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  1. Ben, my new skis will be here on Friday. I'll be back on Friday night to talk about how well they bit and how much better the handling is after 3 laps around the yard.
  2. I really like SpeeDee. They come at around 10am. My UPS guy is still in bed then. Between what it was going to cost to fix the broken stock ski parts and get a new set of carbides, I just pulled the trigger on the new pair. Stock carbides were missing all but one section of carbide on one side. Wondered why it wouldn't turn at all last weekend on hard ground.
  3. Hate it when the only part you need costs an arm and a leg. Good deals this time of year though.
  4. Gutted my throttle safety switch tonight. What a piece of junk. All plastic. Just open the throttle block and unhook it. We will see if that clears up the mystery bog. If not, ECU reflash time. Happens mostly when blipping the throttle or getting on and off it real quick. Worse standing up since I pull the cable at a little bit different angle. In other news I had a run in with a big culvert this weekend. Heavy on the brake and only going a few mph. Heard a huge crunch. Thought for sure it was going to be torn up. The left ski was vertical, wedged in the culvert. Extent of the damage was a torn ski rubber dampener, bent ski bolt, broken ski bushing, and a scratch on the front bumper. Have a set of c&a xcs coming and colored in the bumper with a sharpie. It isn't light, but the procross is a strong chassis.
  5. teamgreen02

    Passport renewal.

    Renewals by mail. Shouldn't be more than a few weeks processing time although they do get busier this time of year with spring break trips coming up.
  6. Those pesky Ruskies! Yet there is no collusion, only made up political Russian dossiers paid for by Hillary Clinton. What ever happened to those Manafort / Assange allegations you got gut hooked on a few weeks back?
  7. How pathetic if your life is affected by nonessential government workers. What probably gets the public's attention the most is the airport security lines. TSA workers arent being paid. TSA should be privatized and handed over to the airports anyways. Largely ineffective inept organization, loved by both Bush and Obama.
  8. Definitely a few issues on the new Polaris 850. Center crank bearing oiling, PTO bearing not locked down, rough finish on cylinders, oil lines popping off, fouling plugs, hard starting. I don't see anything that cant and won't be addressed in next years model. I would never buy a first year sled. The new technology isn't figured out yet. Add in new tooling, new manufacturing processes, new assembly, etc. and the first year stuff is just always a roll of the dice. Sleds, cars, bikes, it doesn't matter.
  9. teamgreen02

    Meme thread

    I came here to post the same thing. LOL @Snoslinger @Mainecat
  10. teamgreen02

    Meme thread

    That was during a different time in our society, long ago, way back in 2011.