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  1. white trash

    Oh great, this fucking retard is here.
  2. No possible way does this moron have more than a double digit IQ. No way.
  3. I'd love to see someone nuke(dirty bomb) one of their endless award shows and then hit Capitol Hill during a state of the union address. Can you imagine how much better off our country would be with that kind of reset? Hundreds of complete wastes of oxygen, gone. Nice!
  4. hilarious

    Doubtful. I'm smarter and way better looking than you could ever hope to be.
  5. Splitting your personalities?!?!?!!!??! Good call. !!!!11!!1!!! :faggotfuckingfaggot:
  6. Michael Obama "Has A Cock"

    That picture has spindry both horrified and wondering why he had a raging hardon.
  7. 3.1

    Thank God that dumb negro and his failed policies are gone.
  8. Someone has to pay for all those shot up negros. May as well be the locals.
  9. 3 fucking weeks

    Sounds like you'll be dead soon. Please convey my sincerest condolences to Spindry.
  10. Is the 4.3 mile signal range for the camera the same as the controller? That's quite a bit further than the last one no? I have never really looked into drones but have been thinking about getting one to have my guys try it for rooftop inspections. Ran into a bud over the weekend that's started using them in his business and he convinced me to give it a go. Can you recommend something decent but less expensive than what you are running? I need it to be able to take clear still shots so stability is important and so is the ability to either avoid obstacles or take a hit. Is that possible in the $500 range?