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  1. racinfarmer

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    Do you always dress like Count Chocula's half witted offspring?
  2. racinfarmer

    Big Don

    Just can't do something this good with Crooked Hilary.
  3. racinfarmer

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    We are just kind of polking around for a $500 or so manual car and thinking about it for next year. Divide the cost up over 4 or 5 of you and it isn't too bad to do.
  4. racinfarmer

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Either way, the guy is off he rocker think those pictures justify the price. The last Lemons car we did was a Camaro of similar vintage and condition and we drug that piece of shit home for $100 and some beer.
  5. racinfarmer

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Kind of have the Lemons bug going again, so a friend and I have been looking for cheap cars. Came across this crazy bastard... Hint: open the link to see the price. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/cto/d/1986-mercury-lynx-customized/6593527882.html
  6. racinfarmer

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    I heard a number of what it cost to put it on, and it is very easy to see why they didn't do it a second year.
  7. racinfarmer

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    Snow Boundries was a mess, and they definitely didn't do a good job of controlling the amateur racers during the warm-up lap. I'd be curious to know how many of those sleds were turned in to insurance after that race.
  8. Don't remember my first one, but my favorite one is a well loved yellow Lamborghini Diablo. The boy loves Hot Wheels too. We are actually watching some Hot Wheels racing Youtube channel right now. I told my wife we can stop the tests, he is my kid...
  9. racinfarmer

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    Plug/tape up the vents from the inside and man up with some tape on your face. Except the AMA events were probably well run and somewhat on schedule for the race day stuff...
  10. racinfarmer

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    No it isn't, but I am a ass, so...
  11. racinfarmer

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    I hope your spindle bearing shit the bed so you get to do it all over again AND fight the spindles off and the bearings out.
  12. racinfarmer

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Worked on the push mower for 2-3 hours tonight. Think it is fuckered and won't chooch anymore. Time to start driving the alleys for a free one...
  13. racinfarmer

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    Which year and what size? Orange started in 2014.
  14. racinfarmer

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    I think the F2's are pretty good helmets myself.