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  1. teamgreen02

    Boeing and The FAA

    From the article below it. They will get this figured out and learn from it, just like crashes before that led to the development of these new anti-stall systems. Crashes cost manufactures billions of dollars. Grounding planes will cost another $250k per month per plane. Like everything, there is a balance between development speed, safety, and cost.
  2. teamgreen02

    Why are millennials burned out? Capitalism.

    I hope you are being well compensated for your professional services.
  3. teamgreen02

    Why are millennials burned out? Capitalism.

    I'm sure you'll handle it in a professional, PC manner, with consideration for everyone's thoughts and feeling.
  4. teamgreen02

    Why are millennials burned out? Capitalism.

    Case in paint my BIL, 31 years old living at home with his parents raising his child.
  5. teamgreen02

    Why are millennials burned out? Capitalism.

    That's pretty much us. Good jobs, make plenty of money, no debt other than the house, lots in savings and retirement. Wasn't easy. I graduated during the peak of the financial crisis. Started with an engineering degree making $12 an hour at a machine shop. Wife had over six figures in student loans now all paid off. Mine are gone too. Work with lots of millennials now. All sharp guys and i make sure they are paid well.
  6. teamgreen02

    Meme thread

    But Obama brought us Trump. So it kinda equals out.
  7. teamgreen02

    Bunch of 2020 Sleds

    The worst. I thought they would have fixed that by now.
  8. Sounds like this is due to auto pilot software that put the planes into a nosedive to avoid stalling. They will get it figured out. Too bad another crashed during the investigation. Grounding the plane is the right thing to do. The MD-80 used to have problems with the jackscrew seizing.
  9. They also only existed from 1922 to 1991. Quite the run they had going there.
  10. teamgreen02

    When Mueller clears Trump

    Already beginning to frame the narrative for obstruction. More House investigations through 2020.
  11. teamgreen02

    Bravo Chelsea

    You live in a town full of SnowRiders. Just pick one out.
  12. teamgreen02

    Since it's tax time.

    Yup. I've been paying grad school tuition for years and no deductions or credits.