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  1. $poorsledder$

    Trump what an idiot......

    Should have pulled out a knife and an egg beater and showed the crowd what a late term abortion looks like.
  2. I guess the ones that did put cash aside every pay check will have to give up some of it for those that didn't......
  3. $poorsledder$

    American Teachers Battle For Maternity Leave

    Plan your banging sessions so she can push the kid out over the summer when she's home anyway.
  4. http://davylawyer.appspot.com/trans/energy/rail_vs_airEE.html
  5. This is kind of like the plan you got when you married into your BIL's family.........
  6. Did Nancy catch up on her "Game of Thrones" reading for the start of season 8 in April? A lot of fat chicks wearing white, they should have stood up and sat down the hundred times like the rest of the crowd and got their workout done.
  7. $poorsledder$

    Public Opinion on Abortion

    If you end up going through life with several abortions under your belt (male and female) then it says you don't give a shit about life. If one time something went wrong during your banging session and after a serious talk between you and your partner determines that having the kid and raising it or doing the adoption thing isn't the way to go then do it as soon as possible and hopefully you learn from it. I think it's too easy now and the schools / clinics are treating it like a procedure with no consequences. I'm not against it but there better be a good reason and you need to do better "prep work" to do the best you can to prevent this from happening.
  8. $poorsledder$

    Its about open borders.

    I only read what Mainecat reports...... He must have missed it as well. He (as an independent) should be along shortly to admonish the Dems for this bullshit.
  9. How tall are the lugs on the track(s)? I want to go REAL fast!
  10. $poorsledder$

    Apple getting killed in China.

    At what price do I buy Apple stock?
  11. $poorsledder$


    Just employ migrant workers at under the table migrant wages and the thing will be built fast and cheap. When it's done you put the migrant workers on the other side.
  12. $poorsledder$

    Apple getting killed in China.

    Maybe drop the price of these new and not much better phones?
  13. You know how Mexico will pay? By having to finally deal with it. They are asking the UN for money right now to help pay for this disaster because they can't afford it. How's Mexico going to pay? By dealing with a fair trade agreement where they begin to get on even par with the US. Any money we reap off a fix in immigration and trade will pay for the "hugest" wall you can imagine People really though the "King of Mexico" was going to meet Trump at the finished wall with a check in hand? Let Mexico deal with the headaches and maybe they'll build a wall at their southern border. Love how people think you just plant flowers and sing "koom by ya" and it fixes everything.
  14. $poorsledder$

    Trump just fucked the joos.

    Israel and Russia met to discuss this, if someone launches shit into Israel they are going to respond regardless who's flag is being flown.