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  1. fresh garden veggies

    Good memory.......Traverse City has The Cherry Festival every summer....huge industry around here as are apples. Also there are a lot of vineyards on The Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsulas.....apparently their location as it relates to Lake Michigan creates the perfect climate for growing grapes.
  2. What's for dinner???

    Taco Salad and some Ghoulash.....Caramel M&M's for dessert.
  3. fresh garden veggies

    Tomatoes, Green Beans, Cukes, Peppers.....not to mention the local orchards grow some great apples.
  4. ANTIFA domestic terrorists

    No just know this Gomer walks around with a 9 and 1 dialed on his cellphone just in case.
  5. I wonder if Icevag will chime in or is he too busy watching our bobber?
  6. ANTIFA domestic terrorists

    STFU dumber goofier Indiana AMG!
  7. fresh garden veggies

  8. Chassis Comparison 2007 Rev vs. 2009 M

    Well the wife has been pissing me off for the last 10 years so I'm thinking Gay might be the way to go.
  9. Chassis Comparison 2007 Rev vs. 2009 M

    Having ridden both I guess you would know.
  10. Chassis Comparison 2007 Rev vs. 2009 M

    Yeah we haven't gotten to the cash number yet and more than likely he will offer a couple hundred bucks or some such shit.
  11. Chassis Comparison 2007 Rev vs. 2009 M

    I don't think my M8 is useless around here whatsoever although I'm not a hardcore diamond pounding kind of guy and it works well offtrail/x country and on those occasions we get a good dumping of snow it shines. Being that it's an HCR it works a little better on trail. I have a trade offer for a 2007 Summit XRS 151 plus some cash plus it's nice to talk sleds around here once in awhile.
  12. How about a sled topic fellas....2007 Rev vs 2009 M. Interested in things like ergos, durability, rideability etc.....not asking for any particular reason....just curious.....
  13. Guilty as charged your honor.