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  1. He is now and forever will be known as "Red Cunt". He pissed in that little scooter fellers Cheerios and got the backhand.
  2. Doesn't Buss have a Barney 570? You could probably steal that.
  3. Rw06GT

    80's Hairband Metal

    Irv is Killin it! Now I'm going to have to blast some of this shit in the car tomorrow.
  4. Rw06GT

    80's Hairband Metal

    Saw these guys at a dive in ManchVegas Almost got kicked out of my dorm freshman year playing this cranked up.
  5. Still too stupid to post a link with your copy and paste idiocy. SMH
  6. Rw06GT

    Rasmussen poll. Down to 31% approval.

    No. You are not. Spin_dry let your secret out. Sorry you had to find out this way.
  7. Get a fucking Zune and be done with it!
  8. Want to try that again but in English this time you fucking moron?
  9. Rw06GT

    Pocahontas is racist as frig lol

    She is the perfect face for the Democratic party and they are too stupid to see it. She has the MC pants shitter vote!
  11. Rw06GT

    Trump signing fake bills

    Poar MC. Just nothing going on upstairs.
  12. Low information post of the day so far! Maybe Vince can top it. Idiots