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  1. We live in half the house the bank would loan us money for, on a 15 year mortgage, and will be paid off in my mid 40s. I'll let others play the crazy housing game. I'll be ready for retirement in my 50s and sitting on the beach somewhere. Or still working but not because I have to.
  2. What year did they start EFI on the racers?
  3. I don't know. Was thinking about something like this. Enough to rip around the ditches and trails by my house with a couple trips to da UP every year.
  4. We need a FS get together this year. I'll be there again this year after taking about 5 years off. Still don't have a sled. Want one but need a skid loader too.
  5. External Hard Drives

    The online experts love to hate it but I find it works more often than not. It does need to be updated for drives larger than 2 TB but that is still probably the minority of drives even today.
  6. External Hard Drives

    Or for free, try ddrescue.
  7. External Hard Drives

    Spinrite. I brought one drive back to life that took a week and a half for something like a 20 GB drive. It hung on some bad sectors for the vast majority of that time.
  8. Chrones sucks shit

    Yup. All kids now get the vaccination now.
  9. Chrones sucks shit

    Canada right? A lot of people with bad or no insurance import their Chron's meds from Canada. India too.
  10. External Hard Drives

    Must be living under a rock. They are the Ford of the hard drive world.
  11. Chrones sucks shit

    Get the vaccine. Your regular doctor should be able to give it to you. I had the worst case of chicken pox my family doctor had seen. Probably why I got shingles early too.
  12. Chrones sucks shit

    Pills. Last month was mesalamine dr 800mg. Something like $1200 before insurance, little over $100 for me out of pocket. This new stuff was $1800 before insurance for a 6 week supply. I hope to get this healed up and then off it for good. I can't imagine the issues some people go through. Makes mine look like a minor inconvenience. Dr thought it unlikely I would ever need surgery but too early to tell.
  13. External Hard Drives

    I would probably just get a Western Digital Passport. It's a 2.5" drive that just plugs into USB. No need to provide power, just the USB.
  14. Chrones sucks shit

    I've had that too but mine wasn't that bad. Some people have shooting pain which I never experienced.