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  1. politicallyincorrect

    Need to test...

    roger that!
  2. politicallyincorrect

    Need to test...

    Thanks everyone, missed my chance on the weekend. Headed to South River friday with fingers crossed. Thanks for the replies.
  3. politicallyincorrect

    Need to test...

    I'm looking for a public space somewhere with snow (dont need much) about an hour or 2 from Niagara to drive my sleds in and out of my new 7x18 trailer to test my configuration. While I'm at it I need to ride up and down a road or something to test some repairs I've made to my sled. I dont have the time to head to the nearest open trails and back this weekend but would like to have peace of mind to book a trip for next weekend if all is well. Weird, yes I agree, but thought I would throw it out there in case someone had a suggestion. Thanks for any ideas.
  4. politicallyincorrect

    OFSC Mobile App

    Thats too bad its true the app is done. On my Iphone I've used the app to get myself and my wife out of a pretty tricky situation. Nothing against the great volunteers but sometimes signage is not as clear as the map indicates. It was helpful then. I dont recall the app stating it was a limited time when I bought it.
  5. politicallyincorrect

    White Death - 40 years ago today....

    Interesting, my father used to be in the printing industry. He owned a small shop and did all sorts of stuff back in the 80's and early 90's.
  6. politicallyincorrect

    White Death - 40 years ago today....

    Yes they are a good bunch, we ride together when we can. What business does your Dad own?
  7. politicallyincorrect

    White Death - 40 years ago today....

    Thats who we deal with now. Used to avoid Beidas at all costs.
  8. politicallyincorrect

    White Death - 40 years ago today....

    Wow, hope you didn't know Henry. I actually grew up on First Ave but the other end across the street from Chippewa Park.
  9. politicallyincorrect

    White Death - 40 years ago today....

    Where in Fenwick did you live? I have many friends in that area. The Blizzard of '77 is the reason why Welland (where I'm from) has a standing bylaw allowing snowmobiles on the side of the road. Members of the Welland Snowmobile Club and the Rose City Snow Seekers (maybe, not sure when they became a club) did a lot for the community to help people in need. As well as helping stranded people they also shuttled nurses to and from the Welland Hospital to make sure people were taken care of. My Dad made it home to Welland from St. Catharines where he worked in the early afternoon of the first day in his '71 MGB. The 406 was closed but he got on and cruised in 2nd gear the whole way. The wind almost ripped the convertible top off the car at one point! My Mother was stuck at school in Cooks Mills and my Grandfather walked from John Deere in Dain City to my parents house in Welland with a half froze bottle of whiskey in his pocket! On the 40th anniversary I wish my Dad was still here so he could tell me the story of the ride home in his car and how bad it really was.