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  1. Meme thread

    Pussy hats.
  2. So muslims and blacks and Mexicans are off limits, but Jews.........
  3. Who said this?

    Ohhhhhh..... Ohhhhhhh....... Ohhhhhh.......
  4. Boy you antifa queers are a racist bunch ain'tcha?
  5. Meme thread

    Pussy hat wearing bitch......
  6. pig's blood.

    STORMFRONT!!!!! I'll tell you the same thing I tell the resident Anitfa faggot: All you got to do is make it happen. Start right here....
  7. Meme thread

    Only if you do the honors....
  8. Meme thread

    Can I get the wall? Why does he get the wall... I WANT THE WALL!
  9. That what you are gonna hang your hat on?
  10. Meme thread

    Walk towards me with a mask on.
  11. Meme thread

    You're so cute with your little phrases.....