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  1. Solar farms seem to be the thing now in MN. What an unsightly thing they are. Maybe plop a few down in Edina and see how they like it.
  2. Anyone actually snowcheck a new sled?

    Have 3 or 4 of the old Firecat flyscreens kicking around, maybe more. No thanks. Tall windscreen and no handgaurds.
  3. Anyone actually snowcheck a new sled?

    Mid-height or taller windscreen or bust.
  4. So............

    Have I missed anything on TTT lately?
  5. So............

    Polaris is going to have to bring back the pink, purple, and red leathers and the Storm name to keep up to Cat's choices.
  6. new random photo thread

    Had one that pecked a hole in my neighbor's house I could have hucked a 20 ounce bottle of Coke through with no issue, and I'm a horrible aim.
  7. new random photo thread

    I hate those things.
  8. Wildboer needs a new helmet...

    I might go back to a Bell Moto9 Flex. Best fitting helmet ever. He said not a modular though.
  9. Wildboer needs a new helmet...

    Normally I'd recommend a Fly F2, but I'm not up on non-child sized closed face helmets. I know a lot of people like the Arctic Cat TXi helmets.
  10. What's for dinner???

    Went to a place in the trendy part of the Cities for fish'n'chips. OMG was it good!
  11. Wildboer needs a new helmet...

    What is the helmet budget?
  12. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Gave up after 2 beers...
  13. What's for dinner???

    I got the white tzatziki sauce too.