Fury vs wilder 2 tonight

    Wilder looked lost in there from the opening bell. He was spitting out pure blood in the corner from the first round on. He was bleeding badly from his right ear. He didnt want to get off the stool before the 7th and final round. That was about 1.5. minutes between rounds 6 and 7. Wilders corner knew he was done before the 7th even started.
  6. AKIQPilot

    Fury vs wilder 2 tonight

    Oh My God. What an incredible fight. Fury began unloading bombs in the first second and didnt stop until Wilder was destroyed. One of the best heavyweight fights ever. Fury destroyed Wilder. It wasn't even close.
  7. AKIQPilot

    Bernie Sanders

    Carville has always been a very savvy political character. He nows politics as good as anyone.
  8. Looks like only 2 SkiDoo teams will finish this year. The southbound leg of the race was really hard on everyone. 8 maybe 9 Polaris teams will finish it looks like. The last of the teams should get to the finish line later tonight.
  9. AKIQPilot

    Fury vs wilder 2 tonight

    We are gonna head to the fight here in a bit. A few of the pubs on main street host all the bigger ppv sporting events. $10 a head.
  10. AKIQPilot

    Bernie Sanders

    Its just crazy how this is allowed to happen over and over. Throats should be slit for doing this.
  11. Well another Irondog is in the books. Team 7, Tyler Aklestad and Nick Olstad are the first team to the finish line in Big Lake. They have both won the race several times before but this is the first time they have raced together and it was obviously a great match. I think they won with a +3hr lead over second Nice work Tyler and Nick.
  12. AKIQPilot

    Laughlin Desert Classic.

    Sophie and her partner both look good. Its nice to see women compete heads up with men. The can be fast because they’re so much lighter. These ladies are about 5’4” @ 125lbs.
  13. AKIQPilot

    Laughlin Desert Classic.

    This is Sophie Perrin. Multi time British Champion. Sophie just told me her boat blew up on Lap 22 so they are out. This gal is having fun even though they didnt finish. Incredible body no doubt.
  14. AKIQPilot

    Laughlin Desert Classic.

    AZ, Cali, Nevada, Utah, Mexico rapture is more like it. This jet ski race is right in front of my spot in the trailer park.
  15. AKIQPilot

    Laughlin Desert Classic.

    This is the Canadian Team 212 at their 3rd or 4th fuel stop/driver swap. These guys have pit stops down. 2FC97054-FD87-4F70-81EB-3F5919A4E82A.MOV