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  1. Check your flywheel bolts!

    This was from a derby in Utah last year. Lucky that no one was killed. I've never seen anything like it.
  2. Low gas prices have really killed sales of small cars. I have a 45 minure commute and am cheap so just a Focus I bought new that's paid for, 150k miles. Looking at a used Escape in the future for my wife. She drives alot so mileage is important. Almost 30 mpg in the Escapes. Can be had a couple years old with low miles for $15k. Looked at some cars at the fair this week. $17k for a Focus, $30k for Escape, $40k for F150, $60k for a diesel. Crazy...
  3. 2000 Silverado window motor and regulator

    Until you get multiple parts coming from multiple warehouses. Or can't wait 5 days for it. Many parts have free one day shipping if the local Amazon warehouse has it. Otherwise, only a few $ more for 1 day shipping, or free 2 day shipping.
  4. 2000 Silverado window motor and regulator

    Rock Auto is nice since it is organized and easy to find all the available options. However, their shipping costs are a complete disaster. Oh, we stock that in 2 warehouses, you get to pay twice our already inflated shipping costs. I typically find the options that fit on Rock Auto and order through Amazon.
  5. Home Depot, Lowe's or Menard's?

    I actually go to all of them. If I had to go to just one it would be Menards. I go there the most often, especially when I know what I need and where to find it. The store in Burnsville is nice, Eden Prairie is even better. Got a bunch of perennials this spring for some new landscaping, cost half what HD was asking. Looking at building a fence and will probably buy all of it at Menards during an 11% off sale. Never had them deliver anything but think I'm going to give it a try. I'll buy extra and return the junk. If I actually need help I go to Home Depot or the local Ace Hardware.
  6. Best chips ever !!!!!!!111

    I remember having those growing up. Knock off Doritos but I like em. Haven't had them in awhile.
  7. Best chips ever !!!!!!!111

    Haven't seen Better Made distributed in MN. But we got these!
  8. Best chips ever !!!!!!!111

    Anybody like these?
  9. Dishwasher question...good brand.

    I need to dump the water out of the top of glasses or bowls but otherwise they pretty much come out dry if I wait long enough for them to cool down.
  10. Cub had steak on sale last week. Got two nice ribeyes for about $6 a pound. Had one last night, making the last one tonight. Wish I had a kettle instead of this gasser for steaks.
  11. Any welders in here?

    This is what I have. Don't use them that much but definitely nice to have around. Way more welder than I need but I bought the pair lightly used. Probably the first and last set I'll ever need to buy. Hobart is a good brand for the backyard mechanic and around the farm.
  12. Dishwasher question...good brand.

    Everyone seems to like Bosch. That's what we have and it works well. I'd buy another for sure.
  13. Don't forget he actually has a useful skill he could make a career of besides being a politician.
  14. That's ridiculous. If that would have broke I would have sent it showroom floor, f7ben style. Interference timing belts are a PITA. Just another major unneeded maintenance item.
  15. People have been posting this all week with a complete lack of understanding of valuation. It's enterprise value (EV) that needs to be considered, not market cap. Market cap is only one source of funding a company can use. Tesla is financed mainly on equity, not debt, and it has an enterprise value of half what GM does. Ford and GM, large, stable companies, are leveraging more debt and taking advantage of the tax savings of debt versus equity. Could be useful to check the interest coverage ratio too and all could be levered more. I knew this was wrong and was going to post something. Took me awhile to find it, but this guy gets it.