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  1. Tell us more how you tell your 'patients' they are pawns and baby killers..... to their faces.
  2. Snake

    Iran bitchslaps the USA

    Those were the options he put forth.
  3. Snake


    Washington DC—The federal government is giving a tax break to digital news subscribers, a refundable tax credit to news outlets and will allow non-profit media organizations to give charitable receipts to donors, all to help journalism in America. The measures — which critics said would erode journalistic independence — were outlined in Wednesday’s economic update and will cost a total of $595 million over five years. The federal government has announced a temporary, non-refundable 15 per cent tax credit for subscribers of eligible digital news media. “We’ve made some investments to ensure that we continue to have an important free press to ensure that we have a strong and healthy democracy,” Secretary Mnuchin told reporters.
  4. Snake

    Iran bitchslaps the USA

    Lift sanctions on a socialist shit hole, and on Iran. Or have SA in your hip pocket. You go right ahead and do you.
  5. Kinda like the dossier authors did to paint it as 'credible'..... but in that instance, you call foul. What gives?
  6. Snake

    Lower cost Navigation options

    Let's drop Dave in the Allagash. Shouldn't be a problem.
  7. Snake

    Iran bitchslaps the USA

    You are 100% correct.
  8. Trudeau didn't build that. DO you say the same of Trump; our numbers are positive since he was elected?
  9. Snake

    Iran bitchslaps the USA

    The total sum of SA's effect on American oil prices is how much oil we receive from them. That is what you said.....