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  1. SMH a danger to yourself and others
  2. it's a concern with bloomberg as well. although at least he has some private industry experience prior to starting his company
  3. guy everything can be found on the intrawebs so he's spot on. if we can't make money off the country close the embassy down.
  4. Angry ginger

    Brand New Preexisting

    he has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to healthcare- it's why its been just noise since he was elected and no actual plans
  5. businessman as president is just fine IMO- just needs to have run something more than a family business so they know how to play well with others.
  6. which would be 10 more than the dem candidate
  7. Angry ginger

    We Grow Our Coyotes Big

    you would prob miss
  8. Angry ginger

    Man cave is finally complete

    i've built the wife 3 craft areas and now she wants a she shed to put all her craft shit in. Fucking women.
  9. i watched Spump pour a mix of the cheapest oil into his machines for years with no oil issues.
  10. Angry ginger

    Larry Kudlow jumps the shark

    what blew up the balloon in Bush's term is completely different than Trumps IMO. The balloon will burst, always does and this is the longest period of economic expansion in modern times. We should be grateful while it lasts.
  11. you have ridden about 100 miles the last decade, i got tossed a few times in the 30k miles I rode over that same decade and i drive an explorer SBYL. Chicks dig the green soccer mom SUV.
  12. not a fan of the smell of amsoil. I stopped using doo oil for awhile when the stench of it was too much to take, it would cloud up around me and i'd want to puke, they seem to have improved it. I ran ipone for for a few years and last year went to mystik after buying 15+- gallons of XPS the previous season.