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  1. Jimmy Snacks

    Trump says Islam hates “us”.

    Well Fordy won't be visiting now.
  2. Jimmy Snacks

    Meme thread

    What's so funny...there is a vibrant Hispanic community in Detroit.
  3. I have the fucker on ignore and I still see him saying shit about me in quotes so I can only imagine what he says in the posts I don't see.
  4. How is that a concession...it's explanation about why shit happens because you can't fuck with others for decades and not expect payback.
  5. Nope but I'm sure you are already under your bed.
  6. Our Chickens are coming home to roost whether you like it or not Goober.
  7. Jimmy Snacks

    What's for dinner???

    That sounds good...been awhile since we've made that.
  8. I realize it's Scooters site but Snowrider and Stinky were mentioned a lot and definitely were/are not welcome there. Forgive me for assuming you and Daves relationship at that time played a role....my point is why does Dave care how many posts I have there and how does he even know? Interesting. As for you I could give a rats ass what you think of me so go eat cock.
  9. Jimmy Snacks

    Kid is a hero

    Wow....the lies flow just like water out of his jizz filled mouth.
  10. Jimmy Snacks

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

  11. Jimmy Snacks

    Kid is a hero

    I remember that as well...550 is a phony ass shit eating liar just like Momo.
  12. And if you twisted your bow tie about 6 turns you would STFU....that would be very peaceful.
  13. Don't let them in for fucks sake but in return how was about we get the fuck out of the ME, mind our own business and quit creating refugees. If some fucker kept dropping bombs on your house everyday Fordy and killing your family you might be a little pissed off too,and you might be looking to escape somewhere where the bombs weren't falling on your head.
  14. Jimmy Snacks

    Meme thread

    Back in HS we used to shots of that El Toro stuff and you had to use a lemon wedge....stuff is fucking lighter fluid.
  15. When I first joined there he and SR were specifically mentioned as two trolls they didn’t want around and in Stumps case I’m guessing it was at the behest of Woolie because he was the object of Dave’s stalking then...Ironic that I’m that guy now and he and Mark are little pals.😆 As far as I know he still isn’t a member there.
  16. Well I know because Kooky Trump won’t let it go! 😆
  17. Not to mention he keeps track of how many posts I have at TBP even though I haven’t been there in months and as far as I know they haven’t let him in so he must have someone telling him...talk about an obsessive weirdo.
  18. The man is dead for fucks sake...let it go.