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  1. Don't forget he actually has a useful skill he could make a career of besides being a politician.
  2. That's ridiculous. If that would have broke I would have sent it showroom floor, f7ben style. Interference timing belts are a PITA. Just another major unneeded maintenance item.
  3. People have been posting this all week with a complete lack of understanding of valuation. It's enterprise value (EV) that needs to be considered, not market cap. Market cap is only one source of funding a company can use. Tesla is financed mainly on equity, not debt, and it has an enterprise value of half what GM does. Ford and GM, large, stable companies, are leveraging more debt and taking advantage of the tax savings of debt versus equity. Could be useful to check the interest coverage ratio too and all could be levered more. I knew this was wrong and was going to post something. Took me awhile to find it, but this guy gets it.
  4. Put in new burners, ignition, and flavorizer bars this week in my gas Weber E210 circa 2009. Works like brand new again for $110 in parts and a couple hours of work. Amazing how good of condition it is in considering the abuse it takes. Small 2 burner so it hardly uses any propane. Weber is worth the price.
  5. With evidence linking to Trump? Says the guy who posted the 8 judge thread. You need a hobby that isn't scouring the ends of the internet for left wing Trump articles. Has it sunk in he won yet? In a electoral landslide against your long time, top-tier candidate and sure victor, Hillary Clinton.
  6. Need union workers to make all the cars people are buying with 84 month financing terms while rolling negative equity into the loan from their last vehicle. Nothing to see here.
  7. Someone point out what I'm missing. The only person who has been found to interfere with the 2016 election, who has since been removed from their post, and has now apologized, is the former chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile. But it's been 5+ months since the election, ample time to produce any evidence, and Trump somehow rigged it with Putin's help?
  8. Terrible move by the Republicans.
  9. Not being reported anywhere else that I can find. Certainly CNN woukd have this front page if true.
  10. Like I said, there is probably more to the story hear. Certainly nothing a sensational article by the MSM couldn't turn a blind eye to.
  11. No idea why they are going after him, I suspect there is more to the story than is being let on. Can you say with confidence that he did everything in his power to gain citizenship over the last 20 years so this couldn't happen?
  12. Does the left believe we should have any immigration law at all? Or do we just allow as many people to come here as they want, whenever they way? Immigration law has been broken for decades and neither side has fixed it. It's time for bipartisan reform.
  13. Wouldn't matter if it's in the agreement somewherex you could still be liable for an autorenew. Have to read the fine print.
  14. Got there email about it. I was worried about an auto renew and then they start sending me bills.