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  1. I'm #1

    First topic and post in Michigan Forum.....I'm so proud!
  2. I'm #1

    Haha....well played!
  3. I'm #1

    Good man!
  4. Getting ready for the season

    Mine is sitting in the sled shed leaking coolant where I parked it last spring.
  5. Favorite Snowmobile?

    I really did....I think the sled I have had the longest was my 2002 ZR800 CC and I owned that one two different times!
  6. Favorite Snowmobile?

    That was my 2006 RMK 600 a few years back.
  7. Favorite Snowmobile?

    I had that one for a whole season by God!
  8. Who is sick and tired of american politics?

    We're fine but you're stuck with that Trudeau jag off.
  9. Who is sick and tired of american politics?

    Yeah how weird considering we have an election in just over 3 months with a woman and outsider as candidates....kind of a current event don't ya think. Now go home and get your fucking shinebox!
  10. ****Favorite Snowmobile Videos****

    And of course the all time classic. http://youtu.be/Y996njQGekg
  11. ****Favorite Snowmobile Videos****

    The launch at 3:31 is just sick.
  12. Favorite Snowmobile?

    SnoPro 500/720
  13. Favorite Snowmobiling Pics

    My daughter on her Jag 340 and me with my SnoPro 500/720 from a few years ago.
  14. Favorite Snowmobile?

    Well there have been a few over the years but I have to go with my 2010 AC SnoPro 500/720.
  15. Whatcha got?

    My reputation precedes me!
  16. Whatcha got?

    Ummmmm.......yeah you got me there.....
  17. Whatcha got?

    2009 M8 HCR with a KMod rear skid, 2.25 Powerclaw and and a hotdogger.
  18. First snowmobile?

    Rupp American....1972 maybe?