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  1. Hillary is the one playing you for a fool.......
  2. $poorsledder$

    "The one" so full of himself

    Makes you realize how skewed the reporting really is. It would be like listening and believing all the crap that Mainecat spews here every 10 minutes. Obama seems to have the need to "prove" himself which usually means he knows he failed. He did his 8 years, time to shut his mouth and move on. Most past presidents have tended to find charitable ways to carry on their legacy......
  3. $poorsledder$

    "The one" so full of himself

    I think what showed Obama's true disgrace was during the dinner where all the media got together and Obama spoke right before Trump announced he was running for the presidency. Obama appeared arrogant and threw insult after insult at Trump who sat there and took it. I would have to say that the election not only showed that Hillary should not have been the candidate but that Obama's "accomplishments" were not as well received by the public as the democrats perceived them to be.
  4. $poorsledder$

    Turkey Day (White man Imperialism day)

    So "back in the day" when I was married my wife's family would go crazy on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sister in law would fly in with her future ex, brother in law would bring his wife, me and my future ex and about 8 kids. They would make it a 3 day event. Sister in law was a nurse so she would schedule work during this event so she only had to be present for a couple hours........... she was lucky. I would take the kids outside and go find something to do or if something was needed at the store I would volunteer to go for a ride. Don't know if they still do this but I don't miss it one bit.
  5. I hope he runs third party and pisses off the DNC with all the college kids voting for him.
  6. Is this woman even relevant anymore? You can't be serious that she might try and run for some office again.....
  7. Tax it the same as cigarettes. For medical use..... Oil companies would die heating oil red and if you were caught with red diesel fuel in the tank of your vehicle you were fined. Find a way to ID medical marijuana when it is sold and if someone with out a medical need is in position then give them a fine and treat him like someone in position of medication that they are not supposed to have. Toke away but pay your taxes to offset my taxes!
  8. $poorsledder$

    Trump and low oil prices?

    Maybe your local gas station has 'duped', 'tricked' and 'snookered' you.....
  9. $poorsledder$

    Last one, I promise

    Dam bird almost got me that time! Fuck'n jar head! Hold the umbrella over my head or it's off to Canadian guard duty with you!
  10. $poorsledder$

    Trump assaulted Markovic

    Constant post like this show how miserable and weak you truly are. I can understand why your BIL had to employ you, no other business could put up with your never ending bullshit. You must be a blast at family get togethers...……. do they wheel you out to the corner of the yard and let the kids use you as a "base" when they play tag?
  11. Actually I want him to finish what he started. Assholes may not like his Twitter feeds but he is doing something and puts pressure on people (gets rid of them) when shit isn't getting done. This is a guy that will do what the population wants, I don't give a fuck about transgender bathroom / hurt feelings / woman vs. men politics, I want immigration, border security, healthcare/prescriptions type shit tackled. You want someone to put on a tie and go around the world and apologize you can vote that way, I want someone that goes after the senate and congress to get things done. We got these new elected fucks walking in soon with their chia pets and pictures of their fat, ugly spouses to put on there desks, I hope he goes after them day one. I'm sick of waiting, you can wait 2 years or cheer for impeachment, I want your orange lover to get shit done and continue to expose the fuck heads under him so they can get voted out.
  12. Fuck the media. Focus on getting things done. I don't vote on what CNN/FOX or anticonservative, pig fucker Mainecat posts every 15 minutes. Get both sides to sit and do something with healthcare, immigration, border security, etc. I'll then be a judge of picking Trump or Hillary/Maxine/Biden/Opra or what ever they scrape out of the gutter and prop up in front of a podium. Maybe Bernie will make an appearance so we can have a good laugh.
  13. $poorsledder$

    Is another silent red wave coming?

    So let me get this straight..... vote democratic so that we bottleneck everything for the next 2 years and leave the country stagnant as it was under the last president.
  14. $poorsledder$

    Lyndon B. Johnson warned us about this

    Obama created Trump (white backlash).
  15. I agree, that's a business sense of mind. I could care less about what someone would want a business I owned to do as long as it was profitable and didn't affect any other customers. Chocolate and vanilla donuts for everyone as long as I make a profit and people keep coming in my store. If retard Ben came into a package store I owned and wanted to blow all his cash on all the Coors Light piss I had left on the shelf I would dust it off and even carry it out to his car just to take his cash and get a good laugh. Some people may have strong beliefs and put them in the way of business and I feel to a point this is their right.