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  1. It was all started before Trump was sworn in....
  2. Yup...Trump will sink Hillary. Tic toc
  3. Slingers triggered...he knows the end is near.
  4. DAVE

    Meme thread

    Slinger and you do the same to a fence.
  5. What about the actions taken by Hillary?
  6. Well the intel was lyin about Trump you fucking retard...of course Trumps not going to trust it.
  7. Harder on the russians than bush or obama were....
  8. Cause Hillary cheated.
  9. DAVE

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Thats from it falling off the roof!!!!
  10. Does that mean he deserved it?
  11. Your lack of self awareness is at an all time high.