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  1. I don't care.
  2. You know what is great? We don't have to worry about the "What ifs" of a Clinton WH for at least another 4 years.
  3. If you'd have a use for the, I think I'd take a bike less and try to get 4 or 6 matching chairs.
  4. Do they even interview celebs/interesting people on them anymore? We never make it more then 5 minutes into one before the channel gets changed. Less then 2 minutes if it is The Daily Show, and the only reason it is that long is because we had to find the remote.
  5. Late night TV/talk shows have become unwatchable since the election. It is all the same shit, show after show after show after show.
  6. How I feel this morning.
  7. So, like Kaitlyn Jenner kind of evolution, eh?
  8. What about the guys who dip mint flavored pouches?
  9. Drinking the Ripple in his youthful days didn't help either.
  10. No one could decide where they wanted pizza from, so I can home with Little Sleezers. Bet they don't make that mistake again...
  11. Ever read up on her husband's business success? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Mezvinsky MC, your thoughts?
  12. I thought this would be about her antichrist mother.
  13. I think it will be a pizza night.