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  1. Angry ginger

    Homeless stats

    whats he trying to do- point out your a hypocrite, thats clear considering you lease vehicles and bought/are buying a pleasure boat.
  2. Angry ginger

    *****Official F7BENS NASCAR 2018 Thread*****

    IMO people have moved on and once they do getting them backs almost impossible, JR may give a brief blip but nothing that will be sustainable. all sports have suffered from this over the past decade.
  3. being pulled over for failure to signal is just a cop hoping to find more whether your black or white but the officers respectful and if the law is to signal then thats the cops right to stop you
  4. Angry ginger

    The Story of Snowrider

    There you go speaking for others yet again
  5. Angry ginger

    What's for dinner???

    Smoked a rack of st Louis and 4 chicken halves along with some green beans and potatos for the wife and kids. Have 1 half left for lunch.
  6. Angry ginger

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    had a HS buddy who did that for years, he actually dropped by Friday as he was fixing a light pole on my street. think he said he hasn't ridden the gsxr750 he still has in about 10 years now
  7. Angry ginger

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    this i run the 3 hole valve and it flows a bit more air but when i was on the saddlebag with my boy it was real warm 1 day and i had to yank the valve completely to feel like i wasn't suffocating.
  8. jews are like a honey badger nothing will stop them. they have been outnumbered before and won
  9. Angry ginger

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    my fly cf is light whihc is nice, still like the bv2 on trail days as being able to quickly drop the facemask is great
  10. Angry ginger

    Let’s talk Jeeps!

    his girlfriends 14 sahara, SMH 17 years old with a 30k jeep
  11. Angry ginger

    Let’s talk Jeeps!

    gotcha i thought you weren't going to do spacers.
  12. Angry ginger

    Let’s talk Jeeps!

    new tires and wheels on the boys today, bit different offset combined with the wider tire looks good, have to see if the inspection gives me a hard time with them being outside the flares. now i need to see if i can get 100 out of some corroded canyon rims
  13. Angry ginger

    Let’s talk Jeeps!

    how did you deal with them being 5x5 instead of 5x4.5