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  1. 03classic700

    Hey 550

    He’s upgraded to a camper from a cardboard box
  2. Down to 18 teams out of 29, I read a Polaris also caught on fire. Thanks for the link Akiqpilot
  3. 03classic700

    I always kiss and tell!!!

    X3 should be warranty
  4. 03classic700

    Damn router trouble

    Have you tried opening a cmd prompt and type net stop dhcp then hit enter then type net start dhcp then hit enter? Also clear old ssid
  5. 03classic700

    SNL/Dunkin Donuts

    Typical south Boston Dunkin’ s
  6. 03classic700

    Chinese quarantine city of Wuhan

    Second us case of coronavirus confirmed in Chicago
  7. 03classic700

    Summit or RMK?

  8. 03classic700

    Neil Peart dead at 67

    RIP Neal fuck cancer!
  9. I see it has kodi preinstalled, looks like a nice box
  10. Look into kodi you can stream nfl and just about anything with addons
  11. 03classic700

    **** Official 2019 NFL Thread ****

    Congrats to the titans it was a good game! now we wait to see if Brady plays for patriots next year.
  12. 03classic700

    **** Official 2019 NFL Thread ****

    While I have to agree with you on pats, I wouldn’t count them out the last 3 teams that had defenses that allowed 20 or fewer td’s and had 25 or more interceptions have gone on to win the Super Bowl.
  13. 03classic700

    **** Official 2019 NFL Thread ****

    For sure they really needed the bye to have any chance this year.
  14. 03classic700

    **** Official 2019 NFL Thread ****

    Vrabel and the titans are playing well and know the pats, will be real tough game.