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  1. Canada needs to stop mooching off the US and start paying up..... https://business.financialpost.com/diane-francis/canada-should-be-embarrassed-trudeau-needs-to-smarten-up-on-defence-and-pay-our-share-to-nato
  2. $poorsledder$

    Sanders vs Trump

    If for some reason Bernie gets the nod and it looks like he could beat Trump, when should I move my 401K from stocks into a cash account?
  3. Jimmy Hoffa is rolling in his grave (55 gal drum).
  4. $poorsledder$

    global warming

    I'm developing a "Climate Change Storm Cellar" kit to get in on this gig. Figure I can empty out all the crap in my attic and garage and make some money off these sheep following idiots.
  5. I guess the racists voters stayed home during the Obama years. Or was it the Obama years created the racists voter?
  6. Trump* still looks better than any of the dems. Same as Astros*, they still won.
  7. This is the best that the left has to offer for this country? Surprised Hillary isn’t in the news about jumping in again. Black Elizabeth and old, white Bernie are pulling the remaining dems down with them with all this bs.
  8. The Donald owns Mainecat. Talk about triggered. It's gonna be a fun 4 and a half years for you if can last through it...…..
  9. I guess Hitler was a patriot to most Germans as well. Is the US responsible for that disaster because we helped beat them in world war 1?
  10. $poorsledder$

    Plane goes down in Iran!!!

    If it’s a Boeing I’m not going....
  11. Not going to bother reading this shit post but it sounds like this site is only going to pull in $100.00 after the election? Or is he matching every bet?
  12. $poorsledder$

    Tulsi Slams Pelosi

    I can’t understand how Biden has managed to stay up where he is. From Ukraine to his asshole kid to his hair smelling kids and women I would have thought the DNC would have hired Hillary to make him disappear. What happened to, “We don’t want anymore old white guys!” theme, do the believe he’s really the best they have?
  13. $poorsledder$

    China deal??

    Get business out of China, it would be great if they all came back to the US but just getting a bunch of them to leave China would change things fast. Would love to see info go out over the internet giving details on US businesses entrenched in China vs those in other areas so the US consumer could react.
  14. Not everyone has a bil willing to take care of them.
  15. The ones that posted in support of lug height speed increases are off the hook.