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  1. Rw06GT

    Who here....

    Exactly. Those hungry kids should be eating those tasty animals!
  2. Still plenty down in the greens too.
  3. Rw06GT

    Tucker Carlson

    Isn't it awesome that you have this platform to voice your mind numbing opinions?
  4. Jeez, that's not good. Did you get the hurricane bar to check your backspacing? Mine was only off about 1mm but I've seen guys have to machine a couple mms off their secondary to get it correct. Theses sleds seem to like a lot of back pressure in the secondary. Seems like most of the guys that like to play with clutching are back to the stock 35 helix. I'm running ulmer's setup on my hurricane 290r tune the last two seasons and haven't popped a belt yet. I do change at the end of the season. I've only run the stock belts for break-in ~500(stock) miles and switched to the 8dn once modded since my turbo vipers. I find the 8jp too soft and dirty. There's a couple of really informative clutching threads over on TY you should check out. I'll finish the season with around 8k on my xtx and have to credit the guys over there with posting all the issues and fixes for making/keeping my sled trouble free. Time for new next season and I'm really not happy with the color choices from Yamaha this year. Going to stick with the xtx le as that Riot rear suspension looks good. I just hope it gets in early enough for a wrap and some powder coating before the season starts. That powder blue is a little much for me
  5. Rw06GT

    Yamaha 2020.

    The motor is shipped fully assembled from Japan. Fact. And that's the sidewinder version of the Riot. Not the new sled.
  6. So sad, so stupid. Kill yourself.
  7. Yeah, you are pretty fucking stupid.
  8. Rw06GT

    hey geeks

  9. He is now and forever will be known as "Red Cunt". He pissed in that little scooter fellers Cheerios and got the backhand.
  10. Doesn't Buss have a Barney 570? You could probably steal that.
  11. Rw06GT

    80's Hairband Metal

    Irv is Killin it! Now I'm going to have to blast some of this shit in the car tomorrow.