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  1. Holy cow guys what a rollar coaster day...it seems hes pulling through....theyve lowered his drip dosage from 17 to 5(dont really understand this) hes been talking some....hopefully he can get out of there and home to hospital at the U of T on Monday.... thx again guys for your support.
  2. Just found out my sons back on life support....his hearts not getting any better...hes getting air ambulanced back to Ontario monday...will be heading there today.
  3. Thanks for thoughts and wishes....it means alot...going to be a long night. Just feel so helpless here.
  4. Just heard back from the daughter in law....hes breathing on his own now...he talked a bit....hes sleeping now
  5. The wife and I were just buttoning up some things here at home before we leave for our trek down to AZ.... Our daughter in law messages my wife and says Bradley...our son is in ICU in stable but critical condition....they are in Maui on vacation....he is on a breathing machine and apparently he had heart failure...they said it wasnt a stroke...waiting to hear back for more info...we are kind of in shock here. Hes never had any issues ever with his health.
  6. Nope i didnt....im sure he did...cause Trump does act like an idiot....Tillerson and Trump come from different molds...they would never see eye to eye I dont think.
  7. I believe he called him an idiot...or something along those lines....themedia made a big deal about it.....and Tillerson didnt deny it. I like the fact that he keeps people under him on their toes...keeps them from being complacent.
  8. Tillerson was calling Trump names while he was SOS.
  9. I think the minute he won....the libs made it too late for civility.
  10. I disagree...hammer those fuckers...they never lay up on him...why should he...
  11. Tillerson made over the top comments about Trump while he was SOS.
  12. DAVE

    Dow 26,000:

    I dont think Jim has ever said he was an expert on finances...and has actually said hes shitty with numbers... on the other hand...revbarbie hands thats another story.
  13. It must suck being so miserable so close to Christmas.