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  1. Sled for sure...they got in there and it was a dead end and you could clearly see the tracks.
  2. No riding today but I took the dog to where I was riding yesterday....I’m not a greeny or anything but I try to stay away from areas where sleds aren’t allowed and not fuck shit for others so I was slightly irked that someone rode down to the beach and did this...it just pisses the non sledders off.
  3. Blowing pretty good out of the NW this evening.....latest date I've ever ridden and by the looks of the forecast I may be able to keep her going.
  4. My daughter and some friends got out for a ride today as well.
  5. Judging by the forecast it looks like it may last another week. Reading on HCS and Toivo is giving some great trail reports...riding out of St.Ignace is doable.
  6. Great pictures...love the one of your FIL.
  7. I bet you were detoured by some mud holes...........
  8. Speaking of that I was prarie dogging bad this morning....barely made it to the shitter!
  9. Damn nice pics...l love in N. Lower Michigan and it looks like I'll have to trailer to the snow if I want to ride.
  10. Pretty sure that is a 18 with a wrap.
  11. Great pics....how is that joint The Pelletiers own?