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  1. No mc. That's the definition of a nigger. A real piece of shit. I know, hard to say when she's on your team.
  2. WGAS about that. The important things are do you wipe standing or sitting and do all the shit tickets go in the toilet or can the semi clean ones go in the recycling.
  3. Every Beatles song I like sounds better sung by someone else.
  4. Fuck are you dumb.
  5. Poor dumb Analer.
  6. That's being pretty generous.
  7. Where is Moto with a meme explaining how this is whiteys fault and not the crazy nigger that pulled the trigger? He's usually pretty quick with this stuff. I'm disappointed. Looking forward to spinfuckstickjoe and his wisdom here.
  8. Can gingers even be 'real'? I'm thinking no. But they can be lummoxes.
  9. Says the senior fellow with the Coors light think tank.
  10. No fucking kidding. Moron. Do you foaming at the mouth retards even realize this is a publicly traded company and the government is going to contract these services whether a repuke or dumbocrat is president? Holy fuck