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  1. Always love that line. Who the fuck do you think you are? Someone made you the class president?
  2. You two are special kids.
  3. How did AMG get your password Tom? I do agree if you have an f150 and use it, you're a faggot. I use mine to hookup to my trailers but not to back them up. Needs the mirrors for that.
  4. That poor little iceguy just doesn't understand. Oh well, back to work...
  5. Knowing that we are speaking with the smarter of you two personalities, I can assume this is a comment on MC's obviously moronic thread, and congratulate you on your first correct post. Bravo, only took a year. Faggot.
  6. Care to formulate a response that doesn't make you sound like a fucking imbecile? Yes, we already know that's not possible but give it the old college try for our entertainment please.
  7. You'd have to be literally brain dead to believe that, or a wacko Canadian. Must suck to be both. Fucking moron
  8. Is this kinda like the Evo transmission shipping fiasco?
  9. Poor stupid
  10. What thread are you trying to respond to stupid? This one ain't about pence.
  11. Mindless Dem robot says what?
  12. I realize you are the top snowmobile rider in Michigan but when's the last time anything you own saw track time?
  13. I've driven both the SS and the gt. I'm giving Ford until January to announce the gt500 to see if I like it. This will be another convertible cruiser and I liked driving both. Looks are what will decide which one I get. I have zero brand bias when it comes to cars and buy what I like. My mustang has been a good car.
  14. Unless Ford makes the new gt500 look a hell of a lot better than the current cars, I'll have a zl1 parked next to my mustang next spring. Fuck 4 cylinder faggot cars.
  15. Just how morose does one have to be to actually look this up. What a life. Time to change back into spinfuckstickjoe there schizo.