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  1. Angry ginger

    Meme thread

    bottom is excellent
  2. Can get that from a lot of skanks in college too so might as well get it over early
  3. theres that ECDL ginger hate popping through. bunch of gingerists
  4. we had a ceramic pig that got passed around to the guy that got the ugliest girl on a weekend. 3 weeks in a row i remember it being "win" by a different guy with the same girl. had a friend who also loved hogging and would share one of them with whomever wanted. i never partook but shes a mother of a girl in my daughters grade and a i laugh when i see her.
  5. who would you be speaking about
  6. yes one qualifies someone to lead this country and one doesn't. unfortunately the one qualified was shown the door. I still think a businessman can make a good president but it would be have to be one who ran more than a family investment vehicle.
  7. Angry ginger

    Low carb goodness

  8. One mist constantly suck Trump's cock to be a proper rightie
  9. i'd have let her assault me sexually 15 15 or at 47
  10. Angry ginger

    Tillerson comes clean on the criminal.

    spot on with both points