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  1. racinfarmer

    Arctic Cat Pit Jacket

    Watch the FB classified and CL. Can usually be had for around $50 lightly used.
  2. We rode around 2 Whorers just before New Years and it was our two trucks at the trailhead. Third one was there when we came back a few hours later.
  3. Give me a minute while I go get a photo of all the brown grass in my yard...
  4. We just stayed at the hotel and ordered in supper most nights. Did dine one night in Gile at Burgers. You could buy Willy's Still and move out to wherever the hell that is!
  5. I stay away from Silver Street myself...
  6. Hurley does have like 5 or 6 strip clubs on the same street. Just sayin...
  7. You're a slow rider and use bad smelling oil.
  8. Took off the last week of the year, plus a couple days the week before. I'm thinking Ironwood, Houghton, or Norwegian Rivera.
  9. racinfarmer

    FS Vintage Sled Thread

    One almost came home from the Brainerd area today.
  10. racinfarmer

    New sleds???/

    I try to spread my business out. Lots of great Cat dealers in MN. Only reason we bought the XF6000 new is because it was such a good deal.
  11. racinfarmer

    New sleds???/

    Must have been at Country Cat.
  12. racinfarmer

    Weed killer

    Didn't know 2-4-D is a pesticide.