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  1. It's no mystery

    Who approved these things anyways?
  2. It's not... The stock market value is based on investors' valuation and expectations of future cash flows of the companies that make up the "market". The economy is one factor in that valuation.
  3. YouTube is pushing these conspiracy results down the list of search results. Crazy how people think everything is a conspiracy.
  4. Isn't he selling cars at Freeway Ford? Or was?
  5. Far right is the same way. It's amazing how much air time the far left and far right get. The vast majority of Americans fall in between there. It's the reason the political pendulum swings the other way every 4-12 years.
  6. Good see people finding common ground here. I saw a comment on it at the Wall Street Journal. Had to search myself to make sure it wasn't fake news. I think she was their senior counsel too. If there is anyone in the company that should know what not to say, it should be her. Unreal...
  7. Help (snowmobile related)

    Get a new lower a-arm, that one is shot. The crease in the tube would worry me.
  8. Actually, they were. Republicans and Democrats working together for once in what was the biggest invasion of privacy in the history of the world. Snowden was right for what he did and should have been pardoned by Trump on inauguration day.
  9. Date night? Should be another epic thread.
  10. If you could...

  11. I tend to loan things out to people who would or do the same for me. Must be a citiot. I have 4. Pretty much the same here. Depends who it is though. Last tool I loaned out was my chain saw to my FIL. Came back with a burned up chain, no bar oil, and bar oil in the gas tank. Didn't say a word to me when I was picking it up either.
  12. If you could...

    Florida or Tennessee. Maybe Texas. Probably won't retire here in MN.