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  1. You, quite obviously, are not. Stupid people make me smile.
  2. Rw06GT

    New slipknot!

    ^^^ like that one but this is one of my favorites
  3. Throw in a couple corners and the Ford gets as lost as Obama without a teleprompter.
  4. If they pass the legislation currently under consideration in NJ, tax will start at 10% and go up to a max of 25% over a few years. This is for recreational use. I believe medical card holders will be exempt.
  5. Beets me man. Mine was good. Just giving JT a heads up. The ones that are out of spec will be belt eaters.
  6. Pass on the C&A's. Curves or Pilot's are the way to go. Get the Hurricane alignment tool if you want decent belt life. You might need to machine the secondary to get the backspacing correct. They are all over from the factory from what ive seen. And turn that bitch up! I ran the Hurricane race(quick spool) tunes last year. 240 up to 290 with the Gap interface, switchable on the fly. Turbo comes in hard down low. Ridiculous fun. I could bever go back to a smoker. Good luck with the sled!
  7. Pretty sure thats his other, even moar beta personality, Spin_dry.
  8. Rw06GT

    Generation Z

    And there's at least two of him. Holy double sad!
  9. Rw06GT

    Fall Foliage Thread

    Lots of leaf peepers out in lower VT today. Color seems a bit late this year.
  10. Poor guy should have been born an African eunuch. It's got to be medically possible by now, I say we start a GoFundMe.