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  1. Took off the last week of the year, plus a couple days the week before. I'm thinking Ironwood, Houghton, or Norwegian Rivera.
  2. FS Vintage Sled Thread

    One almost came home from the Brainerd area today.
  3. New sleds???/

    I try to spread my business out. Lots of great Cat dealers in MN. Only reason we bought the XF6000 new is because it was such a good deal.
  4. New sleds???/

    Must have been at Country Cat.
  5. Weed killer

    Didn't know 2-4-D is a pesticide.
  6. 2011 Polaris 800 assault

    At least you keep the quality machine in the garage.
  7. ****Favorite Snowmobile Videos****

    No broken bones, a sprain or two, and sore for a while. I'd have been asking for the morgue to come pick me up.
  8. FS Vintage Sled Thread

    Some neat photos and a good read. http://www.relicriders.com/index.php/tales-from-the-trails/
  9. What kind of oil do you run in your sled(s)?

    AMG, is that stuff synthetic?
  10. What kind of oil do you run in your sled(s)?

    You can say it, you are running pure Fleshlight lube.
  11. FS Vintage Sled Thread

    He had a at least 2 more KK's I didn't get photos of. I think that last guy is the guy always listing a whole pile of very rare Cat stuff on Vintage sleds. I've heard he is a weird guy and asking a huge pile of money for anything he has. Like writes down plate numbers and takes photos of people coming to look at stuff. He is suppose to have the Evil Knievel King Kat, but won't let anyone take photos of it. A friend of mine has 2 TNT 340 singles and probably a half dozen 340 single engines. Not 335 motors called 340's. I'm not a Ski-Doo guy, but I think they only make those 1 or 2 years.
  12. FS Vintage Sled Thread

    Single cylinder or twin?