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  1. Second pic is one of our remote fuel and food stops. Burned to the ground last weekend.
  2. The drives become a grind. 2 weeks ago I would have said I was already gonna be done but late snow got me up the last 2 weekend.
  3. Final Sunday burn of the season.
  4. Better choice than jackman right now.
  5. baxter park road and then the river ones on the trail from Abol back to 86 heading from millinocket to kokadjo
  6. He is 100 lbs less than I was when I had the 09 so you might be right
  7. Good ride today with the boy. Thin but overall can't complain. One overheat issue when we had to run some pavement to get to gas. 600 etec is sipping fuel and oil. My 09 600 never did as well as this one is doing. 1/3 better than my 800
  8. thats crazy, good that it was big enough to get stopped on it, i've had them drop out riding in a drainage and gone nose in but nothing deep like that.