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  1. And then there is Johan "The Mule" Franzen pinching guys....WTF.
  2. While some of that is funny most of the disphits sound like retards....damn.
  3. That was an epic throwdown!
  4. When was that on?
  5. I could leave again if Trump stops fucking around but that doesn't seem likely at this point.
  6. Haha...I figured that...his son raced for awhile but haven't seen him in a few years.
  7. No but that sounds great....I love graham crackers.
  8. Unfortunately he is no longer with us....
  9. I'm sure there are a lot of these around but as kid I remember one of these running around here....has always made me laugh.
  10. Are you OK....your bait and casts have been pretty weak lately.
  11. Rotisserie Chicken and Mac and Cheese from the local grocery store...just polished off a bunch of saltines slathered in Peanut Butter and honey.
  12. Yes it fucking did answer your question but continue with you slap and tickle fight with ez Ryder.
  13. This little game of yours is tiring and pretty fucking know the point I'm making but continue your fucking stupidity.
  14. He coined the term, he repeated the term, he signed the executive order to get rid of the bad in the fuck is that deflection?