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  1. That dude getting knocked the fuck out leaving the parking garage.
  2. Aww man, can't it be two women making out...No need to give them feygs something to fap to.
  3. ^^ This is one dumb Canadian
  4. You guys should befriend Moon (Logga here I think). He'll let you drive his ZR1. :Bc: :lol:
  5. Old man farts. I see the three stooges have continued being idiots today.
  6. I see our resident idiots are flailing pretty hard this morning. Keep up the good work.
  7. I hope that one day you really need law enforcement and they tell you to get fucked. Moron.
  8. Sidewinder/9000 do not have radiators like the viper/7000. Exchangers only. First sled I've had to run scratchers on when the trails are tight.
  9. Grabs10dicks(bohica for zam) and bent7f will be along shortly with the proper Ford fanboi response.
  10. Did the nigger have even one buget passed in 8 years? Now there is a complete failure. Let's see how willing Trump is to compromise on his proposals. That will be more telling than any of the hollow retoric coming from the butthurt liberal media.
  11. Thats pretty much the only reason it wasn't totaled. I tweaked the front of my wife's new Enduro when it caught the lip of my trailer loading in an uneven lot. Easy enough to pull it back into shape but still a pisser. Did the same with my Attak once and bent the shit out of the trailer. Nothing wrong with the sled