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  1. Dana Loesch threatened, forced from home

    So you are saying he liked to go out hoggin'.
  2. What was the anorexic bastard getting for mpg pulling?
  3. I was thinking long term reliability, like 5+ years.
  4. I think going with the 3.5 instead of the Ecoboost in the Exploder was probably the good decision that followed the bad decision.
  5. Sears Canada , is toast

    It is kind of sad what their tool selection has become. They have even managed to fuck up one of their most iconic tools, the simple clear handled Craftsman screwdrivers! The rest of the store, they are just trying to follow market trends towards low prices like all the other big name box stores.
  6. Sears Canada , is toast

    Pretty much here in the States too. If they could find a way to fuck it up, they pretty much have, while I'm sure the executives are still making bank.
  7. Bad news for some

    We'll start to talk snowmobiling, small engines, big engines, working in the shop, jerky making, pussy, drinking, smoking, and other pursuits of manliness.
  8. Sears Canada , is toast

    I think if the Craftsman line wasn't outsourced overseas, I'd be in the store a lot more. Now it is Menards for Gearwrench and Knipex and Fleet Farm for Bondus and Felo stuff for my basic tool needs.
  9. Let it snow

    TH. I'm not sure if sleds will be along for this function or not. I'm a little perturbed that someone in my family would plan an event in a place like TH at that time of the year and tell others they wouldn't be happy if sleds would show up.
  10. Let it snow

    We'll be up there sometime around New Years at some resort, I guess.
  11. Let it snow

    2 Horribles Culvers?
  12. Let it snow

    Probably should get the trailer waxed and greased up for the year. Maybe next month.
  13. Random Photo Thread

    The Skittles crop has been pretty good this year.