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  1. teamgreen02

    They just can't do it.

    This is what the DNC establishment is worried about. Sanders leading in Iowa, which has its primary this coming Monday. Then New Hampshire 8 days later where Sanders has an 8 point lead. Nevada next where it is close and will certainly tighten if Sanders wins Iowa and New Hampshire. Biden up big in South Carolina but that can change quick after the first few states vote. It is possible Sanders wins the first three and I bet he does. Betting odds has Sanders up by 3.4 points over Biden.
  2. Last year. Unofficial HCS #1 Would be interesting to dig the old thread up and see what people left for comments.
  3. That was the day of the aforementioned ride so that may have had something to do with it. That being said, if he does it again, we may need to put him in a home!
  4. teamgreen02

    Cat flamers

    Never had an issue with the CTEC2 oil. Been through about 8 gallons now. Its only ~$32 per gallon at Haydays so comparable to any other full synthetic out there.
  5. Put 30 miles on this afternoon to break in a new belt. Trails down here are pretty lame. Smooth but need more snow. Not much terrain or corners that you can rail. Need to help back up north soon.
  6. Yep, and they were double or triple that size. No AXYS was going to smooth out those rollers. 70-80 mph was not an option, maybe 30-40. With the argh argh you can skip the tops for awhile but it eventually takes a toll on you. If you are lucky you could get one ski on the edge of the trail and miss the worst of it. 50+ miles out, death feels like the only viable option out. That or call a flat bed!
  7. Life skills are even more important for the poor because they don't have the cash to pay someone else to do it. They live in unsafe neighborhoods with more crime, older houses that need repairs, vehicles that are worth little more than scrap value, etc. etc.
  8. I'll take shit that didn't happen for 500, Alex.
  9. This is what happens when kids are raised by liberals in the city. Zero life skills and can only rely on the government for help.
  10. teamgreen02

    Suzuki Cat 800 longetivity

    Regional availability is definitely an issue. Here it is the exact opposite, loads of Cat dealers. I have 9 dealers within 50 miles of my house. Plus Country Cat is only a few hours away. Literally any Cat part shipped same day, delivered by 10 AM the next morning for free, and priced less than retail. To the original question, there are many knocks on the Suzuki 800 HO but longevity is not one of them. Good mill if you want to ride and not wrench. Worst case scenario you drop in a new set of slugs. If you can do it yourself parts are less than $300.
  11. Sure, but do that for more than a couple miles and you'll wish you were dead.
  12. Had a 2020 Chevy Silverado rental this week. It was by far the worst truck of the major three. Have rented them all and none of them are worth $40k+. Ford is the best, RAM second, and GM a distant third. F150 with the Ecoboost was the most fun engine to drive. RAM with a 5.7L Hemi was good too but the quality of the rest of the truck isn't there. Lessons with Eric O on junk GM wiring. Chrysler/Fiat is even worse.
  13. Just put a new belt on mine last weekend. Probably close to 2000 miles on it and it wasn't looking good. I blew a belt last year and I'm still pulling pieces out, not sure where they hide. Few sleds by the house today, not too many. Fields are getting bare, trails 5/10 at best is what the clubs have been saying. Haven't even bothered going out yet.
  14. Definitely need to put your scratchers down.