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  1. Now we are on to meaningless dna receptacles with an obvious opinion.
  2. I can't wait for Ice's mensa level post on this.
  3. The front is overstyled but the side and rear look go to me. I really don't care for the hard top convertible look from any of the manu's. I'll stick with this:
  4. My old man got one of the first of the z3 m's. I always liked the looks and was fun to drive. It didn't like brake torque launches though. I snapped a halfshaft on it. Dealer was like we've never seen this happen. At least they covered it. Wife had a z4 when they first came out. I thought it was ugly but she loved it. Squeaks and all. Sorry no face pic cause well there's some weirdos around here.
  5. Can you imagine how vapid the audience she sermonizes in front of must be. Buncha goddamn spinfags and MC's.
  6. Lobster boat races

    Pretty cool. I guess the Midwesterners need the subtitles.
  7. My sister teaches in SC. They go back next week. Too hot down there to go outside anyway this time of year.
  8. who said it?

    Why is it not possible for you to complete your thought in the first post? SMH
  9. I've had/have 4 procross chassis sleds. 12xf turbo, two turbo xtx vipers and now a sidewinder xtx. There have been tons of chassis improvements since Yamaha got involved. Better fasteners, bearings(no more plastic cages), general build quality... The new bodywork is off in 30 seconds and a change to riv-nuts makes the belly panels removal another minute. Doesn't make getting to shit any easier tho, everything is packed pretty tight. Cat does their own thing for clutching so no yammie involvment there. I believe the recall was for a poorly machined casting that was cutting something but didn't pay much attention to it. I had good luck with my sled but some have had belt issues. Literally snapping them in half. The fix is on TY if you have problems. Any plans for adding power? There's some good stuff coming out this year. I think I'm going to run Hurricanes 280 tune. You're going to love those qs3r shocks.
  10. That really is the best you can do. Canadians with low t ftw!
  11. Cashing in on mom's demise

    Yep and if they all die tomorrow, find something new to watch. Cracks me up the way they talk though. I'll keep watching till it bores me.
  12. Republican Party = Commies

    It'd be more entertaining if he let one of the sand niggers he portends to love so much into his home and they put up a YouTube removing his barely functional head.
  13. Holy crap, that's fucking cold inside! We keep the house at 74-76 all summer. Mid to upper 80's here almost all summer. Love it. 90's is where I get uncomfortable. That said, I have a weekend planned in VT in a couple weeks. Alawys love getting there to the cooler temps.