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  1. Quite a few actually.....we enjoyed it.
  2. Me and the daughter picked a few strawberries today......damn they are good.
  3. I love Shirley Manson.
  4. Love the road course races.
  5. It's actually a pretty racy track....Rusty Wallace designed it.
  6. 7/8 mile oval.
  7. How in the fuck is that old hag worth 100 million bucks?
  8. Xfinity tonight from Iowa.
  9. Hmmmmm.....interesting.
  10. Ha....well played.
  11. Apparently they are going to pay contractors with Skyline Views and promises of awesome action!
  12. Don't hate cops but you keep saying it because you are a fucking dolt. Second of all I would never put my self in that position in the first place so you can quit with that assinine arguement. Third the fucking law he was sentenced under has been ruled unconstitutional yet he is still in prison where he has been his entire adult life so instead of all your stupid comments and bullshit you can't back up try reading and paying attention.
  13. No Shit.....he's a real badass with others lives.