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  1. Joe Mixon was just picked by The Bengals and I finally saw the tape of him punching that girl.....what a piece of shit.
  2. Definitely front to back and generally a rewipe is in order 5 minutes later.
  3. Pine Knob isn't In Detroit Mr. Fauxhawk Squaw.
  4. I comprehend fine which is why I realize most of your bloviating is pure gibberish.
  5. Yeah I didn't think it was on Who's Next but that's how it showed up on my Spotify.....great song.
  6. What hypocrisy you polish putz and no I wasn't drunk during the election but a few pops at night used to make your drivel seem semi tolerable......holy fuck it's bad.
  7. My God Moon and Entwistle were just fucking phenomenal.
  8. You have to be related to creeper....WTF.
  9. I found a spy video of Zamboni...disturbing.....
  10. Sometimes his unreadable rambling posts make me fucking bust a spring and I just can't take it!
  11. Good one Ricky Schroeder.