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  1. Howard Dean! Trailcat!
  2. At 15, you are old enough to decide whether or not you want to get pissed on.
  3. She holds a high enough elected office.
  4. I'd like to bring back the Paul Wellstone green bumper stickers here in MN. I see one from time to time.
  5. Beef short ribs are all trimmed and ready for the Dutch oven tomorrow.
  6. I'm not sure.
  7. They also didn't like that I showed up with a load on to take the test. It wasn't my fault the test location just happened to be between the farm and the ethanol plant. Carny.
  8. I got yelled at when I took my Class A driving test for doing that.
  9. He spilled part of his 14th Grain Belt for the day on it.
  10. Choice between a douche and a turd sammich, and the douche won.
  11. I remember he was so mad when he bought his mis-matched pick-up topper because he was the only bid at $5. Another guy he knew that didn't even have a pickup started bidding on it and it cost him $25 instead. And he loved to watch anvils sell. Not buy, just watch. Get a bunch old codgers together and throw an anvil up for bibs.
  12. If you still owned it, you'd be Popeye's adjacent.
  13. My grandpa hit the auction circuit instead.
  14. I was thinking more of something with a bar, game room, cigar lounge, large grill/fire/smoker pit, etc. No women allowed. It'd drive the wive's nuts.
  15. Might as well gut it and turn it into a men's lodge then!