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  1. Upcoming eclipse

    The one that left, which I liked, was very unexpected on Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday afternoon, they had someone lined up to move from one of the coasts to come take their position. When someone is willing to pick up their life that quick, I just don't know. They must be 200% committed to the company and have nothing in their life but work.
  2. What's for dinner???

    Stale jizz in a bottle is what it is. It is the same damn thing.
  3. What's for dinner???

    Mayo does not belong on or in grilled cheese sammiches. And we had Oreo's topped with Nutella for a bedtime snack.
  4. What's for dinner???

    You managed to fuck up grilled cheese. Congrats. We did meatloaf burgers and I made enough for a few lunches too.
  5. Trumps last 4 weeks...

    You should probably get that yeast infection treated.
  6. Upcoming eclipse

    Yeah, except for me it is new boss day. Not looking forward to that...
  7. Trumps last 4 weeks...

    @Mainecat, you need to turn off the tele, put down the smartphone and laptop, and buy yourself a bike and some new walking shoes.
  8. Upcoming eclipse

    I'll be slaving away at the office.
  9. Tire kicking today

    We had a Freedom branded steel frame trailer. What a piece of shit. I saw it last winter and man, that thing is looking tough. It was corroding the aluminum skin at 3 years old.
  10. What's for dinner???

    You assholes want to get hungry, check out this sub-Reddit. We go through this from time to time and pick out something to try, or attempt some variation of. https://www.reddit.com/r/food/
  11. Tire kicking today

    Yeah, cracked frames is a concern of mine. I don't want to have the trailer break apart in buttfuck nowhere or the middle of the rez or something.
  12. Tire kicking today

    I've learned over the years that buying a trailer is like building a shed or shop, always go bigger than you think you'll need. It is also like buying golf clubs or a bike, get a well known brand name one. It may not need to be a top of the line $12,000 full carbon Specialized, but at least get the Specialized over the Schwinn.
  13. Tire kicking today

    I plan to have mine for at least that long, unless I find a deal on one I absolutely cannot pass up.
  14. Tire kicking today

    Nope! I'm pretty much set for sled trailers at 3. Want to buy a 2 place Triton tilt bed?