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  1. It's that one time a month you make me your target. Fascinating.
  2. The only thing wrong with tainted money is there taint enough of it.
  3. Harvey Weinstein is no stranger to sex scandals -- back when Bill Clinton was battling allegations he lied about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, Weinstein had the president’s back, and a hefty check in hand. A recently uncovered 1998 story in The Washington Post lists the powerful producer -- now accused of sexual harassment and assault by numerous women -- among several Hollywood heavyweights who gave the maximum $10,000 to Clinton’s legal defense fund. The detail gives a fuller picture of the longstanding financial relationship between the former first family and one of their best West Coast fundraisers. That relationship has been under the microscope after Hillary Clinton came under criticism for waiting five days to condemn Weinstein.
  4. Luckily enough, enough DO so we don't end up with frag bait like you......
  5. Butthurt cream is 2 for $5 today.
  6. who here is going to admit...

    No, you shouldn't. And never will, thank the Lord.
  7. Remember When...

    Washington reacts with alarm to his inflammatory tweets, and lately has made a parlor game out of chronicling his outbursts of anger, dismay and ignorance, as news organizations offer a cascade of vivid in-the-room portrayals of an out-of-control boy king. Democrats hope against hope that he will be impeached over Russia. His approval rating is lower at this point in his term than any previous modern president’s. His former consigliere Steve Bannon has reportedly said Trump has only a 30 percent chance of lasting a full term. But by the end of this week, it was clearer than ever that if Trump is a moron, he is a moron on a mission ― and with more method to his madness than his enemies understand or want to consider. The tweets are a useful distraction ― a kind of air cover for his carpet bombing of federal policy and programs.
  8. Remember When...

    Trump is methodically pushing ahead with the agenda he campaigned on. That includes: Nominating judges and justices who can be counted on to interpret and enforce the law but do not endeavor to use the law to promote their social agenda; Addressing the problem of illegal immigration and securing the borders of the United States; Developing America’s vast energy resources; Rolling back the regulatory state, especially the administrative overreach of agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency; Pursuing policies that put America, and American workers, first, not to the detriment of our relationships with our international partners but through a recognition that strength and sovereign independence make nations more reliable actors; Restoring the combat readiness and morale of the United States military; Simplifying the U.S. tax code, making it more competitive for U.S. businesses and more equitable for individuals; Getting a handle on the unconstitutional and shockingly inefficient monstrosity ironically called the Affordable Care Act; Putting a stop to the obscene violation of due process that Title IX fanatics brought to college campuses across the country. And many other initiatives large and small. In all of these areas, Trump is proceeding not as a wrecking ball but as a deliberate, if often voluble and sometimes exasperating, agent of change. On the campaign trail, Trump promised that, if elected, the American people would start “winning” again. “You’ll have so much winning,” he said, “you’ll get bored with winning.” Now, almost nine months into his first term, how is he doing? Real unemployment is on the wane. The stock market is at an historic high. So is consumer confidence. Illegal immigration is down nearly 70 percent. America is now a net exporter of energy. Just a few days ago, Trump declined to re-certify the malevolent nuclear deal that Obama made with Iran, winning from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this commendation: “I congratulate President Trump for his courageous decision today. He boldly confronted Iran’s terrorist regime. . . . If the Iran deal is left unchanged, one thing is absolutely certain—in a few years’ time, the world’s foremost terrorist regime will have an arsenal of nuclear weapons and that’s a tremendous danger for our collective future.” Just a couple of days ago, Trump, having been disappointed by a supine Republican Congress, issued an executive order that will make it easier for people to band together to obtain health insurance tailored to their needs (instead of being forced into federally defined, one-size-fits-all plans) while also ending the unconstitutional federal subsidies (unconstitutional because the money wasn’t appropriated by Congress) to big insurance companies, amounting to some $7 billion per year (the price of getting those companies on board with Obamacare in the first place). In any normal world, these would be called significant accomplishments. But in the NeverTrump bubble, none of these victories can evade the protective refracting mirrors that intercept and distort the message.
  9. Stop breaking the law, assholes.
  10. who here is going to admit...

    We have a beautiful relationship; I pay for services rendered and get a return on my money, they get paid for services. People do the same thing when they invest in a mutual fund.... putting up money in an entity they may dislike, for a positive return. Aren't we all about investments making a return? Do you then project 'benevolence' upon the mutual fund for making you a return? I don't. It's a money making tool. Why project it on a union?