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  1. Angry ginger


    Even if they do attend their actions here show they dont follow the teachings for the vast majority
  2. Angry ginger

    Happy Easter From Emily Ratajkowski

    Melania looks way more tranny than she does
  3. Angry ginger

    George Conway Calls For Impeachment

    But we are not the leader of a country just a bunch of white guys arguing.
  4. Angry ginger

    Meme thread

    Both suckled a tit almost all their life Donnie his parents Bernie the taxpayer. While a win for Donnie neither is a great example.
  5. Easter dinner. Bahama breeze with the younger spawn
  6. Angry ginger

    Happy Easter From Emily Ratajkowski

    Man what an ass
  7. Angry ginger

    Sexy merc

    Which is fucking gay Let's all face the fact an ls swap would be the only sensible one for that vehicle and would make it tremendous
  8. Angry ginger

    Yeah but Bill lied about a bj

    This. Tying yourself so tightly to any candidate that you attack anyone with another opinion is crazy yet they both do it.
  9. Angry ginger

    Yeah but Bill lied about a bj

    Lol Hillary is a stone cold killer
  10. Angry ginger

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I bought mine in 04 or 05 when we had a storm and needed to cut down limbs to get into camp. Walmart at the time was the only place to buy and other than throwing a couple new chains over the years it's been good. I pull it out once or twice a year to trim up limbs.
  11. Daytona Beach. We flew down and are flying back Tuesday. Just wandering the area
  12. Fine line between consensual and non Ftr the fact that Gingrich and the pubs were there was the reason he turned out that well. They worked together at times and blunted each other when needed unlike the last few admins
  13. Willy was the best president of the last 30 years. Making millions for giving speeches I have no issue with, he was out of office young didn't go in rich so he took advantage of the opportunies. I have zero issue with him and the Clinton foundation but it should have excluded her from any public position as it's a clear conflict of interest. She is the evil one he's a fairly normal guy who got some power and wanted to bang bitches.
  14. Angry ginger

    Summertime snowmobile

    Looks like she's going to OH for school not here so not sure when we will be back although we might do a Savannah fall trip and could do a day there as we'd fly into Jacksonville for that.
  15. Angry ginger

    Official Weekend Thread

    Yup. In a surf shop of all places as well.